PHOTO: Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Slammed For Posing With Gun Hours After School Shooting In Florida

by Lindsay Cronin
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jenelle evans and david eason

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans was the target of major backlash on Wednesday after sharing a photo of herself with a massive gun just hours after 17 high schoolers lost their lives during a senseless massacre in Florida.

Following the tragedy, both Evans and her husband, David Eason, took to their social media pages to share the image of the MTV reality star posing in a leather jacket and heels as she aimed her gun at something out of sight.

jenelle evans gun photo backlash

Jenelle shared this photo just hours after the high school shooting in Florida

A short time later, after their Instagram pages were flooded with backlash, the couple fired back at fans online, Evans blaming her post on “bad timing” and Eason telling fans he didn’t watch the news.

“What do you think I sit around all day watching TV to check the news before I post a picture… umm no b**ch,” Eason wrote.

In response to Evans’ tweet, a number of her fans and followers weighed in on her excuse for sharing the image at such a sensitive time — and they weren’t very understanding of her reasoning.

“CHILDREN lost their lives! Hopefully, it’s a tragedy that you never yourself have to experience.”

“Children died. Give an ounce of care. How can you not have any empathy? Put yourself in those parents place who lost their children. Dang. You just don’t get it.”

“No humanity whatsoever in him or his wife. They are incapable of showing sympathy, empathy, any type of emotion for anyone.”

“Two narcissists feeding on each other’s gluttony for attention.”

“Bag timing? An apology and removing the photo would’ve been appropriate.”

Not only did Evans and Eason fail to offer an apology to those offended, Eason took things one step further and added the photo as his profile photo on Twitter hours after the backlash began. A screenshot is below.

jenelle evans poses with guns



Needless to say, the reality star’s fans and followers were even more upset to see what Eason had done and flooded him and his wife with additional backlash, slamming them for their “disgusting” and disrespectful behavior.

“Think about your children and how you’d feel if they went to school and never came home!” one person fumed.

Jenelle Evans and her family will be featured on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 later this year.

Photos Credit: Instagram/Twitter