REPORT: Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs are Facing a Potential Lawsuit by Thomas’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Southern Charm Luzanne Otte vs Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs Lawsuit

It’s safe to say Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel has had a pretty bad couple of months, and, unfortunately for him, it’s only about to get worse.

According to two new reports, Thomas and his girlfriend Ashley Jacobs might be facing a new lawsuit by an ex-girlfriend of Thomas.

If you recall, Luzanne Otte, a California attorney that Thomas dated for a short period in 2017, did a recent interview during which she revealed she had been the victim of non-stop harassment by the Bravo couple.

According to Luzanne, she first met Thomas in the spring of 2017, weeks after he started dating Ashley. Luzanne is close to Patricia Altschul, so Thomas begged Patricia to introduce him to Luzanne promising he would ends things with Ashley because she was ‘not a substantial woman.’

After a few weeks of dating, Thomas asked Luzanne to move to South Carolina and to appear on Southern Charm with him. She said no to both. Ultimately, Luzanne ended up dumping Thomas following what she describes as a scary night during which he allegedly flew into a rage and accused her of cheating on him with his neighbor, who she says she had never even met.

Luzanne alleged that following the split, Thomas and Ashley began harassing her on social media and even physically threatening her. She stated multiple accounts were created online to impersonate and mock her family. And despite a cease and desist order she sent them, the harassment reportedly continued.

Fits News is now reporting that Luzanne, 37, has retained the services of a prominent Atlanta, Georgia-based law firm, as she appears to be gearing up for a legal battle against Thomas, Ashley, and a gossip blog, which we’ll refer to as AATT. Luzanne has alleged in the past that Thomas and Ashley used the site to launch a smear campaign against her.

The Inquisitr site is also reporting more details, as they state that Luzanne is building a slander case against the parties. She has reportedly retained the services of prominent Atlanta attorney, L.Lin Wood, who has represented heavyweights such as Dr. Phil McGraw and JonBenet Ramsey’s family in past legal cases pertaining to libel and slander.

For the time being, details are still scant regarding the actual lawsuit, or whether it’s even been filed.


As for Thomas, he is reportedly being represented by Richard Terbrusch, the same attorney who is representing him when it comes to the sexual assault allegations being levied against him by two different women, including one of Thomas’s former nannies.

The rape accusation by his former nanny Dawn is reportedly the subject of a police investigation.

Luzanne Otte and Thomas Ravnenel

A photo of Luzanne and Thomas while they were dating.

Thomas has yet to comment on his legal issues with Luzanne.

Photos Credit: Faye Sadou/MediaPunch/, Fitsnews