VIDEO: Southern Charm Star Austen Kroll Busted Cheating On His Girlfriend Madison LeCroy?!

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Southern Charm Austen Kroll Cheating On Girlfriend Madison LeCroy

While Southern Charm star Austen Kroll was officially a full time cast member on this season of the Bravo series, he has remained somewhat in the background all thanks to the craziness known as Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel’s relationship!

Well, Austen is now embroiled in some drama of his own after some footage of him being busted after apparently cheating on his new girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, was leaked to a news outlet.

Fits News is reporting that this video, posted below, was taped a few weeks back after Austen’s girlfriend, Madison, busted him with not one, but two women! Sources tell the site that during a hard night of partying with two Charleston women, Madison started to get worried after Austen, 31, stopped responding to her text messages.

“Madison started to catch on something was up,” revealed the source.  “So she showed up at his house early the next morning.”

And unfortunately for Madison, a popular South Carolina hair stylist, what she saw was her boyfriend in a rather compromising position as it appeared he might have engaged in a threesome…that didn’t involve her.

“(Two women) heard Madison going nuts on (Kroll) in the bedroom and knew something was about to go down,” the source added.  This led to one of the women springing out her camera phone to tape the dramatic confrontation between Austen and poor Madison. That footage is below, and it contains graphic language.

In the video, Austen comes out of his room in his underwear as he attempts to gaslight convince Madison that she’s out of her mind and that he did nothing wrong.

He can be heard repeatedly telling her to stop acting like “a crazy person” and at one point in the video, he even threatens to remove her from his home.

“I will remove you from this house physically if I have to,” says Austen to Madison. “You are being crazy right now.”

At another point in the video, Madison can be heard asking one of the girls if they had sex with Austen, and the girl responds, “No, I did not.” Madison then asks why does she have her underwear laying on Austen’s bedroom floor, and Austen answers her, saying it’s because they spent the night. The video ends shortly afterwards.

Which brings us to the all important question of whether Austen and Madison are still together today, and that answer appears to be a yes!  In fact, Austen shared the image below on his Instagram Stories on July 7, so they are definitely still going strong.

Austen Madison

This video comes just two weeks after Austen accused his ex-girlfriend, Victoria Bolyard, of being crazy, stating that she once threw a rock through his window following an argument.


Below are more photos of Austen and Madison.

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