90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Disruptive Behavior

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90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Disruptive Behavior Anfisa and Jorge dinner

On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After , the couples experience some turmoil in their marriages and relationships. Molly deals with her eldest daughter Olivia leaving the house, Nicole deals with the disappointment of Azan’s visa denial, and Pedro is forced to deal with Family de Chantel during a forced family vacation!

Nicole & Azan:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Disruptive Behavior Nicole and Mom

Over at Nicole’s motel room, aka “apartment,” it seems like cell reception is shotty. After waiting all day to hear if Azan’s visa was approved, it appears as though Azan needs more paperwork, although I am not 100% sure (due to the terrible phone connection). Seems to me Azan is finding ANY excuse to bump back his move to the US with Nicole…I mean, have you peeped her living conditions?! Even Nicole’s mom’s doubts are reaching new heights, especially when she says to the camera Azan is looking for Nicole to “send more money.” Nicole, Azan’s sugar momma, is absolutely blind to the fact that Azan is unmotivated and disinterested in this relationship. Love is blind. What can you say?

Nicole’s still having her daughter refer to Azan as “Daddy,” despite the fact that she is extremely worried about the visa status. Nicole received an email from the immigration office and it states, “Your fiance’s immigrant visa case has been refused and your file has been sent back to the US.” It appears as though Azan’s not gonna be coming to America any time soon, despite the interview going well, according to Azan. With the amount of money that Nicole has put up for this guy she can buy herself a new apartment and still have money left over for a new wardrobe. I mean, Azan hasn’t even called Nicole to talk about the news. Something’s up.

Nicole’s living situation is beyond atrocious. I cannot believe her mother can come in there and allow her kid to live in that mess. Nicole shares that Azan’s visa got denied and despite any reservations her mother may have had about the relationship, she seems genuinely sad for Nicole. “After a couple of tries, I finally got Azan on the phone.” Um, what is wrong with that statement? Why is this guy so hard to reach?! Finally, Nicole’s mom asks an important question about Azan’s interview: “You don’t think he sabotaged it?” Nicole’s “shallow pockets” are financing Azan’s future and I wouldn’t be surprised if Azan used all of that money for other things…

Pedro & Chantel:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Disruptive Behavior Chantel's Family Pedro

Chantel and her cool brother, River, head out for a bite to eat. River throws shade at Pedro any opportunity he can and it’s really put a damper on Chantel’s relationship with her family. River states that “It’s kinda hard to have a conversation with” Chantel “now cuz it’s like I’m sitting with a stranger.” River even says that it’s like Pedro is holding Chantel “hostage.” A little extreme there, River. The siblings talk about the upcoming family vacation to the mountains and I don’t think this is a very good idea considering the current situation with the familial issues. Nothing says family like being stuck in a cabin with people who do not get along.

The family vacation is looming in the very near future and Chantel decides to “officially” invite Pedro to the cabin in the mountains. He has ZERO qualms saying NO WAY and shares that the family Chantel “behave for me very terrible.” Chantel begs Pedro to leave the past in the past, but Pedro cannot fathom being around the family Chantel for four days. “Ten minutes tire me.” He refuses to try to make amends, but Chantel puts her foot down. Pedro’s going.

So it turns out that Pedro STILL doesn’t wanna go on this trip and so he is stomping around, moaning and groaning that he does not want to attend. He refuses to put on his jacket and when Chantel heads out to meet up with the family in the parking lot, they all pile out of the van to find out the deal. Pedro looks the opposite of happy and it doesn’t help that Chantel’s mother is speaking broken Spanish to him. It’s so awkward on the car ride up to the cabin, but thankfully, Chantel’s dad is wearing driving gloves for this adventure. #letsgetserious. Chantel fears that this plan “may backfire.” Ya think?!

Once they arrive to the mountain house, Chantel’s dad and her brother River try to pry convo out of Pedro. The guy finally cracks and says, “I don’t want to stay here. I went here for Chantel.” River states that Pedro is “like the bad apple of the group right now.” Pedro steps way out of line when he tells Chantel’s dad and River that he needs “space” and “thanks so much” and I am just surprised River hasn’t decked Pedro yet.

Russ & Paola:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Disruptive Behavior Russ and Paola in Colombia

Because Paola’s grandmother is not doing very well, the couple troop it through the night to get to Colombia so she can spend some time with her before she passes. Russ and Pao are going to be staying for two weeks and Pao shares that she is nervous because she hasn’t been home for about 4 years. You can tell her family is a little upset they haven’t seen Pao in a long time. Pao gets a chance to talk more with her sister once they are at the hotel. Pao gets all the deets on her grandmother and she learns just how badly she is doing. She also has to hear it from her sister: it’s like she “disappeared” when she went to the US.

Pao and Russ go to see Pao’s ailing grandmother. It is so nice and emotional to see Pao with her grandmother and it’s sweet to hear her say that Russ has a “heart full of love.” Pao’s grandmother hasn’t talked for over a month, but the day they arrive, the couple has a beautiful experience with her…one that no one will ever forget.

