Danielle Olivera on Why She Questioned Lindsay & Carl’s Relationship, Not “[Wasting Her] Breath” on Carl, and Lindsay and Paige’s Reunion, Plus Winter House Romance With Alex Propson

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'Winter House' star Danielle Olivera believes Lindsay Hubbard is better off without Carl Radke after he called off their November wedding.

Credit: Bravo

Danielle Olivera claims Lindsay Hubbard is “better off” after her August split from Carl Radke.

While promoting the new season of Winter House on Tuesday, Danielle, 34, who also appears on Summer House, reacted to the end of Lindsay, 37, and Carl’s romance while weighing in on Lindsay’s recent reunion with Paige DeSorbo, 30, offering an update on her relationship with Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s Alex Propson, and sharing the message he told herself before filming season three of the Bravo series.

“I really gave myself a talking to before landing in Steamboat Springs, and just said, ‘Listen, if you’re gonna have a good time, be selfish. Make it about you and you only, and don’t involve yourself and other people’s sh*t. It hasn’t gone very well for you in the past, so stop doing it,'” Danielle revealed during an October 24 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Following her decision to stay out of the thick of the drama, Danielle knew she couldn’t be communicating with Katie Maloney, 36, in regard to the antics of her ex-husband, Tom Schwartz, 40, nor could she get in the middle of Kory Keefer‘s relationships with Malia White, 33, and Jordan Emanuel, 31, which came amidst his romance with Samantha Feher, 26.

“I said, you know what, Kory? In my head, I’m like, ‘Kory, if you’re gonna dig yourself that hole, man, you’re an adult — have at it!'” she recalled.

Danielle also set out to reclaim her “mojo” following her split from Robert Sieber — and did just that with Alex.

“I was trying not to at first,” she insisted. “But his well-conditioned hair, the mountain air, it was just… I don’t know! There’s like a twinkle in his eye, and then there’s like, eventually, some guy liner involved. I’m just, like, I’m weak. I’m so weak.”

After the two of them enjoyed a fling, Danielle, who is based in New York, admitted there’s “still flirting going on” between them.

“He’s in Florida,” she noted. “I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but it’s definitely just fun, and … we both know there’s nothing serious. So, we just have this great fun, flirty friendship.”

Moving on to her friendship with Lindsay, who she had a falling out with amid criticisms of her and Carl’s relationship, Danielle said she was glad they were able to settle their differences prior to Lindsay’s breakup.

“I was happy only that I got to be there for her, and that we did work on our friendship way ahead,” she stated. “Like, way before that, because if we were still kind of going through it, and I couldn’t be there for her now? That would have also been pretty devastating.”

As Summer House fans have seen, Lindsay also made amends with Paige, who previously suggested she and Carl were putting out a false image of their romance, and Ciara Miller, 27.

“I love it. I think that what happened over the summer, you see that the walls are finally, like, breaking down. Like, the reunion happened. I think everything that was said needed to be said, especially between Paige and Lindsay,” Danielle noted of their recent reunion.

“I was like, yes! Let’s go, ladies,” Danielle continued. “Because they did really open this door for, like, just moving forward. You know, you guys don’t have to be friends, like best friends, but we could all live in the house and be good — and not only were we good, we were great.”

Although some might say that Danielle was “right” about Lindsay and Carl, she insisted that their split was not an “I told you so” moment.

“When she felt that heartbreak, I felt it, too. Like, that’s not what I wanted for her at all,” Danielle noted. “I did not want this to be the outcome. I’ve always wanted them to end up together, but … I wanted them to communicate more. I wanted them to figure out certain things out before planning a wedding, but you know what? Better, I keep saying, you’re better off not having walked down the aisle.”

Looking back at her past comments against the relationship, Danielle said that while her delivery wasn’t great, her heart was “in the right place.”

“My behavior wasn’t so despicable, it was just very opinionated. I was very passionate, because I am such a — what I would, would think is a — loyal friend, and my intention was good,” she explained.

As for BravoCon, Danielle said she plans to “play defense” for Lindsay as she and Carl are both expected to attend.

“I might exchange some looks, but I don’t think I need to waste my breath, to be honest with you,” she added.

Winter House season three airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.