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RHONY Star LuAnn de Lesseps Responds After Ex-Husband Tom D’Agostino Accuses Her of Cheating on Him First

RHONY Star LuAnn de Lesseps Responds After Ex-Husband Tom D'Agostino Jr Accuses Her of Cheating

RHONY Star LuAnn de Lesseps Responds After Ex-Husband Tom D'Agostino Jr Accuses Her of Cheating

Luann de Lesseps’ ex-husband, Tom D’Agostino Jr., is fighting back after being accused of cheating on The Real Housewives of New York City star.

Following a “Countess And Friends” show, during which LuAnn claimed Tom cheated on her during their short-lived marriage, Tom is reportedly telling his friends that while it was true that he cheated, he only did so because LuAnn cheated on him first. 

On April 1, Page Six revealed Tom has allegedly been mocking LuAnn by telling pals he “didn’t realize I was marrying a Walgreens,” referencing the amount of pills LuAnn supposedly had around the house.

LuAnn and Tom got married on New Year’s Eve 2017 and announced the end of their marriage just months later, in August 2018. Later that year, LuAnn was arrested in Palm Beach, FL for trespassing and accused of drunkenly kicking a cop and threatening to “kill” him.

After the arrest, LuAnn admitted in a blog that she was self-medicating with alcohol to cope with her split from Tom.

“I was arrested at the same hotel where I had a brunch that concluded our wedding weekend. Although I knew before I left NYC that I hadn’t processed my emotions about my divorce, I didn’t seek professional help,” she continued. “Instead, I was self-medicating to kill the pain…never a good idea! I hit a wall in Palm Beach, and the impact of my actions made me realize that I had better deal with my issues before I hurt someone or myself.”

LuAnn entered into a weeks-long rehab program after the arrest and returned to rehab in July of last year for additional treatment.

In response to Tom’s reported claims of infidelity, LuAnn said, “I wish [D’Agostino] well. I have moved on, and I hope he can do the same.”

The Real Housewives of New York City season 11 airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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  1. I wonder if it’s permissible in their contracts that Lu can use her cabaret show to defame other HWs. I haven’t seen any of the shows, but my understanding is that she has a lengthy Q&A session w/the audience. She’s said things about Dorinda & now Tom. There’s a RHONY clause that says they can’t sue each other, but Lu seems to be saying whatever she wants about people & calling it part of her act.

  2. They lived together starting almost immediately after they met. How did he not know she was taking pills?

  3. I believe all of it.
    I believe she cheated.
    I believe he cheated.
    I believe she’s on all kinds of pills.

    None of this seems far fetched. Now, if someone made these claims about the countess back in season two, I wouldn’t believe a word of it.

    1. I absolutely believe it. but think it’s incredibly shrty of him to bring it up now. As much dirt that he has on her, she’s got just as much she can shovel back on him. He should be quiet and sit in his fancy bar and hit on divorcees just as he always has.

      1. Lu brought it up in her cabaret show. She talked about him for 3 straight seasons & is STILL talking about him. Who could possibly find hearing about him entertaining? Maybe this is just his warning shot to her to STFU about him in her shows.

          1. Bethenny is right that this cabaret star stuff has gone to Lu’s head. She can’t use stories about his cheating in her act & expect him to keep quiet. Clearly, she hasn’t “moved on.”

          2. And clearly, she cannot sing!
            She needs the $$ and has to fill up that ridiculous show somehow. So she uses him for that. So Déclassé!
            She acts like a victim but she’s the one who picked him, despite all the foghorn warnings and red flags from her “jealous bitches” friends. Ugh!

          3. I agree with everyone commenting on this!

            Also, I’m not sure I even understand what a cabaret show is and how she thinks she is qualified or talented enough to star in one let alone tour around. Is it storytelling? Is it dancing? Is it singing? Is she able to do any of the above and in a way that demonstrates real talent? And why would she be bringing up Tom constantly? The whole thing seems very odd.

      2. Oh he’s definitely a piece of shit for sure but it’s not like Lu didn’t have a fair warning. They all told her don’t do it and she did it. Now look at all the shit falling out.

    2. I would’ve believed it in Season 2. Now, it would be hard for me to believe anything positive about Lu – not that we’ve heard anything.

      1. Lol. I would have believed it around season 3. That’s when I started reading all the mess about Lu and that ex husband of hers.

      2. Even Sonya said she had a revolving door to her bedroom when Luman lived with her. I think Luman was running out of money which is why she seemed determined to wed Tom so quickly. I think she saw the handwriting on the wall but was blinded by $$$$ and thought he would be discreet after she married him. She also put up with the count for many years while he was running around on her and should have known eventually he would want a divorce but she was stupid and started running around on him instead of taking the hint and start stashing away any money she could because of the inevitable.

