90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Reunion Secrets Revealed: Mohamed Tried to Get Anfisa’s Number!

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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Cast

You’re probably feeling a bit down because this super incredible season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After is officially over, but fret not as we now bring you the juiciest secrets from the reunion!

As the 3-part reunion aired, the TLC network was spilling some yummy behind the scenes tea on the cast and the drama, and we scoped through their Twitter page to bring you the best. And perhaps the juiciest of the secrets is the fact that Mohamed tried to get Anfisa’s phone number! For reals!

TLC tweeted, “Mohamed asked producers for Anfisa’s number after filming. ??#90DayFiance”. Wowzers. A screenshot of that is below –



And what about Jorge’s anger towards Anfisa? And why was he hellbent on exposing what she does for living? Which you can read all about here. Well apparently Jorge revealed Anfisa was cheating on him during a tough period in his life which made him more upset. Anfisa has however denied cheating. The awkwardness for the couple also continued after the show as they had to fly home together!

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So what was the deal with mean girls Loren and Paola? As they appeared to be BFFs when it came to dissing their costars (mostly Anfisa and Mohamed) with Paola even stating that she didn’t think Anfisa “was that pretty”.  Ouch. While the girls have since apologized for their behavior, it seems they really are good friends in real life as they both live in Florida and apparently hang out off camera!

But perhaps the most shocking tidbit from TLC is the fact that Loren actually took the time to practice and prepare her questions for her castmates. Seriously! You are NOT the host Boo!

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Not surprisingly, the cool headed Alexei wasn’t happy with his wife’s behavior towards their castmates.

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Despite her never ending criticism of Anfisa, there was actually one point when Paola was Team Anfisa!

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They touched a bit more on the Anfisa/Jorge drama, and why Anfisa didn’t see Jorge’s wrath coming as he led her to believe they could be friends despite their separation.

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And finally, some other random tidbits about Mohamed and Pedro becoming friends, plus the revelation that Anfisa actually went to school during her time in Russia and studied linguistics though she never had a job… of course!

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