90 Day Fiance’s Azan Exposed By Girlfriend! She Reveals He Trashes Nicole, Cheats On Her With Multiple Women & Plans To Marry Moroccan Girlfriend After Moving To The US

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90 day fiance azan cheating on nicole

It has been rumored for a while now that 90 Day Fiance star Azan Tefou cheats on his fiance Nicole Nafziger with multiple women, and today one of those women is finally speaking out.

90 Day Fiance Youtuber Keith Brooks shared his interview with this woman who resides in Spain earlier today, and it is quite unbelievable. For starters, she did provide proof of her relationship with Azan in the form of voicemails, pictures and text messages (some of those are posted below).

But what she had to say about Azan will have you seeing him in a whole new light. She calls him “a liar, a cheat, and a con artist” who has basically made a profession out of scamming women all around the world for money and gifts…and visas. She reveals how she went to see him in Morocco last year right after Nicole’s visit with her daughter May.

She shares how Azan would constantly trash Nicole, revealing how embarrassed he is to be seen with her, and how he is only using her to come to the United States. The biggest shocker you ask? Azan actually admitted his plan is to marry Nicole, come to the US, divorce Nicole after 3 years, and fly in his Moroccan girlfriend, marry her ,and live happily ever after in the United States. He even has an American state picked out where he intends to reside alongside his Moroccan girlfriend.

The interview (video is below) was quite long and lasted for about 30 minutes. The girl is 23-years-old and lives in Spain. She is choosing to remain anonymous so we’ll call her Miss A. Below are the juiciest excerpts as alleged by her –

Miss A says they met in August 2016 in an online group for individuals wanting to meet people from around the world. He Dm’ed her compliments saying she was pretty and wanting to know if she was single.

The first few months, they spoke mostly about their families and then she decided she wanted to go visit him in Morocco. She wanted to visit him in January 2017 but he told her to wait a few months until March. (Nicole’s visit with May that was featured on the latest season of 90 Day Fiance took place during January 2017).

Then she started seeing Nicole and May in the background of some of his pics. She asked Azan about it and he told her to just ignore it, saying they were tourists.

Months later, Miss A saw the show and confronted Azan. He told her it was scripted and not real. He said he was just doing the show for the money, and told her to stop watching the show.

He told Miss A if the cameras weren’t around, he would have hit Nicole for being all over him and showing excessive PDA due to his Muslim culture.

He said Nicole was very disrespectful to his family during her second trip to Morocco and his family hated her and wanted her to return to the US. She wouldn’t try the Moroccan food. All Nicole wanted to do was eat out and drink beer.

He hated the fact that Nicole pushed May on him and had her calling him Daddy. He said Nicole was really lazy and didn’t even want to change May’s diapers. He said she was just laying around, claiming to be jet-lagged for a month.

He said he used May as a shield sometimes, bringing her everywhere as a way to prevent Nicole from touching him in public. Was very embarrassed to be seen in public with Nicole.

Nicole told him she wants a man that will cook for her. One time, Azan cooked a healthy meal for himself, Nicole and May, but Nicole was pissed and complained about the food.

Miss A says Azan would always call Nicole ‘Hamburger Helper’ because all she ate was hamburgers. Compared her eating habits to that of a camel. Was “very embarrassed by her by every aspect.” He refused to introduce her to his friends (interesting cause we’ve never really seen them interacting with Azan’s friends on the show).

Nicole was “very rude” and “inconsiderate” to his family. Nicole went off on his mom once. He constantly had to tell her to be quiet.

Miss A reveals she went to Morocco to meet Azan in March 2017. She was introduced to Azan’s friends and discovered he had a sister living in France. Sister in France wants him to move to France and marry a Moroccan lady. Azan wasn’t interested in that because he wanted to move to the US instead.

Miss A spent a week in Morocco at a local hotel that Azan worked at. He told her he was a manager, but she later found out he was a dishwasher. She later discovered she was paying for everything during the trip including his meals and his drinks. He even wanted her to buy him new clothes and pay for his gym membership. (Dayum!!)

She did pay for those things and regrets it. Says she feels like a fool. He would complain a lot about being poor and guilt-trip people into giving him money. Didn’t act like that at first. He would ask her if she wanted to go to dinner, he would pick the place and stick her with the bill. Expected her to always pick up the bills. She was offended.

His family wasn’t happy about the TV show. They didn’t mind the money but didn’t like the portrayal. They were embarrassed by it, especially the fights between Azan and Nicole.

Miss A and Azan kept talking after she returned to Spain. She says Azan has about 3 phone numbers and says it’s because he wants his privacy. He asked Miss A to marry him last year. She said what about Nicole and the other girls? She said “he just flat out said he didn’t care about her. He wasn’t mentally attracted to her. He wasn’t physically attracted to her. She was just a meal ticket. He did not care.”

