Summer House: Danielle Olivera Shares Friendship Updates With Lindsay & Carl, Her Regrets, and Recent Contact With Carl

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Summer House: Danielle Olivera Shares Friendship Update With Lindsay, Her Regrets & Recent Contact With Carl

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Danielle Olivera said she’s “still repairing” her friendship with Lindsay Hubbard, as she also discussed recent contact with Carl Radke, plus her regrets.

Last season on Summer House, Danielle poked and prodded at Lindsay’s engagement to Carl – which toppled the women’s friendship. But when the fiancés later split, Lindsay and Danielle reconstructed their alliance.

But on the “Not Skinny but Not Fat” podcast, Danielle said she and Lindsay are “still repairing” their “best friendship,” and she was “comfortable” filming Winter House without her because they were “broken up” at the time.

Regarding her past defense of Lindsay, Danielle said she “regret[s] inserting” herself in so many things that had “nothing to do with” her, and she learned not to “fight other people’s battles.”

When asked about Lindsay and Carl’s split, Danielle claimed this was the “outcome” she was “trying to prevent” when she previously questioned their engagement.

“That was the flag I was raising,” she said. “It seems like it’s going in a direction where you guys [need] to sort some … really big things out before making this huge decision.”

According to the star, she noticed more than just the quickness of their engagement – but sharing it would be a lose-lose situation.

“I couldn’t say what was really going on, because I felt like … they [didn’t] want a lot of things to be said,” shared Danielle.

She claimed she regrets her behavior at the engagement party, and revealed that she was drinking earlier that day, not realizing there would be an engagement party.

She also revealed Carl contacted Danielle after the death of their mutual friend.

“He reached out. He said really sweet things,” said Danielle. “So it’s really hard — in that moment — [to] still hate the guy … [but] the way things went down [with Lindsay] I just didn’t agree with.”

Danielle claimed she and Lindsay were already on their way to mending the friendship before Carl broke off the engagement, and the women took Andy’s advice to meet off-camera for a conversation.

She said she was “on the lookout” at BravoCon – to make sure Lindsay didn’t run into Carl. “And there was moments when I was like, ‘he’s right there,'” said Danielle, who noted that Lindsay and the other women on Summer House are now in a better place, because they addressed their underlying issues in the last reunion.

The new season of Summer House is expected to air early this year on Bravo.