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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Camille’s Bridal Shower and a Political Debate Send Tensions Soaring

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Camille's Bridal Shower and A Political Debate Send Tensions Soaring

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Camille's Bridal Shower and A Political Debate Send Tensions Soaring

This episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills opens with Dorit and Denise. Who knew this duo would hit it off?

I mean, Denise is so down to earth in her Malibu house…she even put a blanket on the sofa so Dorit doesn’t get dog hair on all of her ensemble of the day. Dorit explains that PK and LVP are very close- they are in fact, like brother and sister…if sister didn’t invite brother to her birthday party…but that’s just a minor detail. Denise tries to give some sage advice to Dorit about the tabloids and Dorit shares her frustration with wanting to go back to trusting LVP.

Back in Beverly Hills, Kyle is prepping for Camille’s bridal shower. She has her hands in everything, particularly the seating arrangement. Kyle hems and haws where to sit LVP, but the reality is, LVP ain’t coming to this event. LVP is far too busy with her own life. I try to feel bad for LVP as her multi-bazillion dollar kitchen remodel ensues, but it’s impossible. LVP explains that she is happy to be rid of the old kitchen because it brings back bad memories of Kyle.

How many leopard print articles of clothing does Rinna own?! My goodness. Camille, the bride-to-be, makes her entrance. There’s lots of air kisses and fake hellos, but one lady (besides LVP) is clearly missing from the party: Erika Jayne. She is just SO busy. “I’m in tour hell.” Only 7 days away “from greatness” (aka her performance in Jersey), therefore, rehearsing is the only option. Regarding missing Camille’s shower during this hectic time of her life, Erika retorts: “Camille, I’ll catch ya next wedding.” Ouch. Erika gyrates on the floor and humps the air before she nearly loses some teeth after knocking her chin on a dancer’s knee. Just a day in the life of a diva I guess.

It’s no surprise that LVP doesn’t show up to Camille’s shower….it’s also no surprise that Kyle stands up to make a speech. Lord knows she loves the spotlight. Where are Camille’s real friends? Speaking of friends, Kyle is apparently back on good terms with her sisters again. Phew. I can’t believe Camille is “disappointed” that LVP isn’t at her shower. She feigns that they are tight, but based on the way she was talking about LVP’s gums last episode, they aren’t quite as chummy as she thinks. The other women recommend Camille shoot LVP a text and tell her that she was missed at the shower. You know, to just stir up drama or something.

Kyle and Portia whip around in their Vanderhall….a mere $29,950 dollars. I love how Kyle tries to bring some normalcy to Portia’s life by bringing her to the grocery store. Kyle is so busy trying to be a show off that she doesn’t even realize that she is jeopardizing her family’s food intake due to her vehicle choice. Ridiculous.

Rinna, her “model daughters,” and her mother, Lois, head over to the plastic surgeon. It’s obviously Rinna’s home away from home- I mean, have you seen her face?! Rinna and her daughters are trying to pop Lois’s plastic surgery cherry. The Rinna clan acts like a commercial for the plastic surgery center- bopping from one treatment to the next. Lois just stares as if they are zoo animals and you can tell she is thinking this is pure insanity.

Later, a dinner is set up to celebrate Lois’s visit and all of the ladies are invited to attend. Okay, what ice skater’s wardrobe did Kyle raid for that get-up? At least she is appropriately dressed for dinner with 90-year-old Lois. Kyle probes Camille for the deets about the text conversation between her and LVP regarding her absence at the shower. Camille tells Kyle that LVP told HER that she wasn’t invited to Camille’s shower. How convenient that Kyle was the party planner…and how convenient for Kyle to shriek “un-be-lieve-able” upon hearing this tidbit of information. Kyle is equally mad at Camille for not standing up to LVP. Camille should KNOW that LVP was 1,000% invited to her shower………or was she??? That WOULD be a Kyle low blow…

Rinna shares that HarryHamlin isn’t at this dinner because he is glued to the Kavanaugh hearing. Camille comes out of left field saying that she isn’t sure that Kavanaugh’s accuser is telling the truth. She believes that the accuser doesn’t have enough witnesses and finds it strange that only NOW the woman is pointing fingers. Despite the recent #metoo movement, Camille gets heated and p*ssed off. She states that just because this woman is a doctor, doesn’t necessarily mean what she says is true. Camille explains that she has been attacked herself in the past, yet has a hard time being sympathetic towards this woman. She claims that she is “really impassioned” about this topic and starts raising her voice.

