90 Day Fiance Reunion Recap: Season 5 Couples Tell All

by Julia Comments

Reunion time! I can hardly wait to see how far these 90 Day Fiance season 5 couples have come since the filming!

Everyone awkwardly meets each other for the first time as they enter the set….every one minus Luis and Azan, that is. (No surprise there!) Shaun Robinson introduces the gang and takes a poll on who is surprised Luis and Molly did not make it. Andrrrei, the softie, claims that he was not surprised the couple didn’t make it. Andrei thought Luis looked “like a punk” and that he did not deserve Molly. Whatta guy.

No one is able to get in touch with Azan for three days-not even the TLC producers. Nicole finds it difficult to have a fiancé on the run. Would love to hear more of THAT story. Annie makes Nicole feel like a celeb—she couldn’t wait to meet her! Annie believes that Azan really does not love Nicole. She excitedly reminds everyone about Azan’s rude comments: “you’re lazy,” “you need to exercise…” ya know, those sweet words he used to always say to her. Nicole has learned that haters are gonna hate and claims that their relationship has become stronger because of the negativity. So strong that Azan is missing…………..

We take a walk down memory lane and see just how far these couples have come. Some of the back stories are cringe-worthy, some are painful to watch, and some are just downright embarrassing. Re-watching these moments remind me just how much I dislike Luis. Molly claims she saw a “completely different side” of Luis and blames it on shock. She also contributes this change to “the chemicals in the food?!?!?!?!!??!!?” Listen, I do get that it IS different here in America, but he should have embraced the changes if he really loved Molly. The religious fight gets brought up fast and David eagerly shares that he, too, loves a good Buddha. “Who talks about witchcraft when a relationship is involved?” You tell, em Andrrrrrei. When the cast takes a quick break, Nicole tries getting in touch with Azan and…surprise, surprise…he is not answering. Maybe he’s out exercising? His favorite hobby and interest. Azan is not answering ANY of his MULTIPLE phones, which makes me think he is either a drug dealer or has completely checked out of the relationship.

90 day fiance reunion tell-all evelyn and david

The next topic to review is FRENEMIES. Joe, Josh’s buddy, and Mikayla, Evelyn’s friend, are portrayed as the antagonists, the bad guys, but in reality, they are the ones who are saying what everyone else is thinking. Evelyn tries to add her opinion to Josh about his friend, but gets a surprise when Mikayla joins them via skype. Evidently, Mikayla didn’t know she was going to be on TV either. Did she even brush her hair? Anyway, Mikayla took the heat from Evelyn when she stated Evelyn was too young to be married. I am not sure that Mikayla totally agrees with David and Evelyn’s speedy marriage, but they all seem to be getting along better these days.

90 day fiance reunion tell-all nicole nafziger

Robbalee, Nicole’s mother, joins the gang next. Her concerns about Azan using her daughter Nicole seem to be becoming a reality now that Azan has gone missing. Josh states that “Andrei would lose his mind” if he couldn’t contact his fiancé for three days. That was actually hilarious. Robbalee does NOT find the fact that May refers to Azan as “daddy” hilarious. She also shares that Nicole has had May refer to another man as “daddy,” too. Nothing seems to make Robbalee happy, especially the fact that Azan has zero money and would not be able to provide for Nicole and May. It is a very troublesome situation considering that Nicole sends money to Azan on the reg. It’s a very sore subject that Shawn Robinson will not drop cuz #drama. The cast wonders if now that the visa interview is only 3 weeks away, Azan is getting cold feet. Guess we will never know.

90 day fiance recap reunion tell all nikki chris

I am so happy to see Chris and Nikki at the reunion. Chris always made it seem like he has known David for his whole life, but we learn that they’ve only known each other since 2009. #fastfriends! Such good friends that Chris provides financially for the couple. David states that he has paid $5,6,7,000 dollars, yet he still owes $13,500 to Annie’s parents. Chris is “afraid to add up” all the money David owes him. Nikki explains that for the past nine..ten years, Chris has been “taking care of him.” In Nikki’s words, “who pays their friend to be their friend?” In one breath, Nikki is proud and happy to help Annie and David, but in another breath, Nikki is disgusted by Chris’s open wallet policy. Without the financial help from Chris, “David and Annie” would have never been. David owes this guy BIG TIME. Perhaps he would allow Annie to give Chris a “Thai massage” to repay him. Annie even wonders if it would need to have a “happy ending!” Chris offers Annie $10,000 to head back to Thailand. It’s like a game show, but not, cuz people and feelings are involved.

