Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix Addresses Criticism About Her Sexuality After Lala Kent Hookup Is Confirmed

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Vanderpump Rules' Ariana Madix Addresses Sexuality After Lala Kent Hookup

Ariana Madix hooked up with Lala Kent and now, many fans online are questioning the Vanderpump Rules star about her sexuality.

On tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, fans will watch as Ariana’s boyfriend Tom shockingly tells his male co-stars that Ariana hooked up with Lala. Tom reveals it happened after Lala made a pass at Ariana in the backseat of a car following a night of heavy drinking. Shortly thereafter, a none too pleased Ariana will be seen reacting to Tom’s decision to share her secret with the world.

Meanwhile, after years of proclaiming she does not want to get married or have a child, the reality star is now facing criticism online from people who suspect the real reason she previously said she did not want to have sex with boyfriend Tom Sandoval is because she’s simply not into men.

“Well its been pretty obvious [Ariana] is a lesbian or at best bi. She picked a guy who may go the other way, the no sex talk a season or two ago, and her extra support of the LGBT community,” one person wrote, adding, “Not sure why she’s hiding it…”

“My ‘extra’ support? You mean being a human being?” Ariana asked in response. “I also discussed unresolved trauma. At what point was i not actively working to heal because i want to be intimate with my boyfriend? Regardless of what my sexuality is or isn’t, you seem to have completely missed the point.”

Another fan suggested Ariana was using Tom as a cover until she comes out.

“Ariana I watched the healing episodes and I get what you say but to most of the viewing public the fact you want no sex, no marriage, no kids, etc it seems you just using Tom like a good friend until you come out,” the person wrote.

In response to the second fan, Ariana called the allegations “ridic” and pointed out that she’d been with men and women long before she and Tom began dating. She also confirmed to the fan that she hopes to spend the rest of her life with Tom.

“That’s ridic. I’ve been with men and I’ve been with women. Long before I ever knew Tom. None of that has or will change the fact that I want to spend the rest of my life with this man,” Ariana explained. “I don’t live my life to please the ‘viewing public,’ so if they don’t get it, f**k them.”

Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix Denies Being A Lesbian

In an interview last month, Lala also spoke about her hookup with Ariana (who she did not name at the time), revealing it wasn’t her first time with another woman.

“I’ve had two relations with chicks and I’m usually pretty gone with the drink and it’s not my most favorite thing, but I’ve done it,” said Lala to E!’s Just the Sip. “I don’t think I’d ever do it again. I like Randall and that part of my life but yeah, Lala had fun back in the day.”

Vanderpump Rules season seven airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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