90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap – The Couples Tell All

by Julia Comments

Before the 90 Days The Couples Tell All Cast

Shawn Robinson is back for a “dramatic two hour event” full of “shocking” twists, turns, and never before seen footage on the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season finale tell all.

Re-watching certain scenes from this season is sort of like watching a train wreck. You 100% want to look away, but the events unfolding in front of your eyes make it impossible to do so. We get to see Rachel and her boot-cut jeans embracing Jon all over again, Angela sprinting toward her “sexy Nigerian baby,” and Darcey welcoming Jesse to the “CT.” We are reminded of Marta (WHO?!), Paul & Karine’s wedding, Tarik’s bizarro rap proposal, and Ricky’s slime-ball love triangle. It’s all coming back to me now. The highs and lows, the ups and downs…this season had it ALL.

Before the 90 Days The Couples Tell All Paul and Karine

The first guest to enter is Paul. Shawn welcomes him back and dives right in to figure out why Paul left Karine in Brazil. Paul explains he had to leave to make some money back in the states, but I think it’s just cuz he ran out of mosquito repellant. Karine gets Skyped in and she’s rocking a cute new ‘do. Karine and Paul STILL have not learned each other’s languages because does it realllllllly matter? At this point, the translator is just part of their storyline on this show. Somehow, the couple is still married, but Shawn does a great job of bringing up the past.

YESSSS. Paul’s mom, Mary, is Skyped in. Paul states, “my two favorite women” and all I can think about is how Paul’s mom got a lock of her hair for Paul to bring on his Brazilian adventure. The tension is thick, especially when Paul’s mom states, “Paul’s a challenge. He is.” His mom certainly has his number. I mean, the guy is an arsonist! Karine better start kissing his mom’s a*s since she may be the only way Karine can get to the USA. Turns out that if Paul doesn’t start to make more money, Paul’s parents would have to sponsor Karine. Paul is doubtful that his family will be on board because “Everything in my family goes through father.” Why is Paul calling his dad “father?” What is this, 1776?! It appears as though Paul and Karine have an uphill battle, that’s only going to be

Karine announces she is pregnant and it’s an emotional moment, considering Karine had a heartbreaking miscarriage during the season. My question is, how is Karine bearing Paul’s child if Paul is in America?! Hmmmm…..Paul’s mom is still not on board about sponsoring Karine’s visa, even after the baby news and all I can say is ouch. I am LOLing at the part when Paul asks to have a DNA test and it’s a wonder how and WHY Karine remains married to this crazy guy. Evidently, he has found some “romantic and flirtatious” messages on Karine’s phone and this makes Paul suspect. Karine doesn’t deny talking to other people, but she has a hard time swallowing Paul’s accusations. In fact, she goes as far as saying, “I hope my visa doesn’t get approved and I don’t go to America because my husband speaks bad about me.” The lady does have a point. Karine doesn’t even say I love you back to Paul…

Before the 90 Days The Couples Tell All Angela and Michael

Angela is now in the hot seat and she exclaims that she is “so happy” to be back in the United States. She’s rocking some Madonna-esque leggings and diamond cross earrings…clearly she has dressed up for the occasion. Michael, her fiancé, Skypes in and it doesn’t take long for the whole money issue to be addressed. It appears as though Michael cleaned Angela’s bank account out, but he denies, denies, denies it all. He STILL denies it. Angela shares that she did give Michael her ATM pin number, but Michael is unsure what happened to Angela’s money. Angela finally states that she doesn’t think Michael robbed her blind and that she trusts Michael 99%. Huh?! Did she forget all about the “other women?” I guess so…as they are still engaged and Angela has actually started the K1 Visa process. I mean, Michael thinks of “Angela has his elder and I respect her so much.” This is all news to Angela and she begins fa-reaking out on Michael, so much so that she rips her engagement ring off of her finger and storms off of the set. Angela is bee-lining out of there and is “embarrassed” that Michael refers to her as “his elder.” Angela has completely lost her mind and Shawn is trying to make Michael stay connected via Skype.

