Jerry O’Connell and Wife Rebecca Romijn Blast RHOBH’s Brandi Glanville for Snubbing Them at Event, See Her Response!

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Jerry O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn Blast 'RHOBH' Brandi Glanville for Snub

Jerry O’Connell and his wife, Rebecca Romijn, opened up about an odd encounter they had with Brandi Glanville during a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.

While answering a question from a fan, who wanted to know which Real Housewives star was “the most disappointing” to meet in person, Jerry and Rebecca shared details about their awkward run-in with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member.

“You know, I do have to say, we do have one story that is a little bit disappointing, and you have to decide whether you’re gonna say the name, and you’re gonna know who I’m talking about,” Jerry said as he looked towards his wife. “We went to an event of Andy’s, and this Housewife was there, and we were so excited to meet her.”

“I think I know exactly who you’re talking about,” Rebecca replied.

“She completely ignored us!” Jerry revealed.

“I think I’m very comfortable sharing who it was,” Rebecca said.

“Her initials are…” Jerry began.

“Brandi Glanville!” Rebecca confirmed.

According to Jerry, Brandi may have snubbed him because he was acting like a crazed fan when they crossed paths.

“In Brandi’s defense, I was freaking out upon seeing her,” he explained. “She may have thought I was a fan and wanted to call security, but Rebecca was there!”

“She was a little rude to us,” he added.

At the time of the encounter, Brandi was feuding with co-star Kim Richards.

“I was siding with Brandi at the time, and I just wanted to say, ‘Hey, girl!’ And she totally wanted nothing to do with us,” Rebecca recalled. “Like, totally wanted nothing to do with us. Ghosted us!”

Following the Watch What Happens Live episode, Brandi, who is returning to the RHOBH this season in a guest role, spoke out about Jerry and Rebecca’s revelation on Twitter, revealing that she was actually excited to learn she was their choice for “most disappointing.”

“Omg I was so excited to read what bitchy housewife snubbed you guys! I LOVE you guys always have,” she tweeted. “[Rebecca Romijn] you have my all time fav [Sports Illustrated] pic & [Jerry O’Connell] is my favorite Replacement host for Wendy @Andy :(((( I fan girl on everyone & I’m nice to everyone!!! So Sorry :/.”

Less than two hours later, Jerry got wind of Brandi’s response and tweeted back to her.

“WE LOVE TOU B! We shouldn’t have told that story. I am sure I was being annoying that night. I am ashamed! BRING BACK BRANDI #BringBackBrandi @Andy @BravoTV,” he shared.

Jerry then shared a second tweet in which he suggested his dramatic reveal was actually nothing more than a ploy to get his wife Rebecca to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Brandi, we all LOVE you. This is just my way of involving [Rebecca Romijn] in [The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] drama so she will join cast next season. @Andy @BravoTV,” he admitted.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season nine premieres on Tuesday, February 12 at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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