RHODubai Star Caroline Stanbury Shares Update on IVF at 48 and Her Pregnancy Fears, Plus Dishes on Using Ozempic to Lose 18 Pounds

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RHODubai Star Caroline Stanbury Says She Used Ozempic to Lose IVF Weight and Shares Some of Her Pregnancy Fears

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The Real Housewives of Dubai is going strong with its second season on Bravo. Naturally, this also means fans of the show are seeing the cast more as they’re sharing in various interviews how their lives have changed during the long wait for its return.

Recently, Caroline Stanbury opened up about gaining weight after multiple rounds of IVF treatments. Plus, she’s sharing some of her fears regarding pregnancy.

So far, fans are loving this season of RHODubai. The show premiered on Bravo in 2022, but it didn’t return to the network for its second installment until a couple of weeks ago.

Recently, Caroline sat down with US Weekly and discussed how IVF impacted her weight and what she did to aid in the process of getting her body back to where she feels comfortable.

According to Caroline,I did get really fat. I put on 18 pounds on my body, and that’s no joke. I looked like I ate [my husband,] by the end of last summer. I was reading a magazine [that had] a picture of my bottom on the back of a boat with him last summer. I was like,That’s it. I’ve got to do something. I can’t get it off.”

She continued,After 45, it becomes very, very hard to lose weight — and I’m not lazy. I’m not lying at home doing nothing. I go to the gym, I have a trainer, I walk all the time [and] I’m busy.”

She goes on to say that she used Ozempic as atoolto help her get back to where she was before. She’s also transparent about having had a facelift last year.

“Ozempic, I have to say … is an incredible tool. Why do you need to be miserable if you can get yourself back to where you were? I didn’t want to be different. I didn’t do my face to look like a supermodel. I wanted to be me, but younger.”

She’s not currently taking Ozempic, but she is open to using it again if she thinks it’s necessary.

She says,Ozempic got me into my old jeans. I don’t take it. Butif I put [the weight] back on, I would absolutely take [more injections]. Why not maintain it? But right now, I’ve been really lucky [and] I don’t need it right now.”

Caroline then shared that she might not be done with IVF and could do another round in January 2025. She also shared some of her fears surrounding pregnancy at 48. According to US Weekly, she recently wrote an essay on the very personal subject.

In the essay, she says,My doctor thinks that I may be able to carry one more child … and I also feel the healthiest I’ve ever been. [But] moving forward with having another baby is a difficult decision at my age.”

She continues in the essay,I had preeclampsia with all my children, and I got very sick with the twins. My children are against me carrying a baby because of the health risks for me.”

Caroline goes on to discuss that they have one embryo, and she wants to pursue other options, but her husband only wants a baby that biologically belongs to them both.

“Knowing that there’s one embryo is exciting, but it’s also worrisome for Sergio. He’s thinking he’d like to do another round of IVF in January next year and try for another embryo or two.”

She also shared that they are also currentlylooking for a surrogate.Fans can keep up with the ladies of RHODubai as new episodes premiere every Tuesday on Bravo.