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RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna Throws Shade at Lisa Vanderpump After ‘Pigs’ Dig on Twitter, See Her Post!

RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna Throws Shade at Lisa Vanderpump After 'Pigs' Dig on Twitter, See Her Post!

RHOBH Star Lisa Rinna Throws Shade at Lisa Vanderpump After 'Pigs' Dig on Twitter, See Her Post!

Lisa Rinna appears to be totally done with her past friendship with Lisa Vanderpump.

Following a report yesterday which suggested the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast was open to making amends with Vanderpump, Rinna responded to the rumor on our Instagram page and gave a nod to a recent diss Vanderpump shared on Twitter.

After Reality Blurb shared an article titled, “The RHOBH Cast Is Reportedly Willing To Make Amends With Lisa Vanderpump Under This One Condition, Find Out What It Is!,” Rinna said she’d only make amends with Vanderpump “when pigs fly.”

“Yeah. Right. When pigs fly,” she added in another comment.

RHOBH Lisa Rinna Will Make Amends With Lisa Vanderpump When Pigs Fly

According to the report, which was initially shared by Hollywood Life, the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Rinna included, were willing to make nice with Vanderpump, but only if she apologized for her alleged lies over the leaked Radar Online story about Dorit Kemsley and her dog Lucy.

As for Rinna’s “pigs” mention, that came just days after Vanderpump compared her and the rest of the cast to pigs on Twitter.

After former RHOBH cast member Joyce Giraud posted about visiting the ‘Pigs Bay’ during a vacation in The Bahamas, Vanderpump threw some shade at her co-stars with the pigs comparison.

“Your experience was better than mine in the Bahamas,” Vanderpump wrote to Joyce. “[I] would’ve rather been with pigs, well I kinda…”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo


      1. I’m one of the few who doesn’t think Katie’s fat. We saw her body when they ran into the ocean naked and honestly she had the best body out of all the women. She really needs to get her wardrobe under control. She couldn’t dress worse for her body type if she tried. She’d look better in an actual table cloth.

        1. I don’t think she’s fat either but she isn’t bony either. And she needs to stop stealing her clothes from the Cagney & Lacey wardrobe department . She could do with a style makeover that one!

          1. LOL She looks like she’s channeling Maude. It wasn’t a good look then and it still isn’t. Who is selling these ugly clothes? I’d love to see her in a crisp white shirt, jeans, nice shoes, not clodhopper shoes which a lot of these girls favour, something feminine and pretty.

          2. Maude was a broad in the real sense of the word. So you would often forget the hideous clothes. I get the feeling she’s so angry is because she doesn’t really like herself

          3. Oh yeah, Maude could pull it off because she had chutzpah, attitude and the audience saw her as a witty, intelligent woman. Katie’s a miserable hag without a personality. All we can see is her bitterness and poor choices in fashion.

        2. I don’t think she’s fat either. I can’t imagine how skinny the other girls look in person if they look that skinny on tv.

        3. Hi FDD,
          I think Katie has very wide shoulders and appears top heavy as a result.
          I agree she does not know how to dress for her figure.

        4. Agreed, she’s not a tongue depresser with tits nor is she a skelaton with skin wrapped around it, she’s got a great body but bad clothing choices.

        1. She wears to many layers and she has lousy posture. I’m not surprised she looks miserable in real life either ?

          1. She needs to do something with the hair as well, it adds a lot of weight imo. Lop about 4 inches off, put some layers into, bring some schwang to those locks. Not the tired, dragged down long curtain of hair. It’d also help if she kept it clean. Something about those VPR chicks, they don’t like to wash their hair. It’s disgusting.

          1. Maybe 5’8-5’9? Idk…I’m 5’2 so everyone looks tall to me.
            Ariana is about 5’3”, and she’s gorgeous in person (and friendly). Even Brittany didn’t look fat in person (I judge by the gut, waist, the back fat rolls, and the thighs).

            Scheana is Scheana. Nobody wanted pics with her ??

          2. Ahhh..Now I understand why you’re questioning me.
            I’m a forever fan of LVP and will be no matter what happens. She’s independent, intelligent, witty, very charitable, charismatic, and is all around fab IMO.
            She’s the reason why I took 5 hours of our family vacation to eat at SUR, stop by Pump & Villa Rosa. We watched the PRE-filming meeting with the VPR cast, got to meet several of them, but we left around 7:30 and missed LVP.
            When I finally had the courage to make my first post online, I was seriously bummed that out of ALL people, Beaumabi responded! ??! I almost always disagreed with her and her boring comments. That’s why I put a ? in my recent comment to Fiddle (I’m a Fiddle fan too).
            I’m sorry for my long answer; I just wanted to clear this up.

          3. I’m very sorry for the confusion. I didn’t notice your laughing emoji. Beaumabi was the reason I stopped visiting all things real housewives. She got to the point of attacking and insulting anyone who liked Pinky.

    1. That hairdo is so hideous. There’s a cartoon male with that do. Is Rinna using Erika’s glam squad? These cartoon hair styles are too common this season.

      1. I thought the same thing too about the hair do and glam squad thing. Pretty ridiculous. Glam squad must have been high on something, maybe doing coke in the bathroom.

