Summer House’s Danielle Olivera on Lindsay Throwing Her Under the Bus, If She’s Met Lindsay’s New Boyfriend, and Near Run-in With Luann, Plus Status With Joe, Regrets Over Gabby Spat and Ballon Guy Update

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Summer House's Danielle Olivera Discusses Lindsay Throwing Her Under the Bus, If She’s Met Lindsay's New Boyfriend, and Near Run-in With Luann, Plus Status With Joe, Regrets Over Gabby Spat and Ballon Guy Update

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Danielle Olivera appeared on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live, where she reacted to Lindsay Hubbard telling Paige DeSorbo that she was the one who leaked the information about Craig Conover being kicked out of Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula‘s wedding.

While also addressing Lindsay’s new boyfriend, discussing her issues with Carl Radke, 39, revealing if she’s seen Luann de Lesseps, 58, or Joe Bradley, 28, since their alleged affair, and sharing her regrets about her spat with Gabby Prescod, 32, Danielle, 35, offered an update on balloon guy Joe. She also responded to a fan who asked why she started the rumor about Craig, 35, and said nothing at the reunion when Paige, 31, accused Lindsay, 37, and Carl of being behind the press leak.

“I confirmed it,” Danielle clarified on the May 2 episode of WWHL. “I hated both of them at the time.”

Speaking of whether she was mad at Lindsay, 37, for revealing the information to Paige, Danielle said, “That was messed up,” and revealed Andy Cohen, 55, had advised them to have an off-camera conversation about it.

“Part of that conversation to get us back together, we said, ‘We don’t go behind each other’s backs, and if we do, we immediately bring it to the other person,’” she recalled.

As for when she learned that Lindsay had thrown her under the bus, Danielle revealed, “When I watched it.”

On the WWHL: After Show, a fan asked Danielle about Lindsay’s new boyfriend.

“I haven’t met him but I’ve seen pictures, very good looking, has a job — a good one. And she’s happy. And that’s all that matters,” Danielle explained. 

According to Danielle, who was not surprised to hear about Lindsay and Carl’s lack of a sex life since she’d “dated Carl” before, she understood where Lindsay was coming from on recent episodes of Summer House, which have shown her taking aim at Carl for his lack of employment. However, she also felt Lindsay went about things wrong.

“I think she was trying to say something, like, trying to push him and motivate him but did it in the exact wrong way, by, you know, questioning almost his manhood so that’s not the way to motivate,” Danielle noted.

Back on the live broadcast, Danielle admitted to feeling vindicated in regard to her past concerns about Lindsay and Carl’s relationship.

“I think all the problems that are coming up that I’m watching now for the first time, I said it last summer,” she stated.

That said, she didn’t necessarily see their breakup coming, especially after attending Lindsay’s bridal shower.

“That’s one of the moments where I looked back on and I was just like, ‘But he was there, he came in, he was so happy, bouquet of flowers.’ That was strange because two weeks later, done,” she shared, accusing Carl of being misleading at times.

“I was disappointed at how indirect he was towards Lindsay. He didn’t say it word for word and then there was some moments where he kind of went backward,” Danielle explained.

Moving forward, Danielle said she hoped Carl would learn to be “more direct” and that Lindsay could be a better listener after being asked to give advice to her castmates.

Regarding her near run-in with Luann, Danielle said she attended a movie premiere on Wednesday night in which Luann was also in attendance.

“Luann was there and I didn’t even look in her direction. I couldn’t,” Danielle admitted. “[Dorinda Medley] was there, and she was like, ‘Don’t look to the left.’”

As for Joe, Danielle said they’ve had no contact before adding, “There is a monitor I’m trying to get back from his apartment.”

During last week’s Summer House, Danielle was involved in a dispute with Gabby, which she now has major regrets about.

“I didn’t understand in that moment that she was feeling a lot of pressure,” Danielle confessed. “Her mindset wasn’t great, and so I only made it worse, and I do take responsibility. As a friend, I should have read it better.”

While Danielle felt that Gabby should have been putting herself out there more as a single woman, she wished she’d had more compassion.

“We were drinking a lot. I didn’t know what was going on in Gabby’s head. I should’ve been a better friend in that moment so for my part in that of course, I apologize,” she stated. “The whole situation was just messed up.”

In addition to Danielle and Gabby being at odds, Danielle also butted heads with Amanda, 32, which she blames mainly on “alcohol.”

“I did have a great conversation with Amanda at the bridal shower just to clear it up. I really do love her and think she is incredibly brilliant at what she does. She’s just amazing and I was apologetic of the fact that I never as a friend showed her how much I do care and admire her,” Danielle stated. 

As for Paige, Danielle said she wished Paige would give her the “benefit of the doubt” more often.

“I thought we were good the entire summer. And she never told me to my face that she was upset about how I said anything, not the Craig wedding incident, not the ‘you don’t give him anything.’ I never knew,” she revealed. “We never had a one-on-one conversation about any of that stuff.”

Also on WWHL, Danielle described her hookup with balloon guy Joe as “good” before confirming that they’ve been in touch since.

“Yes. He’s so hot. I have seen him recently. He works a lot. He’s also a bricklayer.”

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