90 day fiance reunion tellall annie and david

To continue on the #awkwardtrain, we are forced to relive the “Welcome Back to America” party where David gets into a fight with Nikki’s brother. The never before seen footage is incredible. The names that Antonio calls David are so amazing and terrible all at the same time. We are reminded that David said “Antonio wants to f**k Chris.” Man-o-man. Nikki claims that this is the first time David apologized to Antonio and Nikki continues to make it known that David totally has a drinking problem.

90 day fiance tell all antonio ticer

Antonio further accuses Annie of being in the relationship “just for the green card.” I certainly hope that is not the case because if so, Annie, ya picked the worst guy you could. Annie responds by saying “let’s see how long” I can stay with him if he cannot support me. Antonio smells BS, but we shall see how long it takes for David to be unfaithful to Annie. No one honestly knows how solid this relationship actually is. David explains that if he doesn’t find a job here, he can always just go back to Asia, despite Chris’s offer to go into the restaurant business with him. Chris lets David know that there’s no more money coming from him…buuut I’ll believe it when I see it.

90 day fiance reunion tell-all recap Molly and Luis

Next, Molly and Olivia join Shawn onstage. I am already experiencing second hand discomfort as I watch Olivia relive the whole Luis situation, especially during Luis’s sex talk. Olivia explains that it isn’t Luis’s business to know anything about that side of her life. She also discusses how she felt like it was “all Luis, all the time.” Molly shares that she didn’t wanna “squash” Olivia’s “dream” of being in a wedding and THAT would be why she chose to keep the marriage a secret from her daughter. With that….out comes Luis! He DOES exist. He refuses to sit next to Molly on the couch proving that things are still “tense.” Molly and Shawn talk as though Luis is not right there until finally Luis gets the chance to explain his “witchcraft” accusation. I never met a guy who has an issue with Buddha the way Luis does. He is using “religion” as a scapegoat, but we all know that he really just wanted to be out of the relationship. Luis regrets nothing he said to Olivia and doesn’t show an ounce of guilt. Molly admits she has asked Luis back into her home and claims they have been “doing good.” Um…remember, Molly. He did not even want to sit next to you on the COUCH. Luis continues to pick and choose what he “understands” and to be honest, it is so frustrating.


90 day fiance tell-all reunion molly hopkins

All of the couples return back to the couch and still no word from Azan. Shawn loves getting reactions from the cast, and everyone seems shocked to see Luis has made it. Elizabeth thinks it is “disgusting” the way Luis talks to Molly’s daughter, and Luis just sits there with his stupid smile on his face. Luis admits that he “is bad” and that he needs to change, but it is very easy to say one thing, yet do something else. Josh, the love guru, certainly has a lot to say about Luis. I mean, he HAS been married three times, so technically he may be able to give the best advice. HOWEVER, Nicole should not have chimed in about Molly’s daughters, considering she dragged her tiny kid around the world for a dude who won’t answer his phone for three days.
The whole “kid” section of the reunion really demonstrates how NOT to be a parent. Yikes. Between Ashley the water thrower, Olivia’s fresh remarks, May getting pulled around on a leash…it’s all too much. I am also concerned about Andrrrrrrrrei’s parenting. Now THAT will be interesting. Josh shares that he still has not had his “plumbing” reversed, sooo that is gonna make things difficult for baby “Jaika.”

90 day fiance reunion tell all andrei and elizabeth

The final surprise guests are Elizabeth’s sister and sister-in-law who continue to beat a dead horse. Yes, “Libby” has totally become more submissive since finding Andrei. Yes, she is changed. Yes, Andrei is terrifying. Wait, what? They finally have backed off since they have realized that Elizabeth’s life depends on it. Only joking. Kind of. To be honest, I am over the sisters of Elizabeth. Bring back Mr. Chuck.

90 day fiance reunion tell-all aika and josh

Later, David explains why he gets so uncomfortable about talking about sex on camera. He felt betrayed by Evelyn. We get it. We also get that it is SUPER weird to discuss a “sexual night” with his in-laws during coffee in the mornings. Evelyn’s band/family happens to be very open about the subject, whereas David came from a very conservative upbringing and I applaud him. David doesn’t mind sharing that the wedding night was *GREAT* and Evelyn was not “let down.” What happened to not talking about sex on camera?


In the end, no one can get in touch with Azan and Robbalee shares her final thoughts about this whole situation. Nicole and Robbalee are both worried about Azan, but I think the realness is finally setting in and Azan may not be sure he wants to go forward. Perhaps Nicole’s “headstrong” personality and Azan’s behavior are a dangerous combination. Perhaps it is time for her to move on. No man is worth all of these tears. Not a man who doesn’t even have a job. And really not a man who can’t answer your phone calls. Nicole: it’s not happening. Even though we all saw the writing on the wall, it is still sad to see love fall apart. In the meantime, you can click here to get an update on Nicole and Azan’s current relationship status.