Danielle Olivera Reveals Carl & Lindsay’s Living Situation After Split, How Lindsay’s Doing, and Being “Right” About Relationship, Plus If She’s Spoken to Carl Post-Split and Winter House Season 3

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Danielle Olivera on If Carl Moved Out of Apartment, How Lindsay is Doing, and Being "Right" About Relationship, Plus If She's Spoken to Carl Post-Split and Winter House Season 3

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Danielle Olivera is offering an update on Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke‘s living arrangements post-split.

During a couple of new interviews, the Summer House star, 34, was asked if Carl, 38, is still living with Lindsay, 37, in their $13,000-per-month New York City apartment as she offered an update on her heartbroken friend, revealed if she’s spoken to Carl since he called off their November wedding, and dished on filming Winter House season 3 after her late 2022 split from Robert Sieber.

“I had a great time,” Danielle told Us Weekly on October 19 of filming the show back in March. “I went into it off of a breakup. I was super, not sure of myself. You just kind of need some bad a**es around you to kind of make you feel good about yourself again. To me, when you have good females around you, it just makes all the difference. … And they’re the kind of people that you want in your corner when you’re going through something really bad, they just lift you up and drink through it.”

Months after Danielle was faced with a gut-wrenching split from Robert, she learned Carl had put an end to his and Lindsay’s relationship.

“People are like, ‘Do you talk to Carl?’ I’m like, ‘No, absolutely not,’” Danielle said of her contact with Carl post-split. “There’s a line in the sand. I’m on Team Lindsay.”

According to Danielle, she has “not spoken” to Carl since he broke up with Lindsay in August, nor does she “intend to.”

That said, the three are expected to be at BravoCon next month in Las Vegas, which Danielle said “should be interesting.”

As Summer House fans will recall, Danielle wasn’t always supportive of Lindsay and Carl’s romance and made her thoughts known on a number of occasions. That said, she isn’t gloating about being “right.”

“This is what I wanted to avoid. This exact thing,” Danielle stated. “It’s not a vindication. It’s not a ‘I was right’ [situation]. No, that’s not what I wanted at all. It was more of [me confirming that] you have to have certain conversations and you have to go deeper when you’re going to commit to someone like that.”

“It f*cking sucks,” Danielle continued of the “sad” breakup, noting that Lindsay is “such a romantic and she really wanted it” to work out.

As for how Lindsay is doing now, nearly two months after the breakup, Danielle confirmed she’s “doing OK.”

“I’m not going to say that she’s doing great. No, she’s doing OK. I mean, breakups are not great at all. So, I think that she’s going through it,” Danielle shared.

As for their apartment, Danielle told Bravo on October 19 that Carl’s “been traveling.” Although she initially said, “Yeah,” when asked if he’d moved out, she further clarified that he’s been spending time away from the home, signaling to a recent sighting at “the Charleston airport.”

“I don’t know who he’s talking to in Charleston, but … it’s probably one of his guy friends,” she suspected.

“[Lindsay and Carl] are still in [the apartment], but he’s [living], assuming, out of a suitcase,” she added.

Winter House season 3 premieres on Tuesday, October 24, at 9/8c on Bravo.