VIDEO: See RHOC Season 18 Trailer! Shannon Calls John Janssen a “Monster” as Alexis Taunts Her, Travis Moves Out of Home With Gina, & Heather is Accused of Lying, Plus Ryan’s FBI Drama, Shannon’s DUI, and Meet Newbie Katie!

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VIDEO: See RHOC Season 18 Trailer! Shannon Calls John Janssen a "Monster" as Alexis Taunts Her, Travis Moves Out of Home With Gina, & Heather is Accused of Lying, Plus Ryan's FBI Drama, Shannon's DUI, and Meet Newbie Katie!

Credit: Sami Drasin/Bravo

Tamra Judge is calling out Shannon Beador for failing to take accountability after her DUI arrest in the just-released trailer for The Real Housewives of Orange County season 18.

As newbie Katie Ginella, the series’ first Korean cast member, is introduced to the group by Gina Kirschenheiter, 40, and quickly finds herself in a feud with Heather Dubrow, 55, the cast embarks on a series of vacations that are filled with drama between Shannon, 60, and Alexis Bellino, 47, who is dating Shannon’s ex-boyfriend, John Janssen, 60. There’s also an encounter about Ryan Boyajian‘s involvement in a $16 million MLB betting scandal and more.

As the trailer begins, Teddi Mellencamp, 42, is seen addressing the group, immediately shading Vicki Gunvalson, 62, by signaling the fact that she’s not a Housewife like the rest.

Right away, Vicki calls her a “f*cking b*tch” as Heather admits the diss was “rude.”

Heather also targets Gina, informing one of their castmates she’s “a user and she’s not my real friend” before confronting her directly.

“I feel betrayed by you,” Heather tells Gina.

And Heather isn’t the only one Gina is on the outs with

“You’re mad at me, she’s mad at me, [Travis Mullen] is mad at me,” Gina tells Emily during a tennis match. “Everybody’s f*cking mad at me.”

In fact, Travis is so mad that he’s moving out of the home they share.

“It’s just hard watching you moving out of our house,” Gina says to her longtime boyfriend in a tense moment.

“You made this decision,” he replies.

Then, in a cast confessional, Gina clarifies, “I wanna break up with his ex-wife, not him.”

As Tamra and Jennifer Pedranti, 46, who gets engaged to Ryan amid the upcoming season, engage in a petty spat, during which they repeatedly tell each other, “Bye,” Alexis taunts Shannon about her relationship with John.

“I have your ex-boyfriend. There’s the door, Shannon Beador,” she declares.

Elsewhere, Sutton Stracke, 52, makes an appearance, asking newbie Katie, “Have you met Heather?”

“Yes, Heather was in front of me and she turned around and went like this,” Katie replies, making a dirty face.

“I wouldn’t go up against Heather,” Sutton advises.

But Katie isn’t scared.

RHOC Newbie Katie Ginella. Credit: Sami Drasin/Bravo

“You lie,” she later tells Heather to her face.

“Stop saying the word ‘lie,'” Heather claps back “I didn’t lie.”

Emily Simpson, 48, is also back for RHOC season 18 — with a new physique.

“I’ve lost weight but Heather looks at me as just, like, the big girl,” Emily tells her castmates, including Katie.

“I felt like I was singled out,” she later cries as Heather insists that wasn’t the case.

As expected, Shannon’s legal drama is also discussed in the trailer.

“I’m so sorry that I disappointed you,” Shannon tells her twins, Stella and Adeline.

“Shannon is not taking accountability for what she did,” Tamra says in another scene as Shannon is seen blowing into a device installed in her car.

Later, during a group meal with the cast, Shannon tells the waiter she’ll have a “Belvedere and soda with a lemon,” which prompts outrage from Tamra.

“You decided to drive your car into a house drunk,” she yells at her co-star.

“You need to stop!” Shannon fires back.

“I need to stop what? Uncovering your bullsh*t?” Tamra wonders.

And Alexis is just as upset.

“There’s a lot more and if she wants to go toe-to-toe, I’m ready,” she warns.

As Alexis continues to flaunt her love for John, and the ring he got her as a sign of their love, she confirms to Gina that she believes they’ll one day wed.

“Does she wanna be me?” Shannon asks at another moment.

“Ha! No,” Alexis replies in a confessional.

But as the sneak peek continues, cryptic statements are made about John.

“You have no idea about John Janssen. You have no idea,” Shannon tells Jennifer as Alexis cries over an apparent take-down.

“If that’s true, that’s f*cked,” Heather tells Shannon.

Then, after Shannon mentions “extortion” and “blackmail,” she’s seen in an emotional moment during a spa day with her castmates.

“He’s a monster,” Shannon cries.

After Jennifer and Ryan’s relationship becomes a hot topic amongst the group, once again, Gina suspects, “If she stays with him it will ruin her life.”

“How’s the FBI going for you?” Tamra later asks Jennifer as husband Eddie Judge attempts to silence her.

“It was $16 million into his account. He doesn’t know where it came from?” Emily wonders.

Meanwhile, in a scene with just the two of them, Ryan tells Jennifer, “Everything is the Lord’s plan.”

But she’s not so sure, asking, “They smear you because that’s God’s plan?”

As the trailer concludes, one of the women is heard saying that “the truth will come out.”

“This is icky. This is not the way we treat women,” Vicki insists.

Then, while seated with Gina on a couch, Shannon insists, “We don’t stoop to this level. That’s not who we are.”

“This is who we are,” Gina replies.

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 18 premieres Thursday, July 11, at 9/8c on Bravo.