Lindsay Hubbard Calls Out Carl’s Parents for Remarks About Their Relationship on Summer House and Confirms If They Reached Out Post-Split as Carl Speaks

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Lindsay Hubbard Discusses Carl's Parents Remarks About Their Relationship on Summer House, Says Her Mom and Dad "Would Never" Trash-Talk Partner, and Confirms If They Reached Out Post-Split as Carl Speaks

Lindsay Hubbard was shocked to see the conversations Carl Radke had with his parents on the eighth season of Summer House.

As the series continues to chronicle the weeks leading up to her and Carl’s split, Lindsay, 37, is expressing frustration over Sharon and Lou’s harsh words about their relationship and looking back on her last moments with Carl’s mom as Carl, 39, speaks out about their concerns.

“[Carl] drops this bomb on me about what Lou said in that conversation that he had held back from me, and guess what I did? I was cool, calm, and collected. Now I’m defending myself. What’s the theme? Lindsay can’t have any emotions, and I’m the one who’s hurt,” Lindsay stated on the May 5 episode of the Summer House: After Show.

Because Carl had engaged in on-camera conversations with his parents, he knew he had to tell Lindsay about what was said before the episodes aired. But while Carl attempted to do so in the best way possible, Lindsay couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I’m like, ‘What in the weird, f*cked up, flying universe world are we living in?’” she recalled. “My parents would never diss or talk badly about my future husband. My parents would never do that because this is my decision and who I am picking to be my partner.”

When Gabby Prescod, 33, asked if Lou or Sharon ever expressed any hesitations to her face, Lindsay confirmed they did not — and added that she didn’t hear from either of them after the split.

“I never heard from Sharon after the breakup, or Lou. No one called me or texted me. Nothing,” she replied.

Lindsay then shared that Sharon attended her bridal shower weeks prior to her and Carl’s breakup, where she asked about her potential concerns and was assured that none existed.

“She was like, ‘No, no no, everyone fights. Everyone has things.’ ‘Well if there’s anything I can do to ease your mind, let me know.’ And she was all good and then all weekend long, she was like, ‘I’m so excited for Lindsay to be my daughter-in-law. I love her so much,’” Lindsay revealed. “She just had nothing but nice things to say to me and then when everything happened, she never even reached out. Nothing.”

In his own segment on the Summer House: After Show, Carl said that at the time he went to Lindsay with the information about his mom and stepdad, he was still planning on marrying her and wanted to protect her.

“I did not want to hurt her by having my parents, who love her too, express concern about a very real concern and I’d always hoped that she maybe could listen and understand that but I struggled in communicating that to her,” he explained. “I knew it wasn’t going to go well because of just previous experiences with Lindsay when I’m trying to share something difficult and I did a horrible job but I also was really honest with her.”

According to Carl, he felt like he and Lindsay were fighting when he was trying to apologize for the tough conversation he had with his parents.

“I wanted to get married, I wanted to make it work, even regardless of my parents telling, like, okay, I appreciate the perspective, loud and clear. We got our couples therapy. Yeah, we’ve had a lot of bumps but she’s told me, ‘Every couple fights. This is how relationships are,'” he explained. “I’m new at relationships so I’m like, okay, I don’t understand how relationships work. Yeah, the fighting doesn’t seem normal to me but it’s normal for us. Okay, I got it. That’s how I was operating.”

That said, at a certain point, Carl took a step back and started taking his parents’ concerns more seriously.

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