Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo Slams Danielle Over Gabby Drama, Says She Had “No Empathy,” and Shades CEO Title, as Danielle Admits She Was “Selfish” and “Rude,” Plus Amanda Reacts

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Summer House's Paige DeSorbo Slams Danielle for Gabby Drama, Says She Had "No Empathy," and Shades CEO Title, Plus Claims Danielle Has "No Respect" for Amanda as Danielle Admits She Was "Selfish" and "Rude"

Credit: Noam Galai/BRAVO

Paige DeSorbo took aim at Danielle Olivera while addressing her treatment of Gabby Prescod and Amanda Batula after the latest episode of Summer House.

After Danielle, 35, was seen butting heads with Gabby, 32, over her flirting capabilities and balloon guy Joe, leading Gabby to break down, Paige, 31, criticized Danielle for her behavior towards both Gabby and Amanda, 32, who attempted to intervene, as Danielle admitted to handling the situation poorly.

“[Danielle] said something that hurt someone’s feelings. Even if you deem it not mean or wrong, you still made that person upset and you should apologize for making that person upset … But she couldn’t even humble herself enough to do that and so it was very off-putting how much she did not give a sh*t about [Gabby] crying, and that felt icky to me,” Paige explained on the April 25 episode of the Summer House: After Show.

“It was like, ‘You’re not even going to console her?’” Amanda agreed.

“Talk about no empathy. I mean, Danielle wants to say that I don’t give anything to [Craig Conover]. Your friend is hysterically crying and you said, ‘That’s stupid, she’s stupid, and her emotions are stupid,’” Paige continued, giving a nod to claims Danielle made about her relationship with Craig, 35, on an episode earlier this month.

“So right in that moment, it was very full circle for me, and I was like, ‘Oh, you only care about what you’re doing,'” Paige added.

Paige even poked fun at Danielle’s claims of being the CEO of a new app after Danielle suggested that due to her title, she’s forced to learn how to handle different personalities.

“You can say sh*t because you’re a CEO?” Paige wondered. “The CEO of what, first of all? And second of all, so if you have a job title you can come in on the weekends and be mean to your friends? Never seen what company she’s CEO of.”

After admitting that she does use words that are “harsh,” Danielle said that she didn’t want to deal with the fallout from her spat with Gabby in the moment because she was “having such a good time at the party.”

“I wanted to get back to that,” she explained, noting, “That was selfish of me and rude.”

As for why she also shut down Amanda, Danielle said, “Honestly, if it’s between Gabby and I, then let it be between Gabby and I.”

“Anything that I would’ve said either would’ve been misconstrued or it wouldn’t have been good enough in that scenario at all. So, I was like, ‘I know Gabby, she’s my friend, and I will address this tomorrow with her when we’re not doing this,'” she reasoned. “I love her and I don’t ever want to be at odds with her so to me it was very easy to be like ‘What was that and how do we move forward from that because I love you?’”

While Danielle hoped to allow things to simmer between her and Gabby, Amanda took offense to the way she shut her down.

“It felt like you were just like, ‘I don’t really care what you have to say.’ I’m like, ‘Does she ever care what I think? Does she take me seriously? Or does she not care?’” Amanda recalled, stating that she was triggered by Danielle’s diss due to her past on Summer House.

As Amanda noted, she dealt with people not listening to her for years on the series.

“Literally, no one cared what I had to say. So sometimes when that happens, that’s kind of where I go. You’re not listening to me and you’re talking over me, you don’t respect me enough to hear me out. That’s how I felt,” she explained.

But Danielle insisted her voice matters.

“It was quite the opposite feeling that I have for you. How did I screw up so bad that that’s the message I was sending?” she wondered. “I love hearing what you have to say. [And] most the time, you are correct.”

Still, Paige had doubts about Danielle’s outlook on Amanda.

“Danielle has zero respect for Amanda,” she stated. “I’ve noticed that over multiple years. I think she considers Amanda to be stupid and she’s just Kyle’s wife and she doesn’t have anything to add to the conversation so anytime Amanda has an opinion, Danielle doesn’t listen and writes it right off. To walk out while someone’s mid-sentence is so disrespectful and so rude, especially someone who preaches girl power. I didn’t like any of that.”

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