Poor Lois is just sitting there like, I thought this dinner was supposed to be fun. Kyle just wants to change the subject because she is too dumb to understand what is going on so she yells out, “I’m just gonna say that my mom always said never talk about religion, politics, or sex in a public place.” Like a switch, the ladies settle down…that is until…

OH. MY. GOD. Kim Richards is at the restaurant! Can you even believe it?! She is sitting the floor below them! Rinna claims to be fine with seeing Kim again, despite the fact that the women left things on a bad note. Kyle leaps up to interrupt what looks like a date and says hello to Kim. Upon heading back to the rest of the ladies, Kyle bumps into a sobbing Camille on the steps. Camille tells Kyle, “I feel so bad about the political conversation.” She blames her tears on the fact that she, too, has been blamed for things she “hasn’t done.”

In the midst of her tears, Camille asks Kyle to be one of her bridesmaids. Well, that was awkward… You know Kyle is p*ssed she didn’t get some sort of cheesy Pinterest-esque box of champagne and picture frames. When Camille gets herself together enough to sit back down at the table, she tells Rinna, “I’ve been a victim of a smear campaign” and that hit a nerve with her when the Kavanaugh discussion began. These women have an uncanny ability of making everything about THEM. “Un-be-lieve-able.”

The next day, Lois claims that last night’s dinner was “wild.” Rinna believes that the political conversation was timely and then we hear a crazy tale about how Lois was attacked a few years before Rinna was born. This man tried to rape and kill Lois, but luckily, a military policeman saved her. Turns out that when this guy got out of prison, he went on to become “The Trailside Killer,” a serial killer! Who knew Lois experienced such a traumatic event? Rinna explains that her mother was overprotective because of her ordeal, but that Lois never really talked about the incident. Rinna further says, “I think the least we can do is show these victims compassion.” Lois tells Rinna that she thinks her story is why she is living such a long life and proceeds to tell Rinna that she, too, will live a long life. A 105-year-old Rinna? I don’t know if I can handle all of that…



  1. That’s it? That’s the episode? I didn’t watch last night, and now I’m glad. Here’s what I’m getting from the recap, and none of it sounds like earth shaking entertainment:
    1. Denise has a messy house
    2. Dorit is kinda sorta LVP’s wronged sister-in-law
    3. Kyle called Lisa V a liar
    4. Camille cried
    5. Rinna wore leopard
    6. Teddi isn’t even worth mentioning
    I DO wish I’d seen EJ take the knee to the mouth, however. Sounds like the highlight of the show!

        1. My Comcast was down last night so I did not see the show. Bravo clips helped but the after show clips were awful.

          1. Tell me about it. What a feral bunch of animals. Clearly CumEel still has no remorse for what she said about Lisa.

          2. May be extensions. Camille says ‘if that gets aired’ about the caps comments.

          3. You can view it with the OnDemand with Comcast, if you have the box. You can’t FF in this mode though.

    1. It was boring. I recorded it and fast-forwarded thorugh much of it. I didn’t even care to see Erika get smacked in the mouth. As soon as I see her puss, I FF right by it.

        1. I know. Until this season, I’ve fast forwarded through people (Erika/ Rinna) but never deleted episodes unwatched. End of an era.

          1. It is sad. What was the creme de la creme of all the housewives shows, is now pure trash. I have not watched the last 2 weeks, just clips. Missing nothing, saving my peace though.

    2. I’m not watching anymore either and based on all of the recaps, including yours, there is nothing remotely interesting, inspiring or entertaining about the episode.

