Lindsay Hubbard on How Carl’s Parents Played Big Role in Split as She Shades Them as “Tasteless,” Plus if She Had Run-in With Carl at Recent Wedding, as She Hints at New Boyfriend, Shares If She Misses Carl, & Clarifies Stay-at-Home Comment

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Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard Reacts to Carl's Convo With Lou, Slams His Parents as "Tasteless" for Going to Mexico for Canceled Nuptials, and Talks Attending Same Wedding With "Someone Special," Plus If She Misses Him, & Clarifies Stay-at-Home Comment

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Lindsay Hubbard reacted to Carl Radke‘s conversation with his stepdad, Lou, on Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live.

After Lou was seen expressing concern to Carl, 39, about his relationship with Lindsay, 37, who he was set to marry in a matter of months on Summer House, Lindsay revealed the impact she felt it had on her future with Carl, shared how she felt about his parents’ trip to Mexico, and more.

“It probably had a lot to do with [the end of our relationship] because after that conversation, things started to shift,” Lindsay admitted on the April 25 episode of WWHL.

While Lindsay understood where Lou was coming from, saying he was giving advice based on, “this is his stepchild,” she agreed that it was “weird” that Lou and Carl’s mom, Sharon, went to Mexico for their canceled wedding.

“I think that it’s one thing for friends to go. I think it’s another thing for the parents of the … [Gabby Prescod] went. But [her] son wasn’t about to get married there,” Lindsay noted. “It’s kind of really close to home. I thought that was a little tasteless.”

Speaking of weddings, Lindsay and Carl recently attended the same one, where Lindsay debuted a new man.

“I don’t interact with Carl so there was nothing there, but yeah, I brought a date and he’s someone special,” she confirmed. “We’re adults. And these are some of our best friends that have been in our lives, both of us, for a very long time. And, like, literally all of our friends were there. There’s like a big group of people. It’s not an intimate setting, it’s like 170 people.”

Eight months after her and Carl’s split, Lindsay couldn’t say she was relieved that her and Carl’s wedding was called off.

“It would’ve been a really hard, long tough road ahead in my future but it’s complicated,” she explained. “I spent an entire almost year planning a wedding and grinding and organizing so much for it so it’s a little frustrating but yeah, no, of course.”

Although Lindsay wouldn’t cop to being relieved, her fellow guest, Gabby, 32, said she was.

“We’ve talked about it extensively. That was never gonna work,” she stated.

“[But] I’m a very loyal, hard-working, I will try, try, try. I was in it,” Lindsay pointed out. “I was in love with this man, he was the love of my life. We were gonna get married. My best friend for eight years. You don’t just throw it away at the flick of a hat.”

Looking back at the moments that followed their breakup, Lindsay admitted she missed Carl at first.

“In the beginning, there were moments that I missed him as a friend, but after speaking with my therapist, she was like, ‘He was not the person you thought he was,'” she revealed.

During Thursday’s episode of Summer House, Lindsay was seen mentioning the possibility of being a stay-at-home mom to Carl. But on WWHL, she clarified that she did not mean that in a permanent sense.

“At that point, I was trying and saying anything I could possibly say to light a fire. It had been nine months, to get him to do anything, to want to get a job that was actually reasonable, not in la la land,” she explained. “There’s no way I can possibly ever be a stay-at-home mom. I’m too much of a busybody. But there’s maternity leave for a reason. If I’m giving birth to, probably a 10-foot baby, and then I have to spend a lot of time making sure that that baby is well and healthy, and I’m recovering, I deserve a little time to recover.”

“If that doesn’t motivate you to go out and want to get a job, I don’t know what does,” she added.

When Lindsay was then asked if Lou had a point in not wanting to marry her and Carl, Lindsay shared mixed emotions.

“I think he has a point if, like he said, he’s a minister, he takes couples on couples counseling,” she began. “[But] I didn’t talk to Lou at that point since the Christmas beforehand, so he had not spoken to me and he’s only getting one side of the story.”

“It’s really hurtful,” she continued. “I’ve always been really close with Sharon and Carl’s family since way before we were ever dating.”

As for which conversation has been the most surprising, Lindsay admitted there was a lot that she didn’t know about at the moment.

“Carl wasn’t communicating with me, but he’s communicating with everybody else about how he’s feeling, especially with [Kyle Cooke], which I understand. I go to Gabby a lot with how I’m feeling, but I was also communicating with Carl about how I’m feeling, honestly, and he wasn’t doing that with me,” she noted.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, a fan questioned Lindsay about what she was going to do once her lease for her $13,000 per month apartment expired.

“I’m sure I’m gonna answer that at the reunion so you’ll have to keep watching the rest of the season,” she replied, noting that it will be a “bummer” when June 15 comes around.

Also on the live broadcast, Lindsay denied pitting Danielle and Gabby against one another for balloon guy.

“I would never do that and it didn’t cross my mind in that moment that [they] had also shared [Gabby’s] ex without [her] knowing. That didn’t cross my mind until [she] had mentioned it to me and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m such an idiot.’ But no, I didn’t pit them against each other,” she insisted. “I just was like, ‘Look. I’m taken. This guy is hot. I met him last weekend. You both were gone. One of you should go for it so I can live vicariously through you.’”

“I kind of got the ick when he came back to the party … [But] he looked real good setting up those balloons with his backward hat,” Gabby replied.

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