    3. I wonder what kinds of pills he is referring to? Did she relapse on only alcohol or also on pills?

      I would think her treatments in rehab would have addressed both. I know that urine screens are a part of probation/parole and they check for all substances.

      1. It was probably Adderall at first to lose weight before her wedding and then you need something to help you sleep because you are so wired by the Adderall. It’s a vicious cycle and exactly what brought Elvis Presley down as well, uppers for the day and downers for the night to sleep along with alcohol it really tears a body up as was seen in Elvis’s situation.

        1. Wow. So this statement by Tom is speaking to a very serious and potentially deadly problem with Lu. For her sake, I hope she is taking this seriously.

          1. Then she needs to be stepped back preferably while the cameras are rolling.

            Her probation officer is taking a huge risk by not holding her accountable. If something happens under the PO’s watch, they will scrutinize the case.

  4. Tomcat is 2 years late to the party, with his accusation. What a dumbass. As if anyone would believe him or care what his long overdue excuse for his part of the disastrous wedding outcome. He had never married before Lu. He clearly wasn’t marriage material. And he should probably not bother to remarry again. Case closed.

    1. Who’s willingly sleeping with this big toe looking mf?
      Unless he too has a shoe store adjacent dick. I’m looking at you ARoid.
      It’s the only think that makes sense

  5. Meh. Don’t care who cheated first. Tom’s a hound dog so I’m wouldn’t be surprised if he nailed his first ho before they finished walking down the aisle. On the other hand, Lu likes the occasional pirate so if they honeymooned anywhere near the open sea, she may have engaged in a little piracy.

  6. These shenanigans are more appropriate to the VP Rules crowd and not these two

    Seems neither money nor age can buy you class ?

    1. Correctly stated Rain.
      With all the red flags before her prior to the wedding, & all ignored by her, I knew it was doomed. She came across as desperate.

          1. Only God can answer that one honestly, Rain.
            Still & all, they seem like saints in comparison to the She-devils on RHOBH.

          2. In 10 seasons, not one of them who is/became single has married except Lu/Tom for 5 minutes. They ARE desperate. That’s why Dorinda’s hanging on to John.

        1. Not even the countess who technically lost her “countess title” when she said I do to Tom. The count should sue her for still using the title because she is dragging it in the ground.

          1. The contractor friend. In the season Lu got married, Barbara told Carole at a party that she wasn’t looking forward to going to the wedding because Lu would rather go through w/it & get divorced than call it off. Barbara sued Bravo to prevent them from airing that, but lost. When it aired, Lu stopped speaking to Barbara. Now, Barbara is her BFF.

          2. Oh right, now I know!! Thanks for the reminder & now she was the one Dorinda put out in the last episode.
            Truth be told, I was just catching snippets, but it’s taped so I will watch.

          3. Because that’s what we normal 50+ yo ladies do…stop talking to long-time friends when they address our BS for our own good.
            WTF is wrong with her??

  7. You mean Tom saw Lu with Jack Sparrow again? Hmmm. Maybe?
    I don’t know who to believe, but I don’t think Lulu is such a caring person. I saw how she treated her kids, and I never saw her as an affectionate person. She has only seemed to be a narcissist IMO. Two narcissists can never have a relationship work. You need at least one giver in a relationship.

  8. Well, his comment about Walgreen’s makes sense when you realize Lu is always sending Ratchet Rinna kisses and kissy faces on Twitter and IG…the pill ho’s gotta stick together.

  9. Two children pointing fingers on the playground. Nyah, nyaahh, nyaaahhh. She’s getting to be more unlikable than Ramona. Yikes!

  10. Tomcat is 2 years late to the party, with his accusation. What a dumbass. As if anyone would believe him or care what his long overdue excuse for his part of the disastrous wedding outcome. He had never married before Lu. He clearly wasn’t marriage material. And he should probably not bother to remarry again. Case closed.

  11. Oooooo – tell it, Tom. I think she tried to play the victim with the Count’s cheating – but she did say at one point they had an open marriage (of which she later adamantly denied). This speaks to Bethenny’s rant about her sleeping around while acting as if she’s the pure Countess. Completely believe she’s promiscuous Think about it – if she’s okay with cheating her children out of their trust fund, she’s not exactly walking the moral path. Just own it and stop the charade, Lu.

  12. He is a Creep with a capital C. Habitually latches on to middle aged single women who are convinced that they are different from the others…sad.

    1. Yes and the other women were trying to warn Lu about this and for some reason, she would not heed their warnings. I’m not sure why she was unwilling to listen as the same warnings were coming from multiple sources.

  13. Still TeamLu – fuck that cheating mofo…and fuck Drunkidaia for introducing them. She knew exactly what he was and was so proud to make the introduction.

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