Despite the fact that Angela yells over and over again that she’s “done,” she storms back onto the set and Michael calls it a “misunderstanding.” Seems pretty clear to me. Michael called her old. And fat. The two biggest no-nos a man can ever say. Michael pleads with Angela and says that he says “things randomly.” Excuse me, what? Angela is tired of forgiving Michael and retorts that she is no longer engaged to Michael. I’m sure it won’t take long for these two to get back together, but who knows?

Before the 90 Days The Couples Tell All Rachel and Jon

A beaming Rachel (and her boot cut jeans) is the next cast member to meet with Shawn and discuss the season. She explains how tough it is to be in “love with a man who lives almost 5,000 miles away from you.” Rachel is “bawling” and Shawn doesn’t let up, as she prods and probes about the relationship. Jon gets brought into the convo via Skype and he is such a charmer. I mean, he is sipping from a mug that says, husband, dad, king. COME ON. Jon states that he has turned his sleep pattern around for Rachel. What a gem. He also discusses how and why he has chosen to step up and help raise Lucy, Rachel’s daughter, as his own.

When asked about Jon’s criminal record, Rachel claims that “he’s not a murderer” and that he’s got it all under control now. “The thing is, lots of people have convictions. I’m not ashamed. I sleep well knowing I’m a good person.” Jon then proceeds to explain how he “will fight when” he “needs to,” but Rachel doesn’t seem perturbed by these statements. Jon makes it clear that he would much rather talk about something else, like Lucy. I mean, Rachel sent Jon a piece of Lucy’s umbilical cord! So weird. Lucy then joins the set and Jon’s face totally lights up when he sees her. It’s adorable. As is Jon. Say what you will, but I have a soft spot for that guy.

Before the 90 Days The Couples Tell All Ricky and Ximena

Ricky joins Shawn on the sofa and he has a lottttt of explaining to do. Ricky flip-flopped between women during his stay in Colombia, but explains that his “heart told” him “to do it.” Huh?! Ricky tries to justify his actions and does his best to make his season not weird, but it’s not working. Once Ximena gets Skyped in, she rolls her eyes, looks disgusted, and suddenly, Ricky can no longer try to wiggle his way out of the scenario. The video play-back of the season certainly is not helping his case. Ricky looks like a total d-bag. Ximena states that Ricky is “an idiot” and the truth is, she “threw out” the engagement ring and that it’s off. Can’t say I didn’t see that one coming…

Ricky tries to blame the broken-off engagement on his kids, but I am calling bs. We witness never before seen footage where Ricky talks to his teenage daughter about his Colombian adventures and awkwardly explains that he proposed to a “pretty” lady named Ximena. His daughter states that she is a “little bit upset,” and that her dad needs to “focus on” himself. WOAH. That girl knows what’s up. I mean, when a 13 year old is your voice of reason, you know you’re a hot mess parent. All the while, Ximena watches the clip and looks like she wants to jump through the screen and murder Ricky. And then…BOMBSHELL. Ricky is now back with his EX-WIFE. Even Shawn was like, “Ricky….wtf.?!” I cannot keep up with this guy. He changes his mind about women more than he changes his underwear. Ricky claims he is “ashamed” of his actions, but the heart wants what the heart wants, ya heard? Ricky further makes himself look like an idiot when he states that Ximena doesn’t “understand the complexity of” his relationship with his ex. Ximena continues rolling her eyes so hard that it looks like it may actually hurt, but she has every right to be annoyed.