    2. If GRinna is reading RB’s posts, she’s getting an eyeful. She’s also probably lurking & posting.

          1. I don’t know if it was her, that’s what other people were saying. Whomever it was was going by AuntKatie I believe.

          2. Oh yes, I remember that one. A brand new profile and one post. She deleted her profile the same day.

        1. oh wow. Hey Rinna since you are here answer me this. I just watched last weeks show, last night. While you were on the balcony you were waving, jumping around and calling to Kim like a long lost friend. Once you no longer had an audience or Kyle you blew past Kim like she was invisible. So which Rinna is the authentic one?

          Oh one more thing. Thank you so much for believing, standing up for, and protecting victims of sexual and physical assault . I can only imagine how good Julianne Phillips would feel listening to you. Good thing for you Camille had a tab less alcohol in her than Kim did and didn’t pull out the husband card.

          But seriously, is you need for attention that high? Is there anywhere you can go that you don’t just suck the life out of the room with your need to be the center of attention?

      1. Well that certainly is consistent with the NYT article which stated that she hires people to post on her behalf. Perhaps she is posting here under an assumed name or hiring others to post here.

      1. I know, they look like literal shit !! Why is this is trend, fully sequined tops with mini turtle necks? I hate it.

    3. I’ve said it before….this picture would make rats head for the hills. She should post it in her kitchen.

    1. I wonder if she deleted her comments…she has a tendency to rage and regret (especially when alone).

    2. I’m telling ya, she was drunk and hungry, not a good combo. Also, Harry is probably still in Canada leaving Rinner unsupervised.

  1. I don’t understand why any of them are still rambling on about making amends. Just state plainly, I will never be friends again and move the hell on. No one cares, at this point, if the cast wants to make nice or not.

    1. Right! I don’t understand this big amends BS they need to make. They don’t even like LVP. What amends is there to make with someone they don’t even like?

    2. Right! I don’t understand this big amends BS they need to make. They don’t even like LVP. What amends is there to make with someone they don’t even like?

    1. In all fairness she can’t help it. With the slightest breeze those monstrous soup coolers can’t help but to flap.

  2. Rinna IS a pig, as are her no talent daughters. I love that this skank has been exposed for just what she is!! A big old steaming pile of shit!

    1. Now her ugly daughter is posing in her underwear and posting it on SM. Rinna set a fine example for those girls.

        1. Yep!!” Momma showed me how. Only problem is momma can blow a horse, but I’ll have to wait to do that until I get my new lips.” “I wanna be just like my momma.”

          1. I think the giant one prefers the ladies and the older one prefers middle aged peen

        1. For no reason. She was at Coachella. The VS logo was featured quite visibly on her underwear, so it made me think that she is jonesing for a gig with them.

          1. ??? you’re right , she’s probably begging for that gig but come on!!!! VS??? That’s a stretch !! Maybe Hanes but not VS

    2. Rinnas daughters really aren’t at all cute. And Rinna is HARD at work trying to get her daughters thier own show because their 15 minutes of fame as “models” is up.

  3. I am so sick of that botched reject. She clearly has lost a lot of brain cells… And, she didn’t have much to begin with. I wonder if she can fly? She is the only pig I see.

  4. I wonder if Mandy Cohen is going to ask Tedholio what she thinks of Rebecca Gay’s comment about her.

    1. That would be a good viewer question to ask / post. Knowing it wouldn’t get chosen, I wanted to ask “Did Teddie see the video when Lucy was struggling to climb out of a wire cage and did she think it was as funny as Dorit and PK did when Lucy fell to the floor and yelped in pain?”

      1. She’s a feminist …I’d never heard of her either. She said Tedholio would be her nemesis. She also said that they should have left LVP alone in regards to the puppygate BS. Kyle was a secret caller and heard Rebecca say it. Maybe someone can post the clip.

      2. She’s a feminist …I’d never heard of her either. She said Tedholio would be her nemesis. She also said that they should have left LVP alone in regards to the puppygate BS. Kyle was a secret caller and heard Rebecca say it. Maybe someone can post the clip.

    2. Someone asked Teddi on IG and her boring reply was something like ‘she’s welcome to her opinion but I’m surprised because I’m a working mom who empowers other women’.
      Teddi thinks that telling women that to live their best life they need to be a certain size is empowering and that they should pay for her advice despite having no qualifications in either fitness or nutrition. As usual she can’t see beyond her own nose.

  5. I think they identified the woman who dumped puppies into a dumpster at Coachella. I think her defense will be, “Vanderpump made me do it and she leaked the video to the press-Poor, poor me-I am the victim here!”.

    1. On a serious note, they caught the person who dumped the puppies. I read where Deborah Sue Culwell, 54, was arrested and is facing up to seven counts of felony animal cruelty. They found that she had about 30 dogs in her home that were taken to a shelter in Thousand Palms to make sure they’re properly fed and cared for.

  6. I’m sure Lisa Vanderpump will be devastated. Oh my what will she ever do without the troublemaking bag of bones?When pigs fly indeed Lipshit, I can’t imagine Lisa running into your bony embrace anytime soon. And just remember, without LVP you have no storyline or were you hoping for Kimbecile to return?

