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Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Life of Kylie Ratings Hits New Lows! Will E! Network Cancel It?

The disaster known as Life of Kylie rages on as Kylie Jenner’s reality show continues to hit new lows!

Three weeks after the dull reality show debuted on the E! network to lackluster reviews and awful ratings, we can now report that the ratings have sunk even lower.

The latest episode which aired on E! on August 20 received an abysmal 755,000 viewers! That is really bad for a show on a major network, especially one with this much hype. And a drastic drop from the 1.115 million viewers who tuned in to the premiere episode.

Kylie’s show was one of the lowest rated shows on Sunday night which might explain the reports that Kris Jenner and the rest of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians klan are said to be in a panic. Kris is apparently concerned about what this tanking show might do to damage their “brand”.

Now we have to wonder if the E! network will be forced to cancel Kylie’s show before it sinks even lower. While there is zero chance the show will be renewed for a second season, there is now speculation on whether or not E! will decide to pull the plug midway through the current season.

As for how Kylie, 20, is reacting to the bad news. She is reportedly said to be “devastated” that her show hasn’t been met with positive feedback.

We are also wondering how someone with 97 million followers on Instagram can’t manage to get 1 million viewers to watch her show!

Below are Life of Kylie ratings through the season –

  1. Life of Kylie Episode 1 Ratings – 1,115,000
  2. Life of Kylie Episode 2 Ratings – 1,080,000
  3. Life of Kylie Episode 3 Ratings – 837,000
  4. Life of Kylie Episode 4 Ratings –  755,000



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