Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard on “Tasteless” Thing Carl’s Mom Did, When She Last Spoke to Carl, If He’s Still Paying Rent, and His “Demands” for Engagement Ring, Plus She Talks Dating, Regrets, and Red Flags

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Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard on "Tasteless" Thing Carl's Mom Did, When She Last Spoke to Carl, If He's Still Paying Rent, and His "Demands" for Engagement Ring, Plus She Talks Dating, Regrets, and Red Flags

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Lindsay Hubbard appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday, where she shaded not only her former fiance Carl Radke, but also his mom Sharon.

As the Summer House castmate, 37, addressed a number of questions about the end of her relationship with Carl, 39, including when they last spoke and if he’s still paying rent on their $13,000 per month New York City apartment, she reacted to the drama between Danielle Olivera, 35, and Joe Bradley, 28, and threw some shade at Carl’s mom, who traveled to Mexico in November for what would have been their wedding day.

“It did not annoy me for friends to go. I think when your son was about to get married.. the mom going, I felt like it was a little tasteless,” she admitted on the March 7 episode of WWHL, confirming she and Sharon do not have a relationship.

As for whether Carl went to Mexico, Lindsay said, “No. I think he knew better.”

According to Lindsay, she hasn’t spoken to Carl face to face since “three weeks after the breakup.” However, he is still paying rent for their once-shared apartment.

“We resigned our lease a month before he broke up. That’s something that should’ve been thought through and that’s not a me problem,” she noted. “I’m in survival mode. I’m not gonna try and figure out where I’m going to live at that point in time.”

Luckily, Carl didn’t hesitate to continue to pay for the home, despite having moved out.

“He’s on the lease, a legally binding contract where he owes half the rent,” she stated.

While Carl does help in that way, he was sure to get the engagement ring he bought for Lindsay back in his possession after their split.

“He demanded it back,” Lindsay revealed. “There’s law, New York law, and then there’s etiquette. In New York, there’s a law with engagement rings that says it’s a contingency gift, contingent upon there being a wedding and a marriage and if there’s no wedding or marriage, the gift belongs to the giver so legally the ring belongs to him. I did take it off pretty much immediately, give it to my jeweler for safe keeping, and she gave it back to him when he emailed me and demanded it back.”

Following their August breakup, Lindsay is dating again, although no one in particular.

“I’m dating,” she shared. “I’m having fun, I’m really busy. I have a lot of projects. I just bought a house in Nashville. I’m not dating anyone specific in Nashville.”

Looking back at her breakup, Lindsay didn’t put the fault on herself or Carl.

“Here’s the thing: You are very valid in your feelings if you want to break up, if you’re not feeling this anymore, if you’re having second thoughts. Very valid,” she stated.

That said, she added, “The way he went about it was just so messed up in my mind at the level of relationship that we had.”

During a recent episode of Summer House, Lindsay questioned Carl about potential drug use, which she regrets, at least in part.

“I regret questioning his sobriety, or like, using harsher words in that sense,” she explained. “It’s a very delicate situation when you’re with an addict, and I’m human, and I’m trying to experience something for the first time for myself, with him, and understand how that lifestyle works. But yeah, I regret using those words. I wish I would’ve used more delicate words.”

When a fan wanted to know why she claimed the conversation was meant to be private, despite cameras filmed, Lindsay said she forgot they were there.

“I’ve been doing this a long time, right? And they’re surveillance so I’m not myself, there’s not big cameras in my face. I’m just at home, emotional, on edge, I’m having a conversation with my best friends. [And] I was absolutely drunk,” she admitted.

Another fan wanted to know if she was really blindsided by her split from Carl, or if she simply had blinders on.

“Both,” Lindsay answered. “I absolutely was blindsided because two weeks before that I had a bridal shower, he came, I had a birthday, he was posting all over Instagram how he can’t wait to marry me, I’m the love of his life, and then two weeks later, boom. And then I did have blinders on.”

She also confessed to ignoring red flags.

“Yeah, there’s a lot of pressure on women in their 30s where we have a time clock against us, and I’ve always wanted a family and I do think, and I talk about this with my therapist a lot, I was always putting the priority of the family first instead of, like, if I’m gonna get along or be compatible with the actual partner,” she explained. “I think there was part of me that was maybe settling for the bigger picture, as opposed to long-term partnership.”

As for whether Danielle was right about her and Carl moving too fast, Lindsay denied that was the case.

“I don’t think we were moving too fast. We were best friends for eight years,” she noted. “I’ve talked about this a lot. But yeah, there’s a Danielle saw something that I didn’t at the time, so yes, I think she was correct in whatever she saw.”

When asked why she was so quick to shut down Carl’s idea for a sober sports bar, Lindsay said, “I’ve watched these owners grind and if you’re looking to make money, this is not gonna be that area for you to make money for a lot of years.”

She then reacted to Ciara Miller, 28, asking Carl if he felt it was a bad idea to be with a drinker.

“I think it’s a fair question, honestly, I think anyone who’s in that situation should probably ask themselves the same thing,” she admitted.

That said, she does not believe her drinking habits were a factor in her split from Carl.

“When we first started dating, I was sober five months, and then I cut back severely on drinking,” she stated. “I’ve always been his number one supporter, making sure he’s comfortable in an environment where there’s a lot of drinking around. No, I don’t think it was a detriment at all, but I do think he’s still early on in his sobriety journey.”

Also on the show, Lindsay was asked what she thought of Danielle and Joe’s former romance.

“I was only around Joe a couple of times, mostly at her birthday party in December, I saw him there. I wasn’t around that often for the relationship, but listen, I think every relationship serves its purpose, however long or short it lasts,” she reasoned.

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