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Melissa Gorga Offers Update on Search for Her ‘Third Sister’ Plus Andy Cohen Reveals If Caroline Manzo Will Return to RHONJ

Melissa Gorga Offers Update on Search for 'Third Sister' Plus Andy Cohen Reveals If Caroline Manzo Will Return to RHONJ

 Melissa Gorga Offers Update on Search for 'Third Sister' Plus Andy Cohen Reveals If Caroline Manzo Will Return to RHONJ

Melissa Gorga opened up about her search for her long lost third sister during the ninth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and days ago, she offered an update on the hunt.

During an appearance earlier this month, Melissa confirmed whether or not she and the mystery woman have made contact.

“I did the 23andMe and I feel like if it’s meant to be and this girl is out there she’s going to also do it and if she has an inkling that my father is her father, she’ll do it; she’ll do the test and I’ll find her,” Melissa said while appearing on The Daily Dish Podcast.

“When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be,” she continued. “If not, I’m not going to look any further into it other than I did the test, if she happens to catch a glimpse of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, if somebody says to her, ‘Hey that good-looking Italian guy that’s your daddy is also Melissa Gorga’s dad; get the test going,’ and somebody pops up that’s my sister, well, then we have a situation. Otherwise, I’m not really going to walk around and scream for her on the street.”

Melissa’s search for a third sister began after a medium revealed her deceased dad wanted her to know she had another sister she was not aware of.

In other RHONJ news, Radar Online recently shared a report claiming Andy Cohen has been begging Caroline Manzo to return to the show for its upcoming season. However, according to Andy himself, there is no truth to the report.

“It’s not true but I do love her. (Radar is not exactly the most reputable source btw),” he tweeted on Tuesday after being confronted about the report.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 10 is expected to begin production later this month.

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  1. Oh well. Maybe Caroline will see all of the interest this story sparked & contact Andy? It sounds like she could return on her own terms (maybe w/Jacqueline)? I’d be happy with ANYONE who would replace or at the very least, challenge the simian felon! She really needs to be knocked off her high horse!

    1. I could see the new girl Jackie probably getting along with Caroline. They both seem to have common sense and low tolerance for BS. I would not want Jacqueline to return because she is so unstable that I don’t find it entertaining, much like Rinna

      1. Yes, Jaqueline can be a bit much! But she always seemed to have a good heart & was never vindictive like Teresa. I was actually glad when she finally did stand up to her that 1st year after prison!?

        1. That is true. It was entertaining at first and I did enjoy someone calling her out, she just really unraveled toward the end there. I think it had a lot to do with stress related to dealing with her son and his condition.

  2. Oh Melissa. We know this was all a pathetic attempt at a failed storyline. At least you tried something somewhat original I guess.

  3. At the end of the NJ reunion and he was told to they had a surprise, he asked if it was Caroline. Obviously he wants her back.

  4. This girl haven’t had a good storyline since the fight scene at the christening. She has no personality, and is cozying to producers and riding Teresa coattails. Andy keeps her around to see if he can get with joe

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