Shannon Beador Completes Court-Ordered Community Service for DUI Arrest, Plus RHOC Star Reveals Dog Archie Was Attacked as Fans React

by Barnell Anderson Comments
RHOC Star Shannon Beador Completes Court Ordered Community Service, but Shares Heart Breaking News Of her Dog Being Attacked

Credit: Bravo

The season premiere of the new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County is right around the corner. Naturally, the DUI Shannon Beador was charged with last year will be discussed on the show.

Now, it’s being reported that she not only recently completed her court-ordered community service but also did so with time to spare. She also had a bit of sad news as her beloved dog, Archie, suffered injuries from an attack by another animal. However, some see it as her not taking accountability. 

Fans will recall that Shannon was charged with a DUI after she hit her neighbor’s property on September 17. The RHOC star was sentenced to three years of probation and 40 hours of community service. The night she drove, Shannon had a blood alcohol content level of .24, which is three times the legal limit.

Now, Radar Online has learned that Shannon has completed her 40 hours of court-ordered community service. She did so by working for a non-profit organization, and she finished on June 13. According to the outlet, she had until July 16 to complete it.

Completing the community service early shows accountability on Shannon’s part. However, it should be noted that following the incident, it was reported that she parked her car in the middle of the road and tried to pretend she was only out walking her dog. This also isn’t her only legal battle. Her ex-boyfriend John Janssen is currently suing her for failing to pay back a substantial loan.

In other Shannon news, she recently took to Instagram to report that Archie had been attacked by another dog. According to her post, they were out for a walk when the attack happened. She used the post to seemingly warn dog owners not to walk too close to fences, as this is what happened here. Shannon also says that Archie is fine despite his injuries. 

Of course, any animal attack is sad news. However, many fans in the comments pointed out how it seemed Shannon was avoiding responsibility for walking her dog so close to other people’s fences. 

One person said, “Accountability is NOT in Shannon vocabulary 🙄” 

Another replied, “You literally drank and drove with him in the vehicle. And this is what appalls you?”

Still, it’s good that she’s taking steps to put the dangerous act of drinking while under the influence behind her. Hopefully, she truly has learned her lesson.