RHOBH Star Lisa Vanderpump Reveals She Was “Disappointed” In Kyle, Says Dorit Has “Verbal Diarrhea”!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump has been at the center of majority of the drama on the show in recent weeks.

The drama stemmed from Lisa’s decision to storm out during a dinner with her pals Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley due to being annoyed. Following Lisa’s abrupt exit, her friends proceeded to talk negatively about her with Dorit doing most of the trash talking. Dorit used some of the things Lisa had told her in confidence about her childhood to attack her, such as saying she has a constant need for attention due to the fact that she didn’t get enough growing up.

Lisa has remained mostly mum for the past few weeks but in a new lengthy blog post, she makes her feelings known when she expresses her ‘disappointment’ in Kyle for spewing ‘negativity’ about her with Dorit in that restaurant. She does defends Dorit’s character while also stating that Dorit suffers from “verbal diarrhea.” Lastly, Lisa reveals whether or not her friendship with Dorit is repairable.

Below are excerpts from Lisa’s Bravo blog

Lisa On Kyle and Dorit Talking Negatively About Her After She Left The Restaurant –

“Hypothetically, if either Kyle or Dorit had left abruptly, I would have demonstrated a modicum of concern and made allowances. I would’ve questioned their hurried departure, but my friendship would have superseded the need and fervor of which my character was then picked apart. Accusations were rife. I left, because it wasn’t all about me, apparently, insinuating I am a self-obsessed individual… I was blissfully unaware of the measure of negativity that was discussed after I left in a tizzy and also in New York as Dorit conveyed her thoughts to the others…Of course it stung to repeatedly hear, in almost competitive mode, which friend had spouted the most negativity. Well that has not been a picnic for sure.

On Being “Disappointed” In Kyle and On Dorit Having “Verbal Diarrhea” –

“I don’t put the same stock in Dorit’s remarks as I do Kyle’s, not the same credence as Kyle. We have a history that has an understanding to protect each other as we started this journey together. I was disappointed in her. Dorit’s verbal diarrhea is somewhat watered down when it comes to importance. My repeated complaints to her have been that she doesn’t listen and often talks across people, but she has internally translated that as I have a need for her attention. I do have a need, and that need would be for her to take a breath!”

On Kyle Getting Upset Over Her Decision To Leave With Dorit –

“I was absolutely resolute that Dorit should not leave alone, and I knew that PK would’ve expected me to accompany Dorit home, as would Ken. What followed was exhausting, the emotional seesaw, as I tried to reassure Kyle, chastise Dorit for her words, but ultimately I was in the eye of the storm that was predicated on how much crap my friends had spoken about me. It wasn’t a comfortable place to be. I met with Kyle at Villa Blanca and had to endure the normal diatribe about not apologizing. I had apologized to her on the beach for leaving but sincerely have no recollection of an apology for the negativity that ensued after I left.”

On Throwing Jabs at Dorit During Her Birthday Get Together –

“Life and relationships of importance aren’t that easily severed—or repaired—for that matter. I definitely will let you know how I feel with a direct and often sarcastic or humorous slant, rather than a barrage of aggression… I playfully engaged regarding the glass and earrings in an attempt to bring levity and humor and hoped she would reciprocate, especially as she has been one, prior to this, who has initiated such antics. “

On Whether Friendship With Dorit Is Repairable –

“We all deal with things differently, and the fact is that on my birthday I was upfront with Dorit that our friendship had taken a sharp turn south but was not so devastating that it was irreparable…Maybe when there is more at stake there is a sensitivity that has been lacking previously, and it saddened me to see her hurt, as I do love her and believe she has honest regret. My feelings have been hurt. Teddi was right when she called that one, and it stung for sure.”

Lisa Defends Dorit’s Character –

“Much vitriol has been hurled at Dorit, caustic remarks, much of it in defense of me and also a genuine disdain for her erratic actions. I hear you, but let me please tell you, there is so much more to this woman. I hope you will come to discover that… I know many good aspects of Dorit’s character—kind, supportive moments I have personally witnessed and appreciated over the past couple of years.”

Denies Being Jealous of Kyle and Dorit’s Friendship –

“I don’t have a bevy of people kowtowing to me, ingratiating themselves into my favor as was intimated. I work hard and live an altruistic, yes sometimes maybe self indulgent, life, but it’s coupled with humor and a love and loyalty to those close to me. I am not jealous of friends cultivating new friendships, and had been eager to introduce Dorit to my group. I don’t have enough hours in the day to be jealous.”

Lisa does bring up a valid point in her blog which is that Kyle never apologized for talking crap about her with Dorit in the restaurant… while she had to apologize to Kyle for not being angry enough with Dorit.

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