Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Is Hoping Jax and Brittany Break Up, Plus She Disses James and Faith!

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vanderpump rules lala kent brittany and jax

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent had a lot to say during her appearance last night both on Watch What Happens Live and the after show!

Her juiciest comments however came during the non-televised after show when she revealed she hopes her castmates Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor will end up splitting up.

During the after-show (video is below), a caller asked the 27-yr-old Bravo star if she thought Brittany and Jax’s relationship would last. “I mean I really hope not,” responded Lala.

The reason? Lala feels that Brittany deserves better. “Because she’s just an incredible person, and I really don’t think he deserves her. I think he’s a great guy and he just needs to remain single,” explained Lala.

Kudos to Lala for being honest and saying what most viewers think…well except for the part where Jax is a great guy!

And during WWHL last night, Lala reaffirmed her previous comments about wanting to cut BFF James Kennedy out of her life.  After being shown a preview clip for next week in which James once again disses her boyfriend Randall Emmett by joking that he was the first to sleep with Lala, a viewer asked Lala what James adds to her life since she continues to put up with him.

“You know what, my love? That is a great question, and I have just recently realized [he adds] nothing,” responded Lala. “So, that’s what it is.”

Later on during the show, the topic turned to Faith Stowers, who used to be BFFs with both Lala and James. Andy Cohen asked Lala about the status of her friendship with Faith whose fling with Jax which has caused a lot of drama both on and off the show. Lala threw some major shade when she simply stated, “Who’s Faith?” in response to Andy’s question. Ouch!

Faith has previously stated that Lala stopped being friends with her last year because she was upset Faith didn’t include her in the story-line of announcing her hook up with Jax. If you recall, Faith told James who then went back to tell the group. Faith alleges Lala was negotiating with Bravo to return to the show during that period and wanted to use Faith’s story-line as part of her leverage.

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