  7. I don’t understand why Rinna is upset. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with her so this idea that she needs something from LVP to move forward is asinine.

      1. Well, she should bring something more to the table than her ass lips. If rinna would mind her own business and get her own storyline that doesn’t have to do with those lethargic children of hers, she wouldn’t be worried about being left out. Bravo needs to fire her. She doesn’t bring anything to this show.

        1. It does appear that Rinna is trying to Kardashian the older daughter, Daffodil, with the almost naked, seductive photos they post. That ship has actually sailed and I doubt anyone else will become ultra famous the way Kim & Paris did.

        2. And Take Pat the Puss with her because she brings nothing but a bunch of costumes and a Gaggle of Gays to dress her

    1. I think she leaked the story and she has been trying to bring Lisa down for years. Munch storyline and Eileen’s apology. She is a pitball with a long memory.

  8. The apology idea probably comes from dorit’s camp. She would love to rewind the clock. PK knows the f…ed up.

  9. People only mind another’s business when their own business isn’t worth minding. The coven really could use some of their time creating a good life for themselves.

  10. As far as insults go, Lisa’s allusion to finding pigs more pleasurable than the BH Bitches; it was mild. She didn’t impugn anyone’s character by claiming any one of those hateful hags are Leakers or LIARS. LisaV has been discreet to a fault. She definitely has the goods on them. I really want her to spill their secrets & scandals until they squirm in their seats. .

    1. She has all the receipts, it’s up to LVP to bring those receipts to the reunion and make her voice heard. The one thing that stands in her way……Annn-drool. He’ll either prevent her from relaying what she knows and/or the coven will yell and scream over her, not letting her finish a sentence. Which is what we’ve seen in the past and LVP has backed down every time.

          1. Annn-drool is jelly of Lisa because he will never have anything more than a gaggle of waring pigs in his stable. Annn-drool will never have 1/1,000,000 the class and dignity of Lisa nor does he have the creativity and competence to bring anything to fruition like Lisa can. Annn-drool is a one trick pony whereas Lisa has a proven track record in many different areas. Annn-drool has never given back nor has he influenced government to make positive changes for humanity. Annn-drool is basically a used wad of gum you might step in and as such you wouldn’t notice it till after you’ve stepped on it. It continues to annoy you till you’ve managed to scrap it off your shoe a while later but the stain is still on your shoe.

          2. I really dislike him. He’s such an old bitch! If he likes you you’re in but if he doesn’t you need to watch your back, he’s the classic bitchy, catty old queen.

          1. Oh yikes, happy I haven’t seen it then. I don’t think I can handle watching her be treated so horribly anymore.

      1. Would be great, but as we’ve seen in reunion after reunion, LVP is never allowed to speak in her own defense. Instead of just Kyle screaming her down, the entire coven would be doing it to her. I hope and trust she won’t show up unless she gets 2/3 of the film time solo with John Sessa and John Blizzard on the couch with her.

        1. I’ll pass on Blizzard but I’d definitely like to see Sessa show up and set everyone straight. Especially Rinner, whom thinks he’s one of LVP’s lackies when in fact he’s LVP’s partner and runs her foundation.

          1. Blizzard has the text messages on his phone – if he’s not there, he needs to send his phone. He’s the keeper of some valuable info – like just how friendly were he and Theodore? Sessa knows Dorit’s lies, but Blizzard has the scoop on Theodore’s.

          2. Those text messages don’t mean anything other than Teddislore texting with a 23 year old twink.

          3. Has he lied? He’s a jerk, but he was a key player in what Theodore is accusing LVP of doing. He’d be a complete fool to choose to align with Theo the nobody.

          4. No he hasn’t lied, that wasn’t my point. I don’t think he was entirely forthcoming, he had to be made to share the texts with Ken

          5. Sessa is an educated man. Wasn’t he the one that was at that shelter, when Eileen fell in love with that dog?

      2. I was watching an old rerun of WWHL earlier and was thrown off by how rude and short he is with LVP. He really seems to have a real dislike for her. Fk you Andy!!!

        1. Which is why I want LVP to skip the reunion. Nothing good can come from it because the coven and Andy will do underhanded things to set her up. I don’t care how strong she is—she does not deserve to be ambushed again.

          She should do a taped statement.

          Andy is a piece of garbage and she owes him nothing. LVP was in no condition to be a part of this season and he knew it. He put ratings over her health and well being. She had to seek help due to the toll of all of this.

          This is no longer okay. A line has been crossed. She owes them nothing.

          It is over.

          1. I kinda think Andy is in on it, he has at the very least given his approval of their treatment of LVP and truly seems to enjoy it. He is part of Kyles Kunty Koven, they all need for some serious karma. They are truly gross ass hags!!!

          2. Kyle is getting her share of Karma already.
            Mo is in trouble with the law, her shops all closed, her shows cancelled & best of all, Lvp is done with her–for good & the viewers hate her. All Good!
            The others? One by one they’ll fall.

          3. Exactly Rat Turd is starting to look way more scary then usual. I saw in a coming attraction Dumb$hit is screaming at Teddibore. One by one they are starting to fall because of what they’ve done it’s just a matter of time before the rest start to disintegrate under the pressure. As B said, if even one finger was moving after their take down they were going to be in big trouble. LOL It sure is fun watching them go down one by one. So much for frolicking together without Lisa LOL Their ill-conceived plan backfired in their face and now they are facing the consequences.