Before the 90 Days The Couples Tell All Tarik and Hazel

Tarik is welcomed by Shawn and we get right back into his love story with Hazel. When Hazel gets Skyped in, the convo gets real….fast. Shawn wants to know about the intimacy issues the couple experienced and we get a glimpse back in time of the pillow fort Hazel built between her and Tarik on their first night together. Tarik shares that he has been back to the Philippines to see Hazel and there IS a sex life now. Praise be. Tarik overshares that “she’s reserved until we get in private.” EW. Hazel was even late on her cycle, but Tarik thought she had an abortion purposely. Um, this is a big issue! Tarik calls this a “misunderstanding,” but it turns out that Hazel was simply late. Ooph.

The next hurdle the couple has to live through is Dean Skyping in to the reunion. Dean is Tarik’s brother who had a big fat problem with Hazel during the season. Hazel denies being on a “buy me, marry me” site, as Dean suggested and Tarik does his best to play referee. Hazel attempts a heartfelt “I really love your brother” speech, but I can totally see right through her. I am #TeamDean. He knows the real truth. I mean, Dean is certainly working hard for that spin-off show, and I have to admit, I’d watch. …Back to Tarik and Hazel…Tarik promises to go back 2 or 3 times a year to see Hazel’s son back in the Philippines and they are even in the middle of the K1 Visa process.

Before the 90 Days The Couples Tell All Jesse and Darcey

A crazed looking Darcey is next on the sofa. She looks 100% sedated and 100% plumped full of filler. Darcey can hardly watch the break-up as Shawn replays the fight scene between her and Jesse. Darcey makes a canned statement that “his words don’t hurt me anymore” and that she feels “free” since the break-up. Seems to me somebody’s been reading inspirational quotes to pump herself up for Jesse’s debut. Jesse enters the set and has a totally orange face. I mean, his hands do not match his face and his neck is about 32 shades lighter. Bad makeup job. Jesse dives right in and states that Darcey “catfished” him by using pictures from 10, 20 years ago. He also states that the “alcoholism” and “arrests” are why he “stepped out.” Darcey tries to explain that she had a little cat-fight with her sister, but Jesse had a big fat problem with the fact that she never told him about said incident. The fights never stop between these two. There’s the epic steak cutting incident and the infamous shoe toss episode. I can’t even look at Jesse’s face (due to the makeup) and when he stands to make his point, I also can’t help but notice his too short pants. Man, Jesse really fell off after breaking up with Darcey, huh? The guy’s wearing a Beetle Juice suit!

Shawn states that there is a “nastiness” between Darcey and Jesse when they fight. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these two are toxic. Darcey claims that Jesse only stayed with her for “opportunities to come to America.” Didn’t see that coming… Darcey keeps repeating that she’s “over it” and that she’s better off without him. Even her children think she made the right decision by walking away from the rocky relationship. Upon viewing a never before seen clip of Darcey with her daughters, Jesse states that it’s hurtful to see Darcey’s daughters talk badly about him. Darcey ends the segment by stating that she is no longer in love with Jesse and Jesse says more of the same. Darcey goes as far as saying that “God has the perfect man for me” and hints at her new boo. I think he’s made up, but whatever makes you feel better, Darcey!

Before the 90 Days The Couples Tell All Recap Angela and Rachel Fight

Before the end of the finale, all of the “Americans who searched for love” join Shawn on the sofa to recap the season. Shawn had to uses this scenario to get to second base with Angela as he tries to separate Angela from Rachel. Shawn tries to segue by saying “that escalated quickly” and it’s clear to me that Rachel does not respect her “elders.” HEYO. I mean, even Paul knows (since he’s been “incarcerated”) that pointing a finger in someone’s face is a no-no. I can’t.

For the final scene, the couples are treated to clips of the goodbyes. There’s hugging, kissing, and crying and now everyone on set is getting emotional. Particularly Darcey. Naturally Jesse spots this tearful outburst and asks Darcey, “Can I hug you?” OMG. When Paul claps, I am dying. You totally know these two are hooking up tonight…especially after Darcey states, “you’ll find your queen. You deserve it.” This has been one hell of a season and I am sad to see these couples go. But something tells me that they will be back for more…