Miss A asked him for an engagement ring to see if he was serious about marrying her. In turn, Azan asked her to send him money so he could buy her the engagement ring.  “He’s sick and he’s a mess. He’s definitely not a gentleman, that’s for sure,” she says.

He kept asking her for nude photos of Miss A after she returned from her visit to Morocco. He said he missed her so much. She was disgusted that he wanted her to send him money and nudes. She calls him “rotten.”

One time, he asked Miss A for $300 claiming he was almost homeless and penniless. She asked if Nicole sends him money, and he said she sends about $500 a month. She found out Azan actually had money but was trying to get more money from her.

Sometimes he would ask Nicole to send him money while he’s sitting there with his Moroccan girlfriend. Once Nicole sends him money, he’ll use it to take his Moroccan girlfriend out and spend the rest on himself.

Miss A says Azan plans to marry Nicole, then divorce her after 3 years, and bring his Moroccan girlfriend to the US and move to Florida with her. Florida because apparently it has a high Moroccan population.

This was the beginning of the end of their relationship. Miss A was “shocked” that Azan was talking to her about marrying his other girlfriend after divorcing Nicole… after he claimed he wanted to marry Miss A just a few days earlier. She thinks he forgot he had told her he wanted to marry her. (So would she have been okay with being the one he married after scamming Nicole?!)

Miss A admits she was “dumb” about the whole situation. Calls him “self-centered” and a “disgusting” person.

Said one time, Azan and Nicole had a fight during filming and it took a lot for him not to hit Nicole after she kept shoving him. His family was yelling at him to get rid of her.

By July, Azan forbade Miss A from watching the show. She would watch in disgust and ask him why he puts up with Nicole, and he said “the money, the money, the money.”

By August 2017, Miss A decided to end their relationship and that’s how she came across Keith’s YouTube channel and reached out to Keith. She messaged Keith a couple of times before he replied.

Miss A says Azan used to live with a lady in Russia. He meets foreign women by working at hotels. He would tell them he wanted to be their fitness trainer and charm them. The Russian woman sent him money every month, finally paying for his ticket and visa to Russia. He has a thing for “Japanese and Korean” women (we have heard this as well).

She says Azan was “very cheap.” Didn’t even want to spend $9 for a cheap ring for her.  Thinks he told her about his other girlfriends so she would feel guilty and feel bad for him.

He also had a Japanese girlfriend who would lavish him with gifts and money. When Nicole left in 2017, his girlfriend from England showed up to Morocco to spend a few weeks with him. They traveled all over the country. His Moroccan girlfriend didn’t mind as long as the money was there. He juggled women all the time.

Miss A discovered he spoke some Korean. He’s learning all these different languages to play women. There was also a French lady in the picture, but he didn’t want to marry her because his goal is to come to the US. When he tried to go to South Korea, he was denied entry and was stuck at the airport. He had to call Nicole to buy him a ticket back to Morocco.

He wishes Nicole would lose 100 kilos (220 pounds). He loves making her walk long distances and going to the gym because he enjoys watching her in pain. Miss A calls him a “sick twisted person.”

The day Nicole went back to the US in 2017, Azan was very happy. Soon after she left and the camera crews were gone, his girlfriend from England arrived and he was so happy to see her. He says she was nicer to him, never yelled and he was happy to be seen in public with her. He said the same things to Miss A when she arrived after the England girlfriend.

Azan’s family almost disowned him over Nicole and her drama. He had hoped his paperwork (visa?) with Nicole would be denied. Was overjoyed when he found out his visa was denied. He stopped following Nicole on Instagram and went ghost on Nicole. Nicole hunted him down. She would not leave him alone. (This is interesting because his visa was denied around the time the reunion was filmed last year. Might explain why Nicole couldn’t reach him during the reunion taping).

He kept saying Nicole was the worst mistake of his life according to Miss A. He’s hoping to find someone else to bring him to the US.  He constantly goes on and on about how much he hates Nicole.

Miss A closes out the interview by calling Azan a “liar, a cheat, and a con artist.” She says he’s “disgusting and embarrassing. Just not a good person.”  She stopped talking to him because she was so disgusted. She’s not sure if the other women know about each other. She hopes they step up and tell their stories as well so he can be exposed. As Keith reported last month, Nicole is planning to move to Morocco with her daughter May in order to marry Azan.

The full YouTube interview is below. Miss A didn’t want her face shown so it’s audio only. The interview with her starts at about the 11 minute mark.

Below are some of the photos she shared of Azan, including one with May. Wowzers.

Azan photos

Some of the photos Azan sent to his Spanish girlfriend Miss A

She also shared some texts exchanged between herself and Azan.

Azan texts 1

Some of the text messages exchanged between Azan and his Spanish girlfriend in 2017 (You can click on the image to enlarge it)

Azan texts 2