  2. It looked to me that production is making a very futile attempt to humanize some of these women by featuring them supposedly being cutesy and amusing. Rinna was all over the screenah, Kyle was loud and bushy-tailed and Camille desperately tried out her Sarah Bernhardt act.

    Give it up, production. These harridans will never be ladies. Insensitive to their elderly guest, scrapping over bullshit and voices at catfight level. It’s pretty much all “me, me ,me!” Kyle always searching for more ammunition, Rinna simply repulsive and Camille running her martyred ego roughshod over the whole occasion. You can’t fix this.

  3. This has got to be one of the worst episodes of BH in a long time, if not of all time. I, for one, am not interested in watching the housewives for their take on anything political. Especially if they twist it to make it all about themselves. The episode is really not even worth speaking about, even Erika being kneed in the face and LVP taking a sledgehammer to her old kitchen, which were the only 5 min worth watching. The real bombshell was the blog LVP posted on her own website. That just about says it all, right?

    1. Since her first blog “accidentally” disappeared from the Bravo web site until she was notified & had it corrected…

    2. After her appearance on WWHL, Lisa is clearly aware of the bias. She doesn’t want her blog to be cut and pasted again

      1. I just watched last night taped WWHL. The beautiful guest spoke of love & loving. Rinna looked awful in yet another bakers dozen from QVC , animal print of ugly. She looked somewhat uncomfortable, not enough for me though. Andy gushed $$$$ signs. He must be money hungry, he certainly lacks any kind of morals. The more I get to know him, it’s the less I like that prune head.

    3. So, Camille has all kinds of empathy for Kavanaugh because she knows what it’s like to be falsely accused of something (who said Kavanaugh was being FALSELY accused, other than Camille?), but she doesn’t seem to have an ounce of empathy for the false accusations being thrown at LVP.

    1. Harry may have been glued to the hearings to see if his own admittance into Yale (after running a brothel and getting off easy) was brought into the hearings. Its all the same genre of men using women to get their jollies off. Harry and Brett are both over educated over respected pigs!

        1. I don’t disagree, but he’s an opinionated person who believes he knows more than everyone else. Rinna is just his myna bird mouthpiece.

  4. I saw a headline on the DM website that said RHOBH star Joyce Giraud slams petty cast mates for ganging up on Lisa Vanderpump while vowing she’ll never return to show. She said she’d rather swim with sharks.

    1. Joyce is a good woman. She was originally swayed by the others until she realised they were lying to her about Lisa. Ironically she started on the show as Vyle’s friend. Vyle dropped her when Joyce refused to play ball.

    2. Part of the article says, “Giraud claims to be an expert on the ‘bullying’ tactics used by the cast as it happened during her season in 2013 as well. ‘All the girls were trying to tell me Vanderpump was a bad person. Kyle kept trying to talk bad about Lisa on my season. Brandi (Glanville) even called me and said Lisa is very mean. But I kept saying “I don’t see it.”‘

  5. Nazi Pimp Daddy is so concerned about injustices in the world he was glued to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings… give me a FU**ing break

  6. Without LVP, it is an hour of mean girls who have no idea what friendship looks like in the real world. They seem desperate and boring! All we are seeing, with the exception of Denise, are grown ass women fighting for camera time with a fake music career, model daughters, real estate product placement and failed businesses. Yawn. Denise should not look back and RUN!!!

    1. But according to them, as soon as LVP stopped filming they started having fun, fun, fun. Too bad for us it’s boring, boring, boring.

    1. I didn’t see the show, but if Kim was having a glass of wine it goes to show she was abusing drugs and not alcohol. There are multiple reasons why people drink to excess, and not all are addiction. Watching Kim take the emotional abuse from Kyle constantly through S1 showed what Kim was trying to escape.

        1. I do have a sister like Kyle. When she was on her warpath I would do a lot of serious drinking, but never got to alcoholism. As soon as I removed her from my life, I could have a drink and stop at one. I’m betting that Kim is not an alcoholic.

  7. So Camille appears to be saying on this show and in the After Show clip that it was the accusation from Kyle that she was a liar that caused her global humiliation. Why on earth then is she asking her to be a bridesmaid? Just so the cameras will film her wedding?

