Landon Clements Explains Her Departure from Southern Charm, Plus Talks Thomas & His New Girlfriend!

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Just weeks after it was reported that Bravo had fired Landon Clements from Southern Charm, the Bravo reality star is now speaking out about her departure from the show.

In a new interview, Landon claims it was her choice to leave the show and explains why.  She also talks about her former castmates including whether or not she is speaking to Kathryn Dennis, plus she shares her thoughts on Thomas Ravenel and his new girlfriend! (A picture of them is below).

Speaking to PEOPLE, Landon, 36, explains why she’s moving on from Southern Charm.

“It wasn’t really about filming or not filming, it was just what I wanted out of my life,” said Landon.  “I love real estate and the hospitality … That’s what I sort of wanted to get back into.”

Landon revealed last month that she is getting back into real estate.

I love Charleston, but it’s a tiny little town, so it’s hard to keep oneself really busy,” she says. “I just wanted to get back to California and the West Coast. When we finished filming last season’s show, I came back in March, and I had to do a bunch of classes because I let my real estate license lapse in California, so I had to basically go back to school, which I kind of loved.”

When it comes to her former costars, Landon states she is still close with some of them including Shep Rose and Naomie Olindo, who recently revealed she and Craig Conover have broken up.

“They’re not rid of me just yet,” she jokes. “Honestly, all of my friends travel so much that they come and visit all the time … so I feel like they’re all still around. We’re a big family.”

And what about Thomas Ravenel who she might or might not have hooked up with?  “Thomas and I are great friends! He was out when I kind of came out to California. I was telling him it would probably be a good idea to get out of town for a little bit,” she says.

She also confirms the reports that Thomas now has a new girlfriend Ashley Jacobs. “His girlfriend Ashley is a sweetheart, and we’ve become really good friends, and she’s moved to Charleston and is getting her nursing license to switch over,” says Landon.

However when it comes to Thomas’s ex Kathryn, things are still chilly between the two!

“Well, I don’t think it’s a big secret that Kathryn and I don’t really speak,” says Landon when asked about a friendship with Kathryn.

Thomas Ravenel new girlfriend Ashley Jacobs

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel with new girlfriend Ashley Jacobs