Will Bachelorette Star Peter Kraus Be the Next Bachelor? Find Out Now!

Peter Kraus Update Bachelor

Following the emotionally charged Bachelorette  season finale, many are wondering if runner-up Peter Kraus will become the next Bachelor?

Well we have that answer, and sorry ladies but Peter will NOT be the Bachelor.

Now the reason? Well that depends on who you ask. According to sources close to the Bachelor series, they are claiming the show did not want Peter because they view him as a commitment-phobe for his unwillingness to propose to Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay.

However Reality Steve is disputing this tweeting that the show desperately wanted Peter, 31, but he turned it down. Read more

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Says Fiance Bryan’s Mom ‘Is Pressuring Us for Babies’ Plus Engagement Party Photos!

It seems the adorable Bachelorette couple Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are moving full speed ahead as they already have babies on the brain!

In fact Lindsay reveals to Us Weekly that Bryan’s mom is the one who wants grandkids asap! Read more

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Reveals Why She Didn’t Pick Peter Kraus: ‘He Wasn’t the One for Me’

Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay wrapped up her season last night by picking and getting engaged to Bryan Abasolo who she calls ‘the man of her dreams’.

She is however getting some flack from fans of the show who feel the only reason she eliminated runner-up Peter Kraus was simply because he wasn’t ready to propose.

In a new interview with PEOPLE magazine, Rachel, 32, perhaps attempting to explain this all away makes it clear Bryan, 37, was always her first choice, and that despite being emotional during her break up with Peter, she knew beforehand she was planning to send him home.

“When I walked into Peter’s hotel room at the very end, I knew that I was going to send Peter home,” Lindsay reveals. “At that point, I knew it was Bryan. I did not want Peter to come to the proposal, pick out a suit, pick out a ring, prepare what he was going to say just to get turned down. That was really important for me, but I was thrown off by Peter because up until that point, he had expressed that he wasn’t ready to propose.” Read more

Bachelorette Spoilers 2017 – Rachel Lindsay’s Fiance is Revealed!

As we near the finale of this season’s Bachelorette, many fans of the show are wondering who won the heart of Rachel Lindsay?

With three finalists remaining, Peter Kraus, Bryan Abasolo, and Eric Bigger, Rachel has revealed she is currently engaged and happy with one of these men!

So who stole the heart of Rachel, 31,? Well that Bachelorette spoiler is below! Do not read anymore if you don’t want to know who won. Read more