          4. Seesnowy, their “Friendship” was banded together only because of their intense intent to maliciously take down Lvp. They dont even like each other on any given day (as we clearly saw last season). With things going downhill now as they are, the battle has begun, they will be at each other’s throats about everything as we knew would happen.
            Now, I say let’s sit back, relax & enjoy the savages attacking each other. Our festivities are starting.

          5. Yes I agree and she needs to pull the rug out from under him by not going and sending a video statement. That would send a clear message to him.

          6. Please let that happen. He allowed it for gutter slush Brandi who is a nothing. He owes this to Lvp.

        2. He is always rude to her. At the reunions, he himself seems. to pound her, and won’t let her finish. She should walk from that crappy show..

          1. Yet he allows Nene get away with anything. He must be scared of Nene but he should be affraid of the viewers.

          2. Derped ITA. He is not afraid of the viewers, he’s deluded enough to imagine he’s adored by all. And Big Yes, he is very scared of Nene, she is a big, huge bully.

        3. Derped, it’s because Lvp knows who she is, where she came from, does not need to bend down & wash his feet as do the others to gain brownie points. The others depend on him, She stands on her own merits & that alone offends him.
          So yes, he does not like Lvp. He wants everyone on bended knee, in adoration at the altar of Andy & he clearly sees she wont ever be there.

      3. AGAIN! IMO @Andy is a SADIST [a person who derives pleasure from inflicting pain or humiliation on others] He’s a prick! All the HW’s suck up to him while Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t need to. She’s the only one & that must drive him nuts.I hope she doesn’t do the reunion. He won’t protect her. He’ll throw her to the Wolfs/Pigs. Plus I think he hates women.

    2. Medusa, that ALL of our wishes, I’m thinking.
      This is so fed-uping. They’re all just holding on to rubbish at this point just to create a further beef with Lvp. The one good part of all this trash is that it seems to affect them. They can freely dish, but they cant take.

      1. Starr, The BH Heap would have been wiser to leave LISA alone, off camera. Instead, they dragged out their hatred into the public domain, even after filming completed. That is sick.

    3. look, dorit could have ended this a LONG time ago by simply saying “stop…what is done is done, leave lisa alone.” but noooooooo she likes all the attention. she is so repugnant and so is her spouse. ugh.

      1. Dreet didn’t stop the gang up because this asinine story line serves as a shield from her actual real life scandals. The Kemsleys owe millions of dollars. They both are embroiled lawsuits.

  11. GRinna’s “condition” to making amends is unnecessary because, LVP doesn’t even care about her.

    1. Lisa was enjoying a lovely Easter on Sunday without a care in the world. Her Twitter pics were fab. Lipshit was the last thing on her mind!

    2. Pathetic when rat girl, at whichever lame ass meal they were having, said that she didnt have a beef with Lisa V. She thinks shes actually funny when shes slamming Lisa V in her soap opera fake accent.

      1. Nellie Bly, “rat girl” is a keeper for GRinna. Right. GRinna claimed to not have any issues with LVP. Yet, she joined the pack & reveled in LisaV being insulted. It was GRinna’s idea to send Vyle to Lisa’s and tell her she’s a LIAR. Why not keep the issue between Dweeb & LVP? Vyle had nothing to do with it, at all.

      2. That’s the worst accent ever. Imagine hearing someone speak so many times and still not even come close.

          1. You’ve seen her eat? When? i’ve never seen food pass those inner tubes she calls lips, just booze!

  12. Lisa Rinna is a morally corrupt vulgar individual.

    I don’t understand how any company wants to align with her especially in light of Rinna criticizing entire states—what she has said about particular states is disgusting and then coupled with her behaviors this year AND her insensitivity to the opioid crises—-she is beyond vulgar and who would want to align with that? And she mocked the Catholic faith during Holy Week, specifically Ash Wednesday.

    Who does she think she is? And who in their right mind would support her?

    1. Hell the only reason her husband visits her a few times a year is because she supports him but since her means of support may be coming to a close he may bail on her once and for all. We may finally get to meet “Canada”.

  13. The what I find hilarious about this whole shit show is the Swine Squad dreamed up the entire dog drama to, not only deflect viewers from the fact they have nothing to offer except failure and lawsuits, but to finally take Lisa down using her own foundation. The Swine felt they could hide their crap and steal the crown in one easy coup, but oopsy, what happens is they look like fools, are being called mean girls, have been dragged on SM, and are left without a whipping boy when their scapegoat flipped them the figurative bird and walked away. Not only did Lisa garner tons of support, she may end up with another show featuring the very foundation the Swine used to try to take her down! The irony! LOL. They went from giddy self congratulations to desperate damage control. The more they talk, the dumber they look. The double irony is, while the Swine was oinking up a storm to cover their porky butts, Lisa maintained her dignity by staying silent and letting the actions of the boring boars ? speak for themselves.

