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Vanderpump Rules

Lisa Vanderpump Talks Awkward Encounter with “D*ckhead” Patrick Meagher and His Shocking Comment to Her, Plus Vanderpump Rules Cast Slam Patrick!

Vanderpump Rules Lisa Vanderpump Talks Stassi Schroeder and Patrick Meagher

Lisa Vanderpump was absolutely appalled by Patrick Meagher‘s behavior during the Vanderpump Rules season six finale on Monday night.

She is now speaking out and reacting to her second meeting with Stassi Schroeder‘s now-ex-boyfriend and labeling him as a “d*ckhead” and a “twit.”

On the finale episode, Patrick was seen telling Lisa that he was happy to watch her walk away and confirmed he had meant the statement as a compliment towards her backside.

“I thought he behaved like a di*khead,” Lisa said on the Vanderpump Rules: After Show. “He said something like, ‘Oh, yeah, we’ve met before, and I enjoyed seeing the back of you.’ And I suddenly thought that’s largely inappropriate because was he saying he was glad when I walked away or was he glad he was checking out my a**?”

Lisa continued, “Either way, I was in front of his girlfriend, and I just met him and I’m old enough to be his grandmother or mother, whatever. But he was just a bit of a twit. He might be a nice guy, but in that moment, the very short interaction I had with him, he wasn’t nice. He really wasn’t. And he had no reason not to be.”

Lisa also spoke of her encounter with Patrick in an interview with Us Weekly.

“I wasn’t a fan of Patrick,” Lisa shared. “I only met him I think once, twice. And I wasn’t a fan of him because I know how [Stassi] felt when she was with him. So I think if you see somebody you care about and they’re not really happy, that doesn’t really set you up. And it was a pretty awkward moment on Vanderpump Rules.”

When asked about Stassi’s new man, Beau Clark, Lisa wouldn’t compare him to Patrick.

Instead, she said, “You can imagine what I want to say but I won’t.”

Following the episode, a couple of Vanderpump Rules cast members, including Kristen Doute and James Kennedy, weighed in on Patrick’s comments on Twitter.

Stassi also appeared on the after-show, claiming she “buried” the awkward interaction.

“I’ve buried every weird, embarrassed, anxiety-ridden feeling that I had because it was awful,” she said. “I had such high hopes, and I just watched everything crash and burn in slow motion. It had been such a buildup. He never was around. I put a lot of pressure on it. I think he put a lot of pressure on it. It was almost like I manifested a sh*tty outcome.”

While Stassi hasn’t done the best at picking men in the past, she left things up to her longtime best friends, Kristen and Katie Maloney, when it came to her latest love interest.

“I was like, ‘You know what, maybe you are not good at picking so let us pick for you,’” Katie said.

“She clearly hasn’t done the best,” Kristen added.

Photos Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com, Instagram


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