Carl Radke Apologizes for “Derogatory” Statement to Lindsay Hubbard on Summer House as Gabby Admits It Made Her “Skin Crawl” and Lindsay Shades Carl for Returning to Loverboy

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Carl Radke Apologizes for "Derogatory" Statement to Lindsay on Summer House as Gabby Admits It Made Her "Skin Crawl" and Lindsay Shades Carl for Returning to Loverboy

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Carl Radke admitted to making a derogatory statement to Lindsay Hubbard after last week’s episode of Summer House.

After fans watched as the now-ex-couple continued to embark on spat after spat, Carl, 39, apologized for the hurtful statement he made to his then-fiancee as Gabby Prescod, 33, took aim at his “astronomical” comment, and Lindsay, 37, targeted his work ethic after his return to Loverboy.

“I can’t say ‘soft’ to a woman. According to Lindsay, that’s a derogatory thing to say to a woman,” Carl began on the May 23 episode of the Summer House: After Show. “I did not know that and I do apologize for saying that. It’s like saying to a man, ‘Be more like a man.’ If you ask a woman to be a little softer when you’re discussing your career opportunities, I guess that’s derogatory. That’s what she told me. And if that’s the case, I am sorry. Like, I didn’t mean to be so derogatory.”

According to Carl, he simply wanted Lindsay to give him something a little different than what she was providing, which, at the time, was concern for the financial future of their potential family.

“I think that’s okay that I expressed that, but unfortunately, I expressed it using the wrong words,” he explained. “I’ve never used a word my entire life like that and then faced the wrath when I’m talking from a genuine place of like, ‘Hey, I need a little bit of something different here.’ And to get it completely turned back around on me, in my opinion, is actually classic Lindsay to be like, to flip it.”

“I don’t think many other women would’ve reacted the same way,” replied Kyle Cooke, 44.

Still, Carl added, “I understand it feels derogatory to her. I’m not gonna use that word ever again I learned the really hard way on that.”

As for Lindsay, she explained that telling her, or any woman, to soften up was the same as if she told Carl, or another man, to “Be more of a man.”

“For me, it makes my skin crawl,” Gabby agreed. “Outside of those circumstances, saying that you need a woman to be softer is astronomical to me. Go f*ck yourself. You do not get to tell me how I get to be in this world where I already have to fight for my f*cking life, and you get to walk. So absolutely not.”

While Lindsay did her best to encourage Carl to get something going for himself during the season, which was filmed last summer, she noted that “he only does what’s easiest in front of his face.”

During another moment of the Summer House: After Show, Carl and the cast discussed his return to Loverboy.

“It’s awesome,” Carl admitted.

Kyle agreed, saying having Carl back has “been great” before explaining why he didn’t immediately bombard him with tons of responsibilities.

“It’s not like I was like, ‘Alright, Carl, full-time employee. Here’s all your responsibilities. I expect you to work 60-hour weeks, and our friendship is gonna be on the back burner, and it’s business, business, business.’ We’re easing into this,” he shared. “We learned the hard way that when you’re best buds, it’s not easy working together. I’m also trying to be sensitive and realistic. I know [he has] other passions and interests and stuff like that so we’re just feeling this out.”

Because Carl had been speaking about sobriety and mental health in recent months, he appreciated Kyle allowing him space to continue to pursue other projects.

“Having him recognize that when we were talking about this opportunity was really powerful,” he stated. “Because of the brand Loverboy now having non-alcoholic [options], it’s part of my personal story too so now when I’m speaking and doing events, it could be mental health-related, but I have this amazing non-alcoholic product to provide. It’s awesome. We’re doing something pretty unique and … it’s continuing to evolve and grow, kinda dialed in way better than it was before.”

As Carl expressed excitement, Lindsay admitted that when it came to his Loverboy return, “I don’t care.”

“It’s the easy option. This is what Carl does, whatever’s in front of his face, and it makes me question his relationship with me, honestly, because I think I was just easy and in front of his face,” she reasoned. “I just was the easy option. Easy as a relationship. Easy as the best friend. Easy for all of it. I was the easy option because I was in front of his face.”

“He does not work hard,” she added.

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