Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Says New Boyfriend is an Ex, and Slams Carl’s $70K Brand Deals Claim, Plus She Dishes on Off-Camera Fight With Carl, and Being Blindsided

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Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard on New Boyfriend, If He's Watched Show, and Carl's $70,000 Brand Deals, Plus Being Blindsided by Split and Her Most Activated Moment Off-Screen

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Lindsay Hubbard opened up about her new boyfriend on a podcast on Monday, sharing how they met and revealing if he’s seen Summer House.

As she also addressed the claims regarding Carl Radke‘s $70,000 brand deals and looked back at how he blindsided her last August by calling off their engagement, Lindsay, 37, opened up about her most activated off-camera moment, which occurred just weeks after her and Carl’s breakup.

“He’s wonderful,” Lindsay said of her mystery boyfriend on the May 21 episode of The B**ch Bible. “I actually met him and went out with him three-and-a-half years ago in New York. Some of my friends call it a boomerang, where you go out the first time, the timing wasn’t right, and they come back around. So, that’s basically what happened.”

According to Lindsay, she and her boyfriend met during COVID and “hit it off” and “went on some dates” before realizing their romance wasn’t meant to be — at least not yet.

“He was trying to figure out his career moves, and it was just bad timing for him. It was also holidays, it was bad timing for me. I was in a weird place at that time, and so he broke things off with me. But, he did it in such a respectful way. Like I went back and was like, ‘Let me see what this guy said.’ It was the nicest text ever, because most guys just ghost you, or fade away, or disappear, or whatever. He did none of that. Back then, he was like, ‘Hey, I am not in a place where I can be in anything serious.’ He’s like, ‘I get the sense that like, maybe you want something more,’ and he’s like, ‘and I’m not there right now. And I don’t want to waste your time, and out of respect for you, I felt like I needed to tell you that,’” she revealed.

Fast forward to December 2023, months after Lindsay’s split from Carl, and he reached back out. However, Lindsay didn’t want to jump the gun, instead putting him on ice for “about a month.”

“I reached back out in January, and I was like, ‘Alright, coffee.’ We wound up at lunch, and I feel like that lunch was catching up on the last three years of our lives,” she recalled.

As for whether he’s seen the show, Lindsay confirmed, “He’s never watched.”

“It’s really refreshing,” she admitted. “I’ve had the alternative. It was always something that I had to be a little wary of, dating when I was single because it was like, ‘Are their intentions right? Are they just trying to land the girl from Summer House and get laid, and go brag about it to their friends?’ Is it because they want something out of it, like camera time … I’m pretty much done with these reality boys. So it’s refreshing that my dude now is just unfazed by it. He’s like, ‘Respect to you and that’s what you do,’ but he doesn’t care about it.”

Luckily for Lindsay, who complained about Carl’s lack of mojo throughout season eight, her new man is focused on his career, not the cameras.

“He’s successful in his own field and has a great job, works very hard, and he’s extremely driven and ambitious,” she gushed, adding, “and, yeah, he keeps me happy in the bedroom.”

As for Carl’s claims of making $70,000 off paid posts, which were less than half of hers, Lindsay said the number wasn’t accurate.

“When I saw that conversation play out, I was like, ‘First of all, that is not true. He did not make $70,000,'” she clarified. “I couldn’t believe he disclosed that, but I was like, whatever. What I thought was more gross was that he was like, ‘Well, she made more because she’s a woman.’ It’s like, ‘Okay, well, do you know how many male-dominating jobs there are in this world that women have had to fight to compete?’ Every other job in America … Just let us have this one!”

While Carl suggested Lindsay was making more because “she’s a woman,” Lindsay set the record straight, saying, “No, I make more because I’m driven and go out there and push to make more.'”

She then looked back at a deal she secured for the two of them.

“There was a campaign we had done for Dell, where I was the one who created the whole vision, was the one that negotiated the whole thing, put the reel together, edited the reel, guided the whole thing, and then just basically asked him to be a collaborator. And that was like, the biggest campaign he did that year,” she stated.

Looking back at their breakup, Lindsay said that it’s been interesting to watch their relationship’s demise play out on Summer House.

“I see a lot of things that I was not privy to over the summer. It really seems, like watching this season, it really feels that he made this decision way sooner than I ever thought he did. Because it was very confusing to me,” she noted. “I’m like, ‘What happened in the last two weeks? You were just at my bridal shower two weeks ago and now you’re calling off our wedding?’ That was very confusing to me, but now I’m watching it, and I’m like, ‘Oh wow, he actually had these thoughts way earlier on in the summer than just the last two weeks.”

Lindsay also felt that Carl was “planting seeds and really, really trying to villainize [her] to justify what he’s gonna do later on.”

Regarding her most activated off-screen moment, Lindsay said that it happened three weeks after Carl called off their engagement and wedding.

“I could not handle it. I felt rage like I’ve never felt before. He was like, saying all this crazy sh*t to me, trying to re-write history but also not taking accountability and just trying to almost convince me of dumb sh*t,” she revealed. “I lost my voice within five minutes and was like, ‘Get the f*ck out of my face.’ So that was probably the most activated I’ve gotten in the past year.”

Following the interaction, Lindsay said she was sweating so badly that she stripped off her clothes at one of her friend’s houses and grabbed a bottle of wine.

“It’s like survival mode. Just completely naked, pacing around my girlfriend’s apartment … I continued the conversation with him over text because I was like, ‘I’m done talking to you. You can talk to my lawyers,’” she stated.

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