    1. I think the thing that makes me the maddest is the fact they tried to ruin her foundation. Does not speak very highly of them at all. The one I’m the most disappointed in is Dorit, Lis and Ken have been friends with her husband for a long time and the fact he stood with Dorit in this takedown is amazing to me. Who would do that to a good friend. I do not consider Vyle a good friend and never have but PK was. I don’t know how Pig and the Dornut can live with themselves. But I guess people who don’t pay their bills will do anything.

    2. I won’t be satisfied with one show. I want 2. Vanderpump Dogs and then Vanderpump Vegas. I probably won’t watch it I just want it to burn the women fo their cruelty Cruelty must be called out.

      1. Good idea! Then Andy can invite the crusty Koven to WWH and show them clips of Lisa new shows while toothily asking them if they’ve made up with her.

        1. It’s the premier parties and openings that will kill them. Kunties love a red carpet like vampires love blood.

      2. I hope they just do one show about the Todd-Vanderpumps. That way they can highlight all their endeavors. We can see it all, home, work, entertaining, charity, play. All of it.

    3. That’s very true!!! Another ironic aspect to the supposed “take-down” of LisaV is that the hags have proclaimed there’s so much to see as the season unfolds. “Keep watching. We have so much fun without LisaV….” However, they porcine peasants have turned off the viewers with their malicious conduct, nobody cares about their upcoming fun. They’ll end up with no LisaV & low ratings.

  14. OMG. Rinna, Kyle and Teddi have forgotten to STFU. Every word they speak digs them deeper into fandom graveyard. Keep talking kunties

  15. Okay another thing about the leak and how certain words were commonly used by brits and therefore it had to be Lisa, well Sadie the Kumsley assistant is British too

    1. She sounded like an Assie to me she also looks a lot like the blurred out nice women who “didnt” take Lucy right down to her ugly watch she was wearing while making smoothies

    2. She sounded like an Assie to me she also looks a lot like the blurred out nice women who “didnt” take Lucy right down to her ugly watch she was wearing while making smoothies

      1. She’s definitely a Brit, aussies don’t sound like that seeing how I am one. But the blurred out photo definitely looks like her.

          1. There was a photo of a blurred out woman on Doorknob’s instagram that looked like Sadie the assistant. I think it’s gone now. But it may be floating around still on an earlier thread on this site

    3. Dipshit and her faux British accent could also be the culprit along with her hubby, Peeeekay.
      The reality is, they’re all in on it and Rinner was the one to make the call to ROL.

      1. Definitely. It was a group collaboration and everyone of them played a part. I think Tediot and Lipshit probably scripted the damn thing.

      2. That’s like someone saying Rain says hi cutie so it must be her ????? if somebody wants to frame it as if LVP said then of course they used common Brit words

          1. I suppose I can stick my rack now in married men’s faces in the style of Homeless Camille while I stick my tongue down their throats

    4. The name of LVP’s dog rescue was wrong in the story. If it was someone within the org. they would know the name. Some people point out the word nip or nipping as a Brit thing, but I have used that word all my life, especially pertaining to a dog bite, and I live here.

      1. We all do. My point was there’s more than one Brit to point a finger at. This British thing is nonsense as far as I’m concerned

  16. I don’t think it’s really up to Rinna or any of the other Coven members whether they can repair their relationship with LVP.
    LVP holds all the cards .

        1. Kyle’s been wearing pink clothes and carrying that stupid little pink purse all season to try and get under LVP’s skin. Emotionally, she’s still a 16 year old mean girl.

    1. I’m serious. The level of obsession is scary. I wonder if LVP has security.

      Is it THAT hard to just admit you messed up, trusted Dorit, trusted Kyle, got caught up in it, didn’t realize how nasty it looked until the footage aired. Why not just end this and apologize. I sure would. From a PR standpoint, this won’t end.

      1. She is incredibly vulgar and cruel. I cannot understand how any company would want to be associated with the likes of her.

        1. I don’t understand it, either. She works for QVC which caters to the “ordinary woman”. How do they identify with freakish GRinna???

          1. I don’t understand that either especially in light of Rinna criticizing entire states—what she has said about particular states is disgusting and then coupled with her behaviors this year AND her insensitivity to the opioid crises—-she is beyond vulgar and who would want to align with that?

          2. Ladybug, add her insult to Catholics (me) about Ash Wednesday & ashes. Add everything together & it shows she is cruel, evil, sick gutter trash.

          3. Yes, she is a vulgar individual who engages in hate speech and is married to someone who thinks it’s amusing to wear a tee shirt that promotes hate (neo-Nazi tee shirt). Goodness knows what goes on behind closed doors!

            Bravo, QVC and each individual in the coven should really think about whether they are comfortable aligning with and supporting a hate monger especially in light of recent events and the war on Christianity.

            BTW, I am not Catholic but she might as well of maligned me personally (and I actually feel personally attacked) as I am a different denomination of Christian and hate speech is hate speech.

          4. There has been backlash aimed at QVC regarding Rinna’s vulgar anti-Catholic comments and sadly QVC has not acted.

        2. I noticed that QVC has a host blog. There are a few posts under Lisa Rinna that have been removed for being inappropriate. I wish I could have read them before they were removed. Not sure if they were about her or her clothes.