      1. They are little interviews with certain Housewives. It seems to be a new thing. I don’t really like it as it seems to be giving them another platform to get their side of the story across – like Kyle and Teddi are together, then Denise and Rinna, Erika and Dorit.

        1. Thanks. I just watched a couple, and I agree. Camille trying to excuse her behavior by saying that she had 1/4 of a drink is nonsense. I’m not a big drinker, but when I do drink, I don’t start saying mean things about my “friends.”

    1. Yep. Also, why was the morally corrupt Faye Resnick at her bridal shower? I thought that those things were for close friends and family. Kyle is still trying to make her happen.

  8. Camille is the perfect example why victims of sexual assault rarely come forward. They feel that most people won’t believe them or that somehow it’s their fault that this happened to them or that they don’t have ‘evidence’ . Camille IS PART OF THE PROBLEM

    I’m disappointed and disgusted by Camille both as a woman and as a human being . It reminded me when Stassi ridiculed the brave women of the MeToo movement . Both Camille and Stassi are not only idiotic and misinformed but they also lack empathy and basic human decency

    I thought Dorit was the worst until Camille said what she said last night . There is no coming back from that IMO

  9. “(So after KR left, an hour later Ken, my good friend Elena and I went to the Polo Lounge just a short while after the emotional nuke… And there it was… KR, DK,TM huddled in a corner chewing the fat. I was disgusted and knew it was a well-orchestrated plan, that had been executed to perfection)”…… This from Lisas blog says it all. On WWHL Lisa stated the Vyle coming to to house to shame her and then getting her ass thrown out was much longer then what aired. I totally think at some point it was mentioned they were going to dinner at the Polo and Vyle called her little Lieutenants to say that instead of going too wherever they planned for the after nuke of Lisa to go to the Polo instead. Dorit acting all shocked at the lying lunch when Vyle retold the whole thrown out and Lisa saying she didnt do this on “PURPOSE” had already been discussed.

      1. I didn’t watch, catching up here. I read Lisa’s blog, but it didn’t say, did the ladies, no, too nice, did the lying cunt-craniums see them at the polo lounge that night?

  10. I didn’t watch last night. Instead I was lurking on Twitter as Kyle kept blasting LVP for being a liar about the invite text that never arrived and Kyle getting schooled by the masses on how blocking works, She still swears she knows more and she has it on good authority that LVP did not block her after #GoodbyeKyle but instead only blocked her many, many, many weeks later….ROFL…

    1. It seems to be Kyle Richards day job to keep trying to destroy LVPs reputation in every way she can think of. She is constantly plotting new angles to attack LVP, and make herself look better, but is out of talent also in this department, as in other aspects of life. When #goodbyekyle didn’t work out, Kyle thought she was smart and tried a new shtick: #hellokyle.

      She has yet to learn that she looks ridiculous posting those pictures with Rinna and Teddi in a “home alone” party- setting. Are we talking learning disabilities here? I believe that she is reading through all her social media feedback, just so she can find ONE single post that gives her a compliment, that she can highlight and repost, but she still doesn’t seem to get the overall picture!!?

    2. In Kyle’s tagline she says “in Beverley hills the truth always rises to the top”, but so far that hasn’t happened & she’s not saying it anymore like she WAS. Remember how she kept saying “keep watching, for what really happened, (vanderpump fans were so pissed, & she thought she could change our minds as the season went on). Do you think she kept saying that thinking after their big blow up, that we would see it her way?? Bc if she did, SHES FREAK’N STUPID CRAZY, & AN IDIOT!!!!

      1. Kyle is completely at odds with reality. How is she unable to see that she is promoting a show that documents her as a mean, gossipy backstabber???

    3. I’d bet LVP gets a lot of text messages from a lot of people. We all have control over what we choose to read in our text list, and we can delete without reading. If LVP was unwilling to listen to Kyle lie about being sorry, she could easily have deleted every text from Kyle until she blocked her.

