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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Does Anyone Like Dorit?

rhobh recap unfashionably late teddi dorit and camille

Let’s see what kind of trouble Dorit can get her big mouth into this episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

To kick off this week’s episode, Dorit shares that she was “on the cusp” of making it to the next level with her swimwear line and then POOF, she met PK. Her dream of designing itty-bitty bikinis was put on hold for a few years, but now, five years later, she’s “ready to pour her soul” into her new line. What a treat this is gonna be! Dorit just KNOWS that this is going to be a “killer” line and even introduces the new name for the company: Nava Swimwear. Dorit’s team says she has big expectations, but I think they’re just trying to say, girl, you are crazy!

Teddi leaves her kids with Celeste, the 11 year old nanny, and heads off to a 4:00 date with Dorit. Teddi is displeased with Dorit, who let time slip away as she planned away her swimwear line. Dorit is late. Very, very late. (48 minutes late, to be exact) And Teddi is angry. Very, very angry. She looks like a sad girl who got stood up by a blind date. How embarrassing. Dorit claims she was “laser focused” on a business call and Teddi lets her have it…She explains she was sitting alone for 48 minutes and tells Dorit to forget it. Never will Teddi make plans with Dorit again.

Kyle (and her dogs) FaceTime Rinna, who is chilling with the models in Canada. Ya know. Fam time. During the call, Rinna tells Kyle that she will be co-hosting with Ryan Seacrest, and also explains that she ALMOST had Kelly Ripa’s job at Live. Almost.

Erika and Kyle get together for some lunch to catch up and hear about Tokyo. Erika explains that watching Rinna with her daughters is “hilarious” and I have never loved Erika more. When Kyle gets the floor, she shares with Erika that she has the potential to make two more new shows. That sounds like a Lifetime television special if I ever heard one. About halfway through the lunch, Erika lets Kyle know that her 78 year old husband Tom got into a car accident and he broke his ankle. Erika chuckles that Tom is ok, BUT the car is not, and I am not 100% sure if she cares more about the car than her husband…

Mikey, Erika’s creative director, meets up with his boss lady, Erika. She tells him about Tom’s accident and brushes it off, but explains to the camera that “this can be taken away at any second.” Again, not quite sure if “this” means love or “my 100 billion dollar lifestyle.” Mikey hits her with the truth: “a broken ankle is no joke.” Erika SEEMS to be showing some feelings. What is going on here?

Teddi and Kyle work out together and then head over to grab some juice. Sounds like the worst day ever. Teddi tells Kyle what really went down when Dorit stood her up…errr…made her wait for 48 minutes.

Later, Kyle is at YET ANOTHER restaurant. Does this woman ever eat at home?! Dorit rolls up on time, but leave it to Kyle to bring up the drama with Teddi. Dorit tells Kyle they were meant to meet at 4:30!!! “Assume Teddi is not going to wait for you!” Dorit literally lives in LaLa Land and doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Sigh. There’s no way to get through to that woman. Kyle changes the subject to herself- one of her favorite things to do. When Kyle shares the news about her tv show success, Dorit shrieks, “I am going to cheer you on like your own mother!” and the waterworks begin for Kyle. Newsflash, Kyle. If you’re worried about making your sisters and family angry about your new shows, maaaaaaaaybe you shouldn’t be writing shows like them. Between the tv show drama and Mauricio leaving family business to go out on his own, Kyle seems to be finding herself in a bit of a sister pickle.

Over in NY, Rinna preps for co-hosting Live with Ryan Seacrest. “I was teasing Regis about being the next co-host” and although, Kelly Rippa deserves the role, she “got really close.” She does her best Rinna and yays her way through the show and we are all second hand embarrassed by her.

These women and their LUNCHES. Why do they even have kitchens in their massive homes? Also, why do they choose the outfits they choose for an afternoon date?! Dorit. Purple hot pants. Over-sized white button down. Wait. You don’t all have that in your closet? It only takes Dorit one sip of her wine before she spills Kyle’s emo roller coaster with LVP. Dorit tells LVP that she has bonded with Kyle, and LVP is surprised that Kyle has opened up to Dorit so early on in their friendship. Sounds like a jealous friend to me.

While Dorit and LVP have their own little date, Teddi, Kyle, and Camille get together to basically bash Dorit. The women’s stories could not possibly be any more different. Dorit is swearing their meet up was meant for 4:30, whilst Teddi states it was a 4:00 date. Dorit was 48 minutes late! According to Camille, Dorit is a “bottomless pit of bullsh*t.” Ha. Bring back Camille! Speaking of Camille, she is not letting Dorit off the hook yet, either. She was embarrassed in front of her new boyfriend and Teddi believes that it was “the Dorit show” and that she drinks too much. The only input Kyle gives is that Dorit’s mouth is just like a “tennis ball machine.” I couldn’t agree more.

This story line is losing steam. Dorit, just apologize. To everyone. To the ladies. Their husbands. Their children. Seems to me that Dorit and Teddi are experiencing mis-communication 101 and if they talked to EACH OTHER instead of talking smack to every other lady in the group, then maybe it would alllll get cleared up, but alas, where’s the fun in that?!

At the very end of the episode, Rinna pops into the dinner with Kyle, Teddi, and Camille. After casually mentioning her Live stint, she proudly lets the women know that “allegedly Ken assaulted a woman” at a dog rescue center. Not there for five minutes and Rinna’s dropping bombs. Now THIS is a story line.


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