After visiting her grandmother, Pao takes Russ around the city that is “completely her.” Pao comes alive here and I feel so bad knowing that she missed “that passion” that Colombia has. Somehow Pao was able to pick out her childhood friend as he sped past her on his crotch rocket while wearing a helmet. She is GOOD! Pao explains her bad a*s life to Russ and her buddy Alex takes Russ and Pao for a spin on his bike. The fact that Pao is not wearing a helmet…buuuut Russ is kinda explains their relationship perfectly. Turns out that Pao used to date Alex, the friend she just so happened to see while perusing around the town. Pao claims she “totally forgot” and now Russ is mad that Pao is “hiding” stuff from him. It does kinda make Russ look like a chump.

Jorge & Anfisa:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Disruptive Behavior Anfisa and Jorge

Jorge is still in the hotel room and has come clean about the lies he told at the tell-all. Because he was angry, Jorge made up low blows to purposely hurt Anfisa and now he is feeling badly about the lies he spun about his wife. At the laundry mat (man how his life has taken a sharp downward plunge), he phones Anfisa because “he’s been thinking about” her. The guy must be SUPER lonely because if he misses someone who scratches “idiot” into his car door, he must be a few brain cells short. Jorge asks Anfisa to dinner and begs for “an hour” of her time so he can talk to her about things. He claims this time he is serious about their relationship and will be more honest with her.

When the producer asks Anfisa about web cam videos, she denies any knowledge of these “videos.” Hmmm…

Meanwhile, at the meet-up with Anfisa, Jorge, desperate for some…I mean, Anfisa’s love and attention, gets up, pushes her chair in and basically drools all over her. Anfisa explains she moved to a new apartment and has a car and Jorge can hardly believe she is doing ok without him. It doesn’t take long for Anfisa to lay into Jorge. She admits, “yes, I over react, but I don’t do these things for no reason.” Jorge begs Anfisa to move forward WITH him, but Anfisa is tired of hearing the same story from Jorge over and over again. Jorge swears he will “have Anfisa’s back no matter what” and it’s evident that this man’s “loneliness” has reached a new level. He’s even willing to go to couple’s therapy with this lunatic! Anfisa’s back account must be dwindling… #jorgeaintnosugardaddythough #jorgeisstillbroke #andhesstillnotamillionaire.

Luis & Molly:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Disruptive Behavior Luis and Molly

When is Molly just gonna throw in the towel with Luis? The kids don’t like Luis. Luis doesn’t like them. It just doesn’t seem like this is going to ever get resolved. Luis claims that Molly’s daughter Olivia is disrespectful and Molly’s brother Jess decides he wants to get to the bottom of this issue. Not sure if you remember last season, but Jess was the bad a*s brother who took Luis to his bachelor party. Now Jess demands answers and needs to let Luis know he is “p*ssed off.” Luis shares that life is difficult at Molly’s, but Jess makes it clear he “can’t tolerate” Luis’s behavior. Luis explains he is so young and it’s just so much responsibility for him. Nothing new there.

Since Luis has come back to the house, Olivia has “been acting out” and has not been herself, yet Molly continues to stick it out with her man. Olivia didn’t come home the night before and states she will not come home again and this all comes down to Luis. Molly realizes that the relationship is suffering. Luis knows that “the family is the first every time,” but it doesn’t seem like anyone is gonna make any changes to help the situation.
Because Molly’s daughter Olivia hasn’t been home for a week and their relationship is on the fritz, Molly calls in back-up, her bestie Cynthia, and the two ladies decide to bum-rush Olivia’s boyfriend’s house cuz THAT’S not gonna push her daughter away any more. Molly even dressed for the occasion as she dons her black bedazzled skullcap. This is an awful idea (the hat and the surprise visit). Olivia opens the door at her boyfriend’s house and cries to her mother about her selfishness. Thank God for bff Cynthia. She does a great job acting as a referee and Molly explains to the camera that “this is not gonna work and I’m done.” Cryptic.

David & Annie:

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap Disruptive Behavior Annie David son Jacob

Life in the firehouse has been SO great, that David has invited his son Jacob to move in with him and Annie. Nothing says newly married like slumming it in a debunked firehouse and then having your adult son come be your third roomie. Even though David insists he is having his son around so he can “rebuild the relationship” with him, it turns out David has other ideas. “I’m going to ask Jacob to help with rent.” David is baffled why his good buddy Chris has cut him off financially and is now asking David for $1,000 in rent; therefore he has to think fast to come up with some cash flow.

Enter: Jacob. Annie is livid that no one has asked her if it is ok for Jacob, David’s son, to move in. She is also infuriated that now she can only have sex with David once or twice a week because “I’m not quiet. I don’t like to be quiet.” Annie is beyond annoyed that she has to change her sex life because of the new roommate and explains that David can’t be quiet either as he has a “bis a*s” and it goes “boom boom” when they have sex. Omg. My ears. Annie should be THRILLED that she doesn’t have to bang bizarro Penguin David on the reg!

David, the coupon king, has been leading quite a boring life, according to Annie. Particularly because David’s son has moved in. Annie’s upset because “David can’t walk around with no clothes on and now he can’t just play with his 25 year old wife.” (gag) Annie FaceTimes with her mother and explains she is out of work because of her Green Card status, but it doesn’t seem like the she will getting one any time soon. She also talks to her mom about David’s kids and that his daughter “breeds like a rabbit.” Annie essentially bashes David’s daughter Ashley, but it is clear that Annie’s mom only has one thing on her mind: the rest of Annie’s dowry. David owes Annie’s family $15,000 and a wedding and some gold, but it’s time to let her know that it ain’t coming anyyyy time soon. Unless there are coupons available for this type of situation.