Carl Radke on His Biggest Mistake With Lindsay, Her New Boyfriend, & If They Interacted at Wedding, Plus Danielle’s Sex Life Shade, Lindsay’s Claim of Planting Seeds, and “[Swiping] Right” for Lala Kent

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Carl Radke on Biggest Mistake With Lindsay, Being at Same Wedding With Ex and Thoughts on Her New Boyfriend, Plus Addresses Danielle's Sex Life Shade, Lindsay's Claim of Planting Seeds, Not Being Direct, and "[Swiping] Right" for Lala Kent

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Carl Radke revealed his biggest regret with Lindsay Hubbard on Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live, also commenting on their recent run-in at a friend’s wedding and Lindsay’s new boyfriend.

As he reacted to Danielle Olivera‘s sex life shade and Lindsay’s claims of planting seeds on Summer House, Carl, 39, admitted he’d “swipe right” for Vanderpump RulesLala Kent, 33, and a couple of other Bravolebrities, and looked back on the moments leading up to his and Lindsay’s August 2023 breakup.

“I think I could’ve been a lot more direct with her about how I was feeling at times,” Carl admitted on the May 9 episode of WWHL. “I think I was, again, really just deadset on trying to get married. I wanted to get married. I wanted to have a family but I think we were speeding really quickly down the track.”

Regarding the wedding he and Lindsay, 37, attended last month, Carl explained that they have a lot of mutual friends.

“We were very cordial. I didn’t actually speak to her, but we just smile and walk by,” he revealed. “I was focused on the couple getting married. It was an amazing wedding but didn’t really talk to her … We have a lot of good friends that were there, and for me, I was able to spend time with a lot of the friends that maybe in the past I wouldn’t have spent as much time with.”

As for Lindsay’s new man, Carl had only kind words.

“It seems like she’s happy and moving along. I honestly, I wish her all the best. I hope he treats her well and I hope she’s happy. That’s all I can ask for,” he stated.

During her appearance on WWHL last week, Danielle, 35, said she wasn’t surprised at how lackluster Carl and Lindsay’s sex life was, considering she’d dated him before. 

In response, Carl noted that his relationship with Danielle was “quite a long time ago.”

“I think the sex thing with Lindsay and I is a direct result of just the dynamic we were in with the fighting and emotional intimacy, well, none of this was happening, but yeah, I think it was the result of just some of the challenges we were having as a couple,” he reasoned. “When we first started dating, the sex was great.”

When host Andy Cohen, 55, then mentioned that Lindsay had suggested Carl had arranged to speak to his parents about their concerns for their relationship on-camera in an effort to sway the audience, Carl denied any such thing.

“That New Jersey conversation with my parents was five days after the second weekend and the second time that we had a big fight and drug accusations, and my mom has filmed with us every season for the most part,” he pointed out. “I was going down there regardless of where we were at. I didn’t know that conversation was going to go in that direction. However, when I got home from that, I did hold onto what my parents said for about a week, and then I tried to approach it in couples therapy, and then you saw it on tonight’s episode, I tried to really clear the air with her about it.”

Although Carl has frequently been accused of being afraid of Lindsay, he clarified that he was simply “afraid of hurting her.”

“I’m a people pleaser, which is something I work on in my therapy and I talk about, but with her, I didn’t want to hurt her by delivering difficult information even though I just needed to be more upfront with her,” he explained, admitting he was being “indirect with Lindsay.”

“Absolutely. I’m seeing myself, eight, nine months removed in kind of a different way, but yeah, there’s things I wish I was a little more firm or really just made sure that she knew that I was serious about. But I have a tendency sometimes to back down from difficult conversations and I think you’re seeing some of that play out,“ he continued.

In response, Andy wondered if Carl’s not being direct with Lindsay ultimately hurt her more.

“Yeah,” Carl replied. “We had had the safety of couples therapy where we did talk about a lot of these topics, but outside of couples therapy were where a lot of the ruptures obviously would happen.”

On a recent episode of Summer House, Kyle Cooke, 41, and Amanda Batula, 32, reminded Carl that Lindsay would eventually see his conversations with his parents on the show. But according to Carl, that isn’t why he brought them up to Lindsay.

