Lindsay Hubbard Accuses Carl Radke of More Drug Use in Unseen Clip of Summer House Reunion, Shares If She Considered Calling Off Wedding, If She’ll Live With Carl for Season 9, and If New Boyfriend Will Film

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Lindsay Hubbard on If She Considered Calling Off Wedding to Carl, If She'll Live With Carl for Summer House Season 9, and If New Boyfriend Will Film, Plus Reveals Carl Used Mushrooms in Extended Reunion Clip

Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo

Did Lindsay Hubbard ever consider calling off her wedding to Carl Radke before he did? Lindsay is speaking out as she is also seen accusing Carl once again of drug use in an unseen clip from the Summer House reunion.

Lindsay, 37, also shared how she felt amid her ongoing feuds with Carl, 39, while offering an update on how she feels about him today, dishing on her new boyfriend, reacting to the shade thrown by Paige DeSorbo, 31, and Kyle Cooke, 41, and more.

But first, during the extended version of the Summer House season eight reunion, which was released on Peacock on Friday, Lindsay was seen sharing that Carl took mushrooms during a music festival they attended together.

“I do have a lot of questions about what is considered sober and what is considered not. Is weed in the clear of considered sobriety?” asked Lindsay. “A week before filming, Carl was on mushrooms at a music festival.”

“We took a small microdose together, and we actually looked at each other and said, ‘We’re not doing this again,'” responded Carl.

“Correct but I don’t claim to be sober,” said Lindsay.  As for Carl, he got sober from alcohol and cocaine in January 2021 but still uses marijuana.

Either way, Carl found it outlandish that Lindsay accused him of a relapse.

“Accusing me of being on a substance that I’m in recovery from, that I haven’t touched in over three plus years, that everybody on this stage knows I’ve had a major problem with –– alcohol and cocaine –– it almost killed me,” Carl stated. “I hope you know accusing someone of being on a substance that they’re in recovery from can cause relapse and even more issue.”

While Lindsay admitted she was “absolutely wrong” for accusing Carl of drug use and apologized for questioning him, she clarified that it was his “behavior,” which she described as “aggressive and dismissive” that upset her.

Also, during the episode, despite the back and forth, Carl said Lindsay had “been supportive” of his sobriety journey and admitted he comes “with a f*cking ton of baggage.”

Meanwhile, during an interview with Rolling Stone, Lindsay addressed if she ever considered calling off her wedding to Carl before he did.

“People, especially my cast mates, know that I’m a very outspoken, direct, and strong woman and when someone is wronging me, I’m going to do whatever I need to do to protect myself or correct it. When I heard them say that, I was like, I get it. I would be the type of person that would stand up for myself and do that. But I didn’t even think that that was a possibility,” Lindsay said of potentially ending her engagement to Carl last summer.

“As embarrassing as that might be, it never crossed my mind that that was an option. I didn’t think that our problems were extreme enough … I’m not going to call off a wedding because we had a couple of bad weeks,” she explained.

Although Lindsay and Carl feuded throughout the eighth season of Summer House, Lindsay insisted she was “blindsided” when Carl ended their relationship last August. And, despite Andy Cohen, 56, claiming production did not know that Carl was going to break up with her, she believes the on-camera split was pre-meditated.

“I’m still standing by the fact that I was blindsided. Why did you get engaged to begin with if you’re that quick to run away and not talk through your issues?” she wondered. “The things that we were talking about in those last two weeks were strictly about his career, it was not about our overall relationship. It was not about how he felt unhappy. He mentioned calling off the wedding on that final day in the Hamptons but then immediately afterward was like, ‘I’m committed to working through this with you.’ It just seems insane. I asked him to get a job and then he broke up with me.”

Lindsay was further put off by the fact that Carl did not come to her first with his desire to call off their nuptials.

“I would have thought that out of respect for the eight years of friendship, the two years of our romantic relationship, and the fact that we were going to spend forever with each other, he would have come to me first. It is blindsiding when your best friend of eight years, your fiancé, does this and has any conversation with anybody else about it, especially publicly,” she noted.

Then, when asked about Andy’s suggestion that Carl was empowered by the cameras to break up with her, Lindsay agreed.

“I think Carl felt more confident doing something with the cameras there,” she shared. “I don’t think he could have done it alone. In the history of my friendship and romantic relationship with Carl, he does not like having tough conversations. I think that having the cameras there, having the producers there, and having the team of people there, gave him the confidence to follow through with the decision that he had already made.”

Looking back at the backlash she received during the early moments of season eight, Lindsay said she understood why many sided with Carl after she accused him of a relapse and confirmed she apologized for labeling him “Cocaine Carl.”

“That’s a very sensitive topic,” she explained. “I for sure regret calling him that. If you rewatch the episode, I’m drunk and emotional. My fiancé was being really dismissive, aggressive, argumentative, and then ignored me. His behavior was just not normal that night. You’re about to marry me in four months, I’m supposed to be your partner, and he was not treating me like one. I regret using those words 100 percent, and I wish I would have said what my true feelings and emotions were, which was that he was being aggressive. He was reminding me of how ‘old Carl’ acted towards me.”

“I can understand, of course, why people were on his side. I think after we got past that and those last two weeks came rolling around, which probably played out for the final five or six episodes, there wasn’t a lot of flip-flopping and it was pretty obvious that the way he was talking to me was not good,” she continued.

As for Lindsay’s claim that Carl is “aggressive,” which she made at the reunion, recalling times when they would have to go into different rooms of their apartment to avoid confrontation, Lindsay would not “get into [the] details” during her interview with Rolling Stone.

Regarding where she stands with Carl today, Lindsay said she is “indifferent” and holds no “ill will” toward her ex.

“I look back on that relationship and I thank God I’m not in that relationship anymore,” she explained. “He’s just another guy in the room. I don’t have any emotions one way or another. I don’t have hatred towards him …. I’m not going to go talk to him about all the sh*t going on in my life but I can tolerate being in the same room as him.”

In fact, Lindsay is willing to live with Carl during filming on Summer House‘s potential ninth season.

“If that means living in the same house, great, whatever,” she stated. “[The season eight cast] had a great formula with this cast and I think that we always find a way.”

While Lindsay is open to filming future seasons with Carl, she pointed out that she is getting serious with her new, “really sweet” New York-based boyfriend, who she briefly dated years ago.

“He popped back up this past December, and we started going on dates in January. He was making the most effort and was very consistent,” she revealed, describing their romance as “so loving, caring, and respectful.”

As for whether her mystery man would make appearances on season nine, Lindsay posed, “I think that’s a conversation that I would have to have with him.