90 Day Fiance SPOILER! Are Josh and Aika Married? Find Out Now

by Sola Delano Comments

90 Day Fiance Season 5 Josh and Aika

We brought you previous spoilers on 90 Day Fiance season 5 couples Nicole and Azan, Luis and Molly, David and Annie, Evelyn and David, Elizabeth and Adrei, and now we can finally reveal to you the marital status of Josh and Aika!

Josh Batterson and Aika have been quite controversial on the show and off the show as well! The couple has been shown fighting over the issue of having kids as Aika, 36, wants to have them right away and feels Josh, 43, is dragging his feet when it comes to reversing his vasectomy.

So the big question today is did this couple make it down the aisle? Well we have that answer for you below!

Yes, Josh and Aika are definitely married as evident by the photo below!

90 day fiance josh and aika wedding photo

We came across this photo tip but still needed to verify they were indeed husband and wife, and we were able to confirm that in the form of their marriage licence.

It reveals Josh and Aika got married September 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada. A screenshot of that is below –

josh aika marriage license

It shows that Aika’s legal name is Marietta De Guia. We were also able to link that name to one of Aika’s secret social media pages for further proof.

The final form of proof is that Josh is wearing the same suit and shirt in his wedding photo that he’s also shown wearing in the TLC previews. That video is below –

So now that we know they’ve been married for three months, the next question is are Josh and Aika still together today? You can find those answers in our recently updated spoilers about them!