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PHOTOS: Kim Zolciak Slammed by Fans for Photoshopping 4-Yr-Old Daughter to Give Her a Smaller Nose and Larger Butt, New Low by Kim?

Kim Zolciak Slammed for Photoshopping Daughter Kaia

Is this a new low for Kim Zolciak?

Kim, 40, and her daughter, Brielle Biermann, both shared images of the Don’t Be Tardy star’s four-year-old daughter, Kaia, on Instagram on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the photos were a bit different and fans quickly took notice.

After the women shared the images on their pages, an Instagram account titled “The Good, the Bad, and The Fake” shared side by side photos of the two pictures and in the post made by Kim, Kaia was sporting a number of differences, including a smaller nose, larger butt, and tanned skin.

“4 years old! This is sick!” they wrote in the caption of the photos seen below.

Kim Zolciak photoshops daughter Kaia

Kim Zolciak got slammed by fans for photoshopping her young daughter

As soon as the image was shared, fans were outraged.

“What sort of screwed up freak looks at a pic of their own child and thinks that it needs photoshop. What a sick b***h she is!” one person commented.

“This poor little girl is going to grow up thinking she’s not good enough or pretty enough. So sad,” another said.

“She is an absolute disgrace!!!! She’s sick in the head,” added a third.

The Instagram account, which first pointed out the photoshopped pics, later posted a video so people could see the photoshopped changes in motion. You can press play in the video below to see it.

Others pointed out that Kaia appeared to be sporting extensions and some scolded Kim for sexualizing the child.

“Why WHYYYYYY would you want to make your child more sexually appealing????? So that predators find her more attractive? What a sickkkkkkkk human,” someone said.

“OMGosh this is so sad. And American society wonders why children and particularly young girls are objectified and sexualized,” said another commenter. “This is wrong and no mother should ever do this to their child. SMDH.”

Fans also took to Kim’s Instagram page to call her out under the image of Kaia. Oddly enough, she has yet to delete the disturbing photoshopped post.  Below is a screenshot of some of their posts.

Fans slam Kim Zolciak

Sadly enough, this isn’t the first time Kim has been caught photoshopping photos of her children. Earlier this year, she shared a throwback photo of her daughter, Ariana, as a child, and also photoshopped Ariana’s image. Kim apparently forgot that she had shared the non photoshopped version years earlier.

A side by side of Ariana’s photo is below. The photoshop was mainly to make Ariana’s lips appear larger.

Kim Zolciak photoshops daughter Ariana

Kim also photoshopped a childhood photo of daughter Ariana to make her lips look bigger

It’s no wonder why Kim has been accused in recent months of allowing 16-yr-old Ariana to go under the knife.

Kim Zolciak and her family are expected to return to Bravo TV later this year for Don’t Be Tardy season seven.

Photos Credit: Michael Simon/, Instagram


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