Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Carl Radke’s “Most Hurtful” Comment as They Share New Details of Last Fight Leading Up to Split & Talk Recording Each Other, Plus Carl Insists He Didn’t Intend to Call Off Wedding

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Summer House: Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke Discuss Major Fight Leading Up to Split, Recording Each Other, as Carl Insists He Didn't Intend to Call Off Wedding

Credit: Bravo, Chelsea Guglielmino/Bravo

The Summer House finale just aired, and fans can’t get over how everything went down. Of course, the driving force of the season has been Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke, as the whole season has been building up to him calling off their engagement.

The episode even started with the two engaged in a fight. Now, they’re discussing the matter and going into detail about their last fight, recording one another, and if Carl, as Lindsay has said, wanted to call off the wedding for the whole summer. Plus Lindsay is detailing Carl’s “most hurtful” comment to her.

The eighth season of Summer House isn’t over, as there is still the reunion. Several members of the cast have gone on record to say how emotional the taping was and how much they aired out. Naturally, Carl and Lindsay will each have the first chair at the upcoming reunion.

The Summer House After Show premiered after the Summer House finale, and it’s jam-packed with insight into the breakup between Carl and Lindsay. They begin by discussing the fight they got into while in the car. Things got massively toxic between the two, and they both pulled out their phones to record the encounter. 

Carl says, “I was trying to be calm, but granted, I was frustrated and probably short and probably not my best self either.” He goes on, “But I promise you, I wasn’t yelling and screaming. I was just trying to clear the air and like calm things down.”

He then says the situation turns into Lindsay deciding to record as he drove them home. The argument started when they were trying to agree on plans for Labor Day weekend. Carl wanted to go to Montauk, and Lindsay wanted to go to Florida. This led to the former couple pointing out their personality differences.

Lindsay then pointed out Carl’s “most hurtful” comment to her was when he stated he didn’t know why he proposed to her.

“If you don’t like the person I am, why did you propose to me? And in that moment he goes ‘I don’t know why I proposed to you!'” said Lindsay. “And that is probably one of the most hurtful things that you can say to someone.”

Lindsay continues, “You just said one of the most f**ked up things you can say to somebody, and I have no idea what’s about to come my way. So, I’m like, I should just start recording what you say. I do not record. He then presses record on his phone.”

Carl then says he drove the rest of the way home with the phone recording in the center console. However, Lindsay then accuses him of “manipulating the recording.”

She says, “And [he] starts manipulating the recording. Literally, in the car, goes, ‘Stop yelling at me, Lindsay, stop yelling at me,’ and I’m like Carl, I’m literally not yelling at you. I’m trying to set up plans for next weekend with you.”

He then shares what happened once they were at the house. He says she was so angry while getting her luggage out that she knocked over a case of sparkling water and caused it to explode. 

“This explosion happens on the street, and it’s so loud it sounds almost like a gunshot. I was like, calm down, people are looking at us.”

He says she then rushed in without holding the elevator for him in their apartment building. According to Carl, he decided to stay in a different bedroom for three days before their last conversation. Carl also shared that he didn’t want to repeat some of the harsh things she said to him

However, Lindsay sees it differently. She brings up his anger issues and how much they have talked about it and gone to therapy over it. 

She says, “I think in Carl’s mind, he thought I went around the entire house all summer talking about all Carl’s issues.”

They then begin to discuss the final conversation, where Carl says he “didn’t set her up” and insisted he didn’t intend on calling off the wedding.

He starts by saying, “Ultimately, I walked into that apartment that last day hoping we could get on the same page. As soon as we started talking, nothing would have changed any of the outcome.”

Lindsay recounts the conversation by saying, “It was just awful. That moment was awful. I thought I sat down to repair a conversation about careers, and what I was met with was betrayal.”

He then says, “In my honest-to-God memory, I expressed concern with moving forward with the wedding, and her response was you’re calling the wedding off.”

Lindsay then expresses how surprised she was by the conversation and that she was “in shock.”

She says, “I was in absolute shock. I was proud of my reaction in that moment because I stayed strong, and when someone is betraying me, I don’t give them my emotions anymore. Like if you’re the cause of an ultimate betrayal, then you no longer have access to my emotions.”

In the end, Lindsay admits that she never needed to marry Carl and that it would have been a disaster. However, he holds firm that he only wanted to postpone the wedding despite some of his words in the episode stating otherwise.