“Even in couples therapy, I literally said out loud, ‘I’m so afraid of this coming out later on when we’re actually married and this being a blindside,’” he revealed.

He was then asked about Lindsay saying he wasn’t crushing life.

“I was a little surprised. However, I think she was coming from a valid place of concern,” he admitted. “If you’re getting married to someone, you want to understand where their career is going and I’d taken the last seven, eight months to really figure that out, but I want to highlight, I was bringing in money and we were both were bringing in money.”

According to Carl, he and Lindsay make the same amount on Summer House.

“We do,” he confirmed. “And I think, again, I made some stupid comments about influencer stuff, but all I was trying to highlight is, I’ve been bringing in money. So was she. It wasn’t as much as her but I was.”

Because Carl dumped Lindsay so soon after her bridal shower, where he appeared to be completely dedicated to their future, he’s been called out for leading her on.

“I wanted to get married,” he noted. “If you’ve ever been in that situation where you’re engaged but there are clear challenges going on, but you have all these things planned and scheduled, I wanted to get married, we were fighting the last two weeks, and I think people will watch over these next few episodes, some of the other things that come about, but listen, I think, I look back on it and maybe I wish I would’ve just said, ‘No we can’t do the bridal shower because we’re not in a great place.'”

Carl also admitted to being understanding of how Lindsay could feel blindsided.

“I could see that, but I promise, we were having, since November 2022, every week we were going to couples therapy, discussing a lot of these topics and difficult things that we were encountering in our life,” he shared.

As for what he’s learned from watching the season, Carl had five things.

“Five, I realize my jeans and pants, and shorts, are actually way too tight. Number four, thin mustaches look better on the French. But, maybe I should go full-time silver fox. Number three, don’t drink too many Red Bulls, regardless of not drinking because I still put my foot in my mouth. Number two, I’m at my best self when I’m around the boys. Number one, I made the right decision,” he declared.

While playing a game of “Swipe Right or Call It a Night,” Carl was asked about his potential attraction to a number of Bravolebrities, revealing he’d swipe right for the “gorgeous” Kenya Moore, 53, and Larsa Pippen, 49, as well as Lala Kent, 33.

“I’ll swipe right on Lala. She’s sober too. Love that. The only time I’ve really met her was on this stage back in 2018, and we were both drinking that night, and [Randall Emmett] was there actually.”

During another game, Carl jokingly rated his sex life as a “two,” and he said he was in the hot seat most at the reunion, while Jesse rated his sex life an “eleven” and said it was Lindsay who received the most questions at the taping.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Carl was questioned about how Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend, Everett Weston, felt about their split and asked if they were currently friends.

“I am [friends] with Everett,” he confirmed. “We were at Everett’s wedding last year in Ireland. Kyle and Amanda were there. I was with Lindsay. Everett’s been a great friend for quite a while, and he’s been fully supportive. I think he, like others, is hopeful that Lindsay’s happy and I’m happy. He’s happy for us separately. But I think he does believe I made the right decision.”

Looking back at the reunion, Jesse admitted he was “hopeful” that Carl and Lindsay could be “cordial, maybe even friendly” after the taping.

“It went better than I was expecting,” Carl admitted.

Then, after Jesse said he found the taping to be “intense,” Carl said that after filming so many reunions, he had built things up in his head.

“Trust me, it was very emotional and intense, it was hard, but I feel like we made some progress,” he explained.

Jesse went on to say that while he found filming “fun,” he was seated next to Paige DeSorbo, 31, and Danielle, who engaged in some heated back and forth.

“Paige and Danielle, are just, like, going at it, and I’m just sitting there caught in the crossfire,” he recalled.

But he was involved in some drama as well, as Andy noted.

“There was one moment where you chimed in about something and you got your a** handed to you by like, three women at once,” Andy noted as Carl warned, “You can’t start off your statement with, ‘I might get crucified for this.'”

“[Ciara Miller] goes, ’Shut the f*ck up Jesse Solomon.’ I was like, ‘Okay!'” Jesse revealed.

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