          1. The one I saw was at Villa Rosa and featured Vanderpump Rose and her mini horse. Maybe I’ll get an invite next year. ;j

      1. I got the tiniest glimpse on Instagram and I think I’m going to love it. I can’t wait to see the rest.

  17. I really really hope Rinna doesn’t get her contract renewed for next season to wipe that smug smile off her face and teach her that bullying doesn’t win.
    I also want Teddi gone because she has a clear game plan from the moment she walked in last season.
    Make Erika a Friend for now to see how she would fare without Rinna.

    1. I think Teddi will be gone. She has zero to offer. I think Bravo thought they could manage a John Cougar Mellencamp/Meg Ryan cameo, but that hasn’t happened, so there is nothing Teddi has that interests them, and her storyline has been shit, no matter how much she tries to stir the pot.

      1. I really hope Teddi is gone but I think she has anchored herself to Kyle for a reason. Totally agree that Teddi was totally trading on her surname and has nothing else.

        1. She can attach herself to Kyle all she wants but no one cares about her storyline, and Bravo always trades on that. Even Kyle cannot protect her. I could be wrong, but I do think this will be her last season. She could end up as a “friend” to Kyle. I don’t see how they would keep her, knowing no one is interested in her outside of her dad.

          1. Kyle won’t even want to save her if she isn’t successful in getting the crown placed squarely on Kyle’s head.

          2. ITA. I think even non-LVP viewers don’t like Teddi. She appeals to no one. Teddi is a one trick pony like Rinna – they are parasite HWs who only survived by causing misery for others. Viewers have had it women who don’t have any substance or lifestyle to show off.

          3. Look at how pathetic she was, desperately buying a new house to TRY to keep up w/the Joneses this season, and then acting like it was her husband that wanted the home. I remember thinking how sad it was she was seeking council from Kyle and Erika on makeup application last season?Who asks Kyle for any tips?I am shocked Teddi hasn’t asked Faye Resnick to decorate her home. She is so desperate.

      2. Oddly, Tedster doesn’t attract any famous clients for her (cough) “accountability biz”. None of the cast utilize her (fake) “services”.

          1. I just saw Lisa’s Twitter. That first retweet with the big pig blowing up smaller pigs was Vanderfabulous!!! The replies are hilarious, too.

          2. Yes, Cheerful Chap. It is. It’s great that Lisa kept her sense of humor through these terrible times the heap tossed on to her.

          3. She hears and sees everything now and she’s taking it in her stride with a lot of humour

        1. Because, even as crazy as dumb asses like Kyle and Rinna are, they know she is a hack and spews nonsense. The only reason she has clients now is desperate housewives want to have a connection to the BH Housewives AND free concert tickets.

    2. Why even bother keeping EJG? As far as I’m concerned she’s done or shown nothing worth keeping her on the show. Nothing real or of substance with this one.

      1. I can’t stand Erika but I don’t think they will get rid of more than two. She definitely doesn’t deserve a diamond that’s for sure.

      2. She came on with a bang but I guess her Grandhubby really doesn’t have 40000 a month to blow on her stupid ‘show’.

        1. I guess he doesn’t. The lawsuit says that he used some of the $15,000,000.00 was used for his extravagant lifestyle. Lol, EJG, he had to keep her happy.

      1. I would LOVE them to fire everyone, including Kyle – she is the OG rotten apple in the fruit bowl that rots everything around it.

    3. Tedster disappeared into the woodwork. Does she even have any lines?
      GRinna’s offscreen antics should preclude her from further participation on the show.
      Vyle is NO better than the aforementioned duo of dumbness. She was happy to insert herself into an issue that didn’t concern her, just to have her “dramatic” moment in Lisa’s kitchen. Without a sparring partner (i.e. Kimbecile, LVP) Vyle blends into the background. Aside from LisaV, the rest of the group is comprised of tiresome dullards.

      1. ITA Medusa. Teddi barely said one word in last week’s episode.
        Kyle has the means to offer viewers some serious eye candy but she ruins it every time by dropping price tags and being so obnoxious about it. Even her parties or events are boring.

        1. If she’s not copying LVP, she’s trying to one-up her. It’s obvious and irritating. Kyle’s idea of glamour is what Faye Resnick designs, so it’s going to be just like someone else’s…black/white floors a repeat of Kris Jenner’s. Kyle has the money, she doesn’t have the eye for beautiful…and, she might not have the money for much longer.

          1. Absolutely! Faye is very late to the party when it comes to interior design and I know I am repeating myself here but I cannot forgive them ripping out the wooden bannisters on the staircase and replacing with wrought iron. Kyle thinks stying true to the house’s age means an Art Deco theme park.

          2. Sorry didn’t read down before I responded. But that was criminal to tear it out. I hope someone repurposed it and it didn’t just go to the landfill.

        2. Kryle IS boring. She’s a terrible actress & a conniving, selfish, immature, desperate wannabe. Her “friends” are either morally bankrupt or “D” list holders. Even though Byle has conspicuous consumption, her jealousy issues make her the most unhappy kid in the room.

          1. I think the only reason Kyle has lasted this long on RHOBH is because producers also know that she is the real sniper from the side. She does their bidding without a second thought, not even for her grieving “friend” Lisa.

