Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward Have Split, Jeff Reveals Gage Has Moved Out and Opens Up About Break Up

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Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis and Gage Edwards Have Split, Gage Moves Out

Pretty shocking news to report today as Flipping Out stars Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward have called it quits.

Jeff, 48, revealed the stunning news of the split on his Sirius XM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, just minutes ago, as he told his listeners that Gage actually moved out of the home they share with their 2-year old daughter, Monroe, last night. 

“I do feel like the people who listen to this show are family and they’re invested,” said Jeff on January 31. “I have to tell you that I don’t think that this is necessarily ultimately bad news but Gage actually moved out of the house last night.”

Jeff went on to add that his split from Gage, 33, has been a long time coming, stating they had been living like roommates for most of the past year.

“So, he went into a hotel. This has been a long time coming,” revealed Jeff. “We’ve been in separate rooms for a very long time. We’ve had a lot of discussions about it, I think what happened was we were in separate rooms, I don’t know if it’s a majority of last year, but a significant portion of last year. So it was kind of like a roommate situation.”

According to Jeff, their daughter played a role in why it took so long for them to separate.

“I think the reason we hadn’t ripped the band-aid off and actually separated [was] because we have the baby and neither one of us want to leave the baby. And then also, financially, it wasn’t the best time,” he explained.

As most fans of Flipping Out are aware, Jeff is currently being sued by the surrogate who helped carry his daughter, over some comments he made on the Bravo show about her. At the same time, their show is currently facing being cancelled by Bravo following the exit of Jenni Pulos

He then admitted that he could have done more to save his relationship. 

“I didn’t help matters any at all. I didn’t fight for the relationship. I didn’t work on the relationship but right around New Year’s, I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t really want this [separation].’ So I worked really really hard, and I fought really hard to keep this going. So, I think it was too late and I think there was a lot of anger on his side. A lot of anger and resentment.”

In addition to the anger and resentment coming from Gage, Jeff also blamed their age difference for part of their problems, stating Gage was in his 20s when they met, while he was in his 30s. He added that he was able to get all of the partying and dating around out of his system, unlike Gage, who entered into a committed relationship at a young age. 

Jeff then shared that despite living in separate bedrooms for the last year, they were still hooking up which gave him hope that they would be able to fix things. 

“We’ve had this roommate situation going on for quite sometime but we were like friends with benefits so we would still hookup, inconsistently, but at least I was encouraged, like, ‘Oh he’s still attracted to me. There’s still something there. There’s a connection,'” he shared.

“There was a real lack of intimacy I would say, cause he wasn’t in my room, you know, those kind of things,” Jeff continued. “And I actually felt very lonely and sad, and disappointed, and all of that but I was encouraged cause we were hooking up once in a while.”

Jeff also shared that Gage did NOT want to move out, but he gave him an ultimatum on Wednesday night when he tried to talk about their problems.

“Well yesterday, he had said to me, ‘Look, I would like to stay in the guest room but I think the physical part is confusing me, and I need to get perspective.’ I just kind of said, ‘Let me just stop you there. I just feel like, I understand what you’re saying but that arrangement doesn’t work for me. And I already feel tortured by this, like for months and months and months,'” said Jeff. 

He later added, “I felt proud of myself cause I have been putting up with all his bullsh*t for months, and you know what, it doesn’t work for me. You want to be independent and you want all these things, then you should go… But I want to be very clear, and I said this to him, ‘I’m not throwing you out, I’m not breaking up with you. I’m here. You need time, and space, to get perspective.'”

Jeff, who admitted he’s cried quite a bit over the split, then stated that he was “done crying.”

He however remains hopeful that they might be able to reconcile in the future. 

“So, last night he left. And I hope he gets the clarity and perspective he needs,” Jeff concluded. “We’ll see what happens.”

As for their daughter Monroe, Jeff revealed she is currently staying with him as he referred to himself as a “single dad.”

Jeff’s radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, airs every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 11/10c on Sirius XM Radio Andy.

UPDATE – Below is the audio of Jeff talking about his split from Gage.

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