  11. I felt I was dying a slow painful death surrounded by 6 fucktards, a mother fucktard and three fucktard offspring. The highlight of the episode was watching Erikhunt get kneed in the face. I could watch that scene over and over again.

    Vyle, driving a Vanderhall is not the same as Vanderpump, give it a rest. Stop pretending you know how to shop and stop trying to make your droopy eyed daughter happen. She is you 40 years ago and not something I’m keen to revisit. That whole scene was boring and unbearable, just like the rest of your existence.

    Lipshit, I don’t care about you and your manufactured zany antics. You’re still a wanker. Embrace it and move along, and take your bland nipple ring wearing daughters with you.

    CumEel, your wedding shower was a load of old shit and I’m glad LVP didn’t attend and so is she by the way. I don’t take too kindly to people who associate with Orange Fayke and Vyle Richards, you know, the one who was wearing that pink monstrosity that was two sizes two small. Your story was a load of old shit too. You were never a victim of persecution, you were the original pernicious cunt and that’s what you’ll always be.

    By the way Grammer, you’re what’s wrong with society. It’s people like you who put the fear in sexual assault victims from coming forward. Rather than defend a potential sexual predator, why don’t you think about the courage it took for Ms. Ford to put herself in front of millions of people to share her own story. You don’t know what happened to her, she does.

    Not enough LVP by the way?

    1. That Vanderhaul was the perfect example of Kyle’s mind set. She doesn’t think things through. Let’s go grocery shopping in a glorified go cart. Only Rinna would be able to pull that off considering she doesn’t eat.

      1. I would never drive that car, especially with my child in it. It doesn’t exactly look safe. What a silly thing to spend money on.

    2. Anyone who is wondering why Faye was at that shower needs to realize that Kyle was going to have her attack animal there on the off chance LVP did show up.

    3. I wouldn’t have watched at all but have been ordered to stay in bed as much as possible for awhile. A benadryl made everything rather surreal. Every so often I’d come to the surface and see some of our Mexican neighbors with plastic surgery every bit as bad as the housewives. Who the hell ARE these people? I thought that I was having a nightmare when Rinna went on and on about that serial killer. And it does no redeemable good to trot out family members like Portia, Lois, Kim. I don’t need to be reminded that Vyle is a “mother” and a “sister.” I don’t need to remember that Rinna was born of human flesh.

        1. Coming from you, I am humbled. You are a ray of sunshine to us all here & you ought to know it.
          Net on/off giving trouble. Sometimes you see me, sometimes you dont.

    4. Nobody knows what happened to her. Even she seems like she didn’t know exactly what happened when or where. There was zero proof. ZERO! The key word you used was “potential.” He has the the presumption of innocence as is written in our Constitution so he wasn’t “potentially” anything. How would you feel if your son or husband was accused of a 36 year old sexual assault with NO hard evidence or witnesses? It’s worth noting that Dr. Ford is also a card carrying hard core Democrat that has worked for and donated to the Democratic Party for many years. I find her timing and and lack of witnessed or evidence suspect. Sorry, I wanted to believe her, but it just didn’t add up. BTW-I’m not Republican, but I do believe in our laws and our Constitution. The presumption of innocence is how it works in this country.

      1. I think the best thing honestly was to keep quiet. My point being is that we shouldn’t be pointing fingers in either direction if you’re an outsider. I would also add that many survivors of assault get the details wrong. I don’t know how much politics comes into it. As we’ve seen though, there has been sexual misconduct on both ends of the aisle. I never want to put my 10 cents in when it has to do with this topic.

  12. Without LVP these bitches will start to turn on each other like cannibals. They will start with the ones who are having money issues…..which right now is most of them. Wait, wait….

    1. Teddi is liked by none of them. She is the first to be cannibalized by the coven. Poor stupid creature doesn’t know she was used.

      1. I have no sympathy for her, not after the way she treated Lvp. She could be frothing at the mouth & I’d just walk past her—that’s how much I dislike her.

      2. I think the others will use Teddi to do their dirty work for them until she’s no longer needed. She has no storyline otherwise. She may have thought this was a good way to drum up business for herself. She’ll find out the hard way.