          2. That could be it. But, why would producers want to flog the Fan Fave, LVP? Of all people, she should be kept happy. VYLE is the one cast member who has not been attacked by the herd. Her sibling squabbles with Kimbecile were self induced to give her something to do.

          3. The only reason I can think re LVP is that producers know it gets viewers riled up and talking about the how more than any other HW. It’s not helped by the fact that they have Rinna, Erika and Teddi on the show who have nothing to offer except going after Lisa.
            As much as I dislike Dorit I don’t think this is her sole aim.

          4. Dreet is actually the number one culprit. She knows more than anyone that she failed as a pet owner. However, puppy gate was never about the puppy to the BH Bitches. Blaming Lisa for it gives great cover to Dreet’s own financial woes. If all the lawsuits were featured, Dreet would have to leave the show. She no longer could hide the fact that she & her classless tubby hubby have no mo money.

          5. 100% Dorit is at fault but I don’t believe she is the root cause for what has happened this season – that’s on Teddi, Kyle and Rinna who decided to hijack the situation and turn it on Lisa. Dorit is absolutely taking advantage of it to shield from her own sordid reality but without the others giving her a fig leaf she wouldn’t have succeeded.

          6. Agreed. I think Kyle is the most transparent cast member with how deeply etched jealousy is in her soul. I’ve never believed Big Kathy tasked Kyle with taking care of Kim the way Kyle tries to picture it. Kim was BK’s caretaker during the last years of her life, Kyle didn’t help. But, to Kyle, it’s a way to say that her mother had a much higher opinion of her than she did the child star who paid her way to luxury.

          7. I have always found that very odd too – why wouldn’t her mother have asked Kathy who had far more money and was the oldest to look out for Kim? We all know that Kyle treats Lisa like her sisters so I wonder whether Kyle was bad mouthing them behind their backs like she does with Lisa to make herself look like the perfect daughter?

          8. Think about it. Over the years, Vyle filmed with Kimbecile. However, Kim credited big sister, Little Kathy for supporting her. Maybe, Little Kathy really was Kim’s keeper. Vyle may have helped out here & there… But, she & greasy maRITZio did steal Kim’s house. Vyle can say whatever she wants on the show because most viewers wouldn’t question her. But, KimiKaze has protested each & every year. It was hard to picture Kim being right when she was barely lucid… js

          9. Absolutely true & of course so much more believable than Kyle’s sugar coated lies. I do remember Kathy bringing Kim to stay with her at one point. Having such a sister as Kyle must be horrific.

          10. You are right Medusa – I now remember Kim saying that. Didn’t she also live in Kathy’s home or pool house at one point?

          11. On that I have no doubt. I have an older sister with the same mental problems Kyle has. She started her defamation of the younger siblings when she was only 3 years old. At six years old she refused to speak to our mom when our younger brother was born. She manipulated the relationships between all of us and our mother to guarantee herself a similar status to one of an only child, and my mother played along…all the way to her death bed when my sister made the critical mistake of telling my mom that she was the ONLY child who mattered. I haven’t spoken to that toxic bitch for 10 years and never will again. I really should write a book about her – the antics were so crazy that I’m always sure people think I’m making it up, but I have physical proof of almost every story I share.

          12. How I believe you for I have seen that toxicity 1st hand. My ex daughter in law does that with her daughters & I constantly have to reinforce to them that having each other is having everything & to view how close knit their aunts & uncles are–my kids. It is pure poison & I’m glad you have put that sister out of your world. I have not spoken a word to that daughter in law in over 11 years. My last words to her were: “You always said I was the most harmless person in your path. Now, I AM the most harmful person in your path”. Her girls spends most of their time with us & calls our home their “Happy” place.
            I pray you have your peace.

          13. That must have been really difficult for you all it, might be really cathartic to write that book! It might also help others because cutting out family is a really hard thing to do and some people feel it’s not normal to fall out with our own families and they don’t talk about it but there are a lot out there are just have to walk away from the toxicity for their own sanity. My husband’s family is similar – his older brother is almost an only child as far as his mother is concerned. He doesn’t speak to him.

          14. I will have to say I do believe exactly that has happened. I wonder if she puts one daughter against the other too? Wow, living with Kyle must be a treat!

          15. Well it was quite telling that she claims Sophia was SO like her, complete with her anxiety too. She said they were so close. It makes me wonder too.

          16. Do you remember when Kyle told Lisa that Kim didn’t like her and Lisa couldn’t understand why as she felt she had always been supportive of Kim. I thought then Kyle talks shit behind your back and probably blames shit she does on you manipulating her.

          17. I completely agree! Vyle tells a story of her youth that is more fantasy than fact. Plus, it changes according to her mood. “My mother had me drive myself to my jobs when I was 8.” vs “My mother was very strict with us. We could never do whatever we wanted.” She forgot to mention that her mother set up a trailer in the back yard to have a man drop by to instruct the 3 sisters on BJ lessons, so they would be able to “trap a man”. Big Kathy also told them to marry wealthy men & have 4 childres, to which they all did.

          18. What does that say Medusa, big Kathy was a nightmare that Kyle has made into a saint for the audience & no one is buying it. We all see who Kyle is & she’s a replica of the nightmare.

