Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard Clarifies Rating Sex Life 2.5 as Carl Suggests She Wasn’t “Interested” in Sex

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Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard Clarifies Rating Sex Life With Carl, Shades "Quality," and Admits to Being Frequently "Rejected" as Carl Suggests She Wasn't "Interested"

Credit: Bravo, Chelsea Guglielmino/Bravo

Lindsay Hubbard explained why she rated her sex life with Carl Radke a 2.5 out of 10 after last week’s episode of Summer House.

After Lindsay and her castmates were seen playing a game of Truth or Dare, during which Lindsay, 37, shaded her intimacy with now-ex-fiance Carl, 39, Lindsay explained her rating as she further dissed her and Carl’s sex life and he suggested that she wasn’t as interested in sex as she leads on.

“[Anything] [Andrea Denver]-related is about to be [about] sex, he loves to go [into] detail and share,” Ciara Miller, 28, said of their racy game on the April 11 episode of the Summer House: After Show. “[And] to be honest, what the f*ck does a man have to get in his head about? They literally have to try not to c*m. They’re fighting a different fight.”

Looking back at her rating, Lindsay said that if she’s “only having sex every two and a half weeks,” she’s giving her sex life a 2.5 out of 10 rating.

Meanwhile, in response, Gabby Prescod, 33, said that if the biweekly sex is good, it should have a higher rating.

“If I’m having sex every two and a half weeks but it’s great sex, my score would not be 2.5 out of 10,” she told Lindsay.

Then, after Lindsay insisted her rating “was about the frequency,” Gabby told her, “It was about the quality.”

“You’re talking about the quality of the sex because if you were having knock-your-wig-off, mind-blowing sex every two and a half weeks, you know that that score would be different,” she stated as Lindsay agreed.

“Correct,” she admitted, later asking Gabby, “Do you know how many times I’ve been rejected? I’m actually annoyed about it now thinking about it.”

In his own segment, Carl admitted it was hard for him and Lindsay to find intimacy last summer as they faced “a lot of the conflict and tension.” Still, he doesn’t remember Lindsay being too concerned with the matter.

“I don’t recall the sex being at the top of her list of issues at couples therapy. I think it’s a direct result of the challenges we were having,” he posed. “I recall a lot of times I was very interested in having sex, and she wasn’t. There [were] times she was tired and that’s fine. I didn’t b*tch and moan and call Kyle and go, ‘Lindsay won’t have sex with me.’ I just kind of work through it and try to deal with stuff in couples therapy and try to be honest about it. It is what it is.”

Also on the Summer House: After Show, Kyle Cooke, 41, suspected Lindsay and Carl’s lack of a sex life was indicative of where their relationship stood at that time.

“If your relationship isn’t in the greatest place, yeah, you’re not having great sex. Let’s just call it how it is,” he stated.

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