RHOP Star Ashley Darby Gives an Update On Status of Her Marriage and On Having Kids

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RHOP Ashley Darby and Michael Darby Update

As we reported last week, The Real Housewives of Potomac star, Ashley Darby, and her husband, Michael Darby, had a painfully awkward discussion about the possibility of having children that turned into one of the nastiest marital spats in housewife history!

In a recent interview, Ashley gives an update on where the couple stands today, and when we might expect to see a Darby Baby.

I think we can all agree that are just certain things that are off limits during a fight, and at the very top of that list is mothers. Let’s face it, not a single one is perfect, but generally speaking, no one should be throwing digs at someone else’s mother, and if the mother in question happens to be your mother-in-law, well, that’s just begging for trouble.

And yet, Michael went there. He said, “I don’t want you looking after my children the way your mother looked after you” to Ashley during a dinner date. Say what?! That’s what they call fighting words.

This certainly isn’t the first squabble we’ve witnessed between the couple. In fact, the Darbys separated for a brief time back in 2017, and finding their way back to each other has been a tough road, but they both understand that it takes time.

”Michael and I, I think, are still trying to find a way to come back together post separation. The separation didn’t happen overnight, getting to that point, so mending the relationship also won’t happen overnight,” she told The Daily Dish.

The good news is that Ashley says that the couple is now committed to communicating in a more productive way.

“In order to be in a  better place, Michael and I made a commitment to each other that we would not fight with dirty words, we wouldn’t hit below the belt, and we try to apologize in the moment,” she explained. “We’re married, we’re also very different people, we have different opinions, we argue, but we argue in a more healthy way.”

Well, that certainly sounds promising, and although Ashley says she’s still hitting snooze on her biological clock, she definitely sees children in their future.

”Unfortunately, I’m only 50 percent of the process, so if I can convince Michael to want to have a baby, then maybe we can revisit the discussion,” she said. “I’m looking to the future. I see a little ‘Mishley’ baby right there..not quite in reach yet.”

Well, we certainly wish the couple all the best, but, for the record, when the time comes, I prefer ‘Lil Ashcal!’

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