Danielle Olivera Shares Update on Friendship With Lindsay Hubbard, Plus Who Will Return to Summer House for Season 9

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Summer House Star Danielle Olivera Shares Update on Friendship With Lindsay Hubbard, Plus Who Will Return to Show for Season 9

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Season eight of Summer House has come to an end, and fans are still talking. Much of this has to do with unaired footage from the reunion that provided a bit more insight into Carl Radke‘s sobriety through a revelation from Lindsay Hubbard. Fans also want to know where Danielle Olivera stands with Lindsay after the two had a bit of a rough season eight before she offered support to her after breaking up with Carl. Plus, she discusses the cast for season eight and what would make sense.

Summer House has been renewed for season nine, and most expect filming to begin soon. However, the network has yet to announce the cast.

Danielle recently talked to Life & Style about falling out with Lindsay during the second episode of this latest season. She says,I think I took a step back a little bit after episode two. I think it was when she threw me under the bus. And I really didn’t love – it just said a lot for me.”

She then goes on to say that they are in a better place. As mentioned, this comes after Danielle joined the other ladies from the cast in supporting Lindsay in the finale. According to Danielle,So, we’re good. We’re on good terms. We’re texting, it’s a little bit lighter. You know – the sisterhood is not there. We just have a different relationship now, and I think that’s the one that both of us are most comfortable with.”

Danielle then expresses that she hopes their friendship continues to grow and they can get back to where they were. In fact, the two were recently in Italy for Andrea Denver‘s wedding, and she hopes this experience will bring them closer. She says,You know, maybe just a, maybe an international excursion is just what we need to get back to what it once was, but I don’t know yet.”

Naturally, Danielle also spoke to Life & Style about season nine of the show, and fans are wondering how much the cast might change.

Reflecting on the previous summer, she says,You know what, in the beginning of the summer, like when we first started airing, I was like,We had a great summer. I’ve got along with everyone!And I was surprised that I didn’t get along with everyone.”

She continues,So I know I never know, and my predictions are never correct. What I will say, though, is that I think that our production crew, or everyone, they do try to be right by how the viewer would see things in the premise of the show.”

Danielle then says that it all goes back to who can logically spend the summer together and fully embody what the show is supposed to be about.

“It goes back to friendship. Do these people want to be friends with each other? Can they exist in the same room together? Because if we can’t, then we’re not — it’s not the show that it once was. Does that make sense? I hope it does.”

Regarding if she could film a show with her ex in the way Carl and Lindsay would have to, she says,I don’t know that I would wanna be in the same room with my ex-fiancé, just leave it at that. I could even hearI’m over [my ex], but if even the name is mentioned, I’m like,And I’m out.”

Fans can probably expect a cast announcement regarding season nine of Summer House soon. In the meantime, you can stream the full series on Peacock.