      3. I think the others will use Teddi to do their dirty work for them until she’s no longer needed. She has no storyline otherwise. She may have thought this was a good way to drum up business for herself. She’ll find out the hard way.

  13. Just watched again the clip of WWHL with Rinna being asked about leaking the story to ROL.
    After denying it she then goes off about (this is almost verbatim) LVP didn’t want to be talked about, didn’t want to be part of the group and therefore the group didn’t want to talk about it, they “respect” her and they don’t talk about it. Lisa said go ask LVP. Hearing this was bad enough but to actually write this down made me shake my head. What a bunch of horse shit. She actually used the word respect?! And more BS was spewed afterward. Found it ironic she memorized some keys words from the article.

    1. Yes, saw that, smooth answer that was not straight, deflection all the way. I felt she felt under scrutiny, especially as the guest lady there was a loving human, compared to her filth. Her hair pulled back in a tail, did not suit her at all.

  14. What disgusts me the most this season is the complete lack of consideration that LVP got into this season carrying a profound tragedy. I can’t see that she ever was given the room to elaborate on her loss. Instead she’s got Lisa Rinna gloating in her face every time the dog was brought up, Erika’s passive aggressive comments, and Kyle, the “friend” of 12 years, emotionally unavailable, totally focused on destroying her reputation and labeling her as a liar without any proof, never giving her the benefits of the doubt.
    As for Teddi Bore, constantly harping on LVPs pattern as a liar. WTF? The past accusations are proven false. Lisa never sold a story about Adrienne, and even Brandi backtracked and admitted to lying about the magazines. THAT is what Kyle needed to remind the group, when asked if LVP had a history of selling stories.
    I suggest that LVP frames those statements, to clarify this once and for all, and give it as a farewell gift to Kyle at the reunion.

    I back out of this season seeing more of the deluded mind of Kyle Richards then I ever needed.
    Somehow, it’s like Kyle had severe problems standing by Lisa’s side in her grief. Is she too narcissistic? Or was the envy too much to bear when Lisa also had such a huge success in her business life?
    Where Kyle Richards succeeded was in destroying her own reputation. She is the ultimate mean, envious, backstabbing, narcissistic, fake frenemy.

    1. Ooooo succinctly put DEG, nail right on the head! It’s been my point all along – NEVER ANY PROOF, just extremely envious women who just focused on The Take Down – and they all fckng failed! The last laugh is on them, past and present, with the viewer back lash! They are a disgrace as women and deplorsble as female role models (life ain’t ALL about the buck Rinna, no one jealous because you, as always, sold your soul to the devil aka Amazon @ Coachella ?) and Vyle you ought to be ashamed of your behaviour given you have 4 daughter – what kind of example good/positive do you think you are setting?? REALLY? PAH! I could go on but I don’t want to regurgitate what’s already out there about the others, don’t wanna waste my energy as they aint worth it!! I haven’t watched an since episode 3 and I I won’t, until The Lady returns ?.

    2. Joyce put out a tweet that said Kyle was constantly trying to get people to turn on LVP during the season she was part of the cast.

      1. Yes. Joyce recently gave an interview with dailymail online where she didn’t hold back the details on how Kyle, Brandi etc. tried to turn her against LVP her season of the show.

  15. I’ve put myself on a low bullshit diet. Therefore, I skipped watching the ep this week. I see from the detailed recap, I made a good decision. At 90 years old, GRinna’s Mother doesn’t need plastic surgery. In fact, it’s ridiculous. She can embrace the face she earned. GRinna made the face she deserves: a deformed freak show. Schlemiel is a sad bride-to-be. The return of KimiKaze is to be avoided, not encouraged. KyleECoyote thinks quoting the hackneyed words of her stupid dead momster is noteworthy & a conversation changer. Ha Ha Ha.

  16. I don’t know why they refer to themselves as Beverly Hills since only LVP lives there and they live in the Valley. I would like to see real Beverly Hills put on this franchise not cheap Valley girls. I currently am not watching this show.

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