          19. Now that is sad that she had to resort to that, but we all know she’ll resort to anything to get focus on herself.

          20. Well said Medusa. When one is that jealous & grass is always greener on someone else’s lawn, makes for a very discontented, unhappy life. And let’s face it, her daughters are her & just as fugly.

      2. This takedown is a step by step rerun of all of Kyle’s previous attempts. She didn’t just insert herself, she refashioned the storyline from “LVP loves Dorit more than me” to “LVP is manipulating Theodore…” go for it, Theo, it’ll secure you a spot for next season and I’m right here hiding behind you.

        I hope the ratings fall so hard the RHBH franchise gets cancelled.

        1. That’s very true. Vyle is consistent and has no imagination. She churns out the same scenario every season. It is implemented to varying degrees. This season sees the very worst of the worst. THE most vicious, heinous plot to kick LisaV when she is down & at her most vulnerable… It really defies comprehension or justification. I also hope the ratings plummet. I am doing my part: Since the big fight, I stopped watching. I am no longer interested in watching the hags high five themselves for freezing out Lisa.

          1. I’m also glad that Camille exposed herself as being the same mean-spirited bitch she was in S1. She almost had people believing her S1 arrogance and mean antics were nothing more than the reaction to her divorce. That so-called “joke” at LVP’s expense led to people finding the Oprah interview with Kelsey that showed his refusal to co-parent had roots in her level of nasty in front of the kids. I have a feeling her new husband is her karma coming for restitution. Was she smart enough to choose her own lawyer for the pre-nup so loopholes weren’t built in?

        2. Ratings won’t drop because lvp fans are still watching for snit bits like pk this week but beware bravo if you lose Lisa next season will be a different ballgame

  18. LVP never compared the cast to pigs. She was referencing she would rather hang out on pig island. Bahamas had a pig island.

    1. I would be very upset if she did compare the cast to pigs-pigs are nice animals! Tsk, tsk no pig would like to be compared to the KOVEN!!!!

      1. How fortunate for Rinna that a false eyelash got in her eye at just that moment. She got a lot of damn mileage out of that with everyone wondering if she were actually a good actress.

        1. I think Hammy Hamshit probably passed a bit of his crabs ? she may have been suffering from an itch

          1. I’d like to send her some Phillip’s chocolates, if ya know what I mean.

      2. Oh wow a 1/100th tear drop squeezed out. What did lesser use, ammonia? We know this slag has no emotions.

          1. They planned it out and when it came time to swing the ax Pyle didn’t want to be part of the plan, so she looks away filled with dread and guilt.

          2. I don’t think she suffers from guilt except when she scratches a Chanel item

          3. Yep! Kyle made that all so look much more dramatic than what it was so make Kim look bad.

  19. Rinna can say what ever she wants but if LVP says anything Rinna twists it into horrible. Rinna needs to shut up. We get it. You hate Vanderpump…now go away.

  20. Just thinking the “take down LVP crew” have thrown out all the stops this year and still all they can do is talk about LVP. Now they have given us anything and everything of little interest they have…and it was boring…even Lois/serial killer. Here’s the kicker…we will bring LVP back into the fold if she lies and tells us she sold the story…truth…LVP doesn’t want back in the “fold”.

    1. Pinky is their only storyline so the coven desperately need her back. Pinky doesn’t need that bs in her life and I hope she is done with them forever.

    2. Rinna wants her story line to be her daughters becoming models like Gigi and Bella, but unfortunately they’re very average looking at best. And they both have the personality of a stump.

  21. Rinna sure knows what to do to keep her name out there. No doubt considers it job security. What is it people like her are called? She and frankel are pros.

  22. rinna, on behalf of LvP, you (and the rest of the mean girls for that matter) can take your bogus offer and any other bullshit “conditions” and fold em and shove em up your bony, delusional, sanctimonious arse.

  23. Seems to me that the wives should tread lightly when it comes to their mean girl attacks on LVP. If tonight is the last time LVP is on air, Rinna should be more worried that fans will peel away, too. No viewers, no show, no paycheck but more than enough time to spend singing the blues on social media. Enough already!

  24. Ummm, Rinna, LVP was quite done with you a very long time ago. SHE doesn’t play with nasty, foul-mouthed pigs like you.

  25. Teddi was on Strahan & Sara this morning. She said her job as an accountability coach doesn’t apply to everything because if it did she wouldn’t be on RHOBH. She said it only has to do with eating and exercising. She was asked about puppygate and said “Someone (which I’m sure meant LVP) manipulated a situation that they wanted played out. It’s happened so many times “we” got sick of it.” She also said she didn’t have anything to say to LVP. Everything she wanted to say she already told her to her face.

    1. ……and yet Teddi went into conniptions last season about Dorit being late and accountability bla bla bla and her role as an accountability coach bla bla bla and thus implying that she had a much broader scope of focus regarding accountability.

      Me thinks that this sudden reversal is due to her being called out on her behaviors this season.

      BOOM ?

    2. Sara is such an empty-headed tool – did she stick to Theodore’s story or push back? I’m really sick of her making the rounds lying and getting away with it by the hosts.

      1. Sara really didn’t have much to say. Salt-N-Pepa were co-hosting with her today. One of them (don’t know which one) said she used to side with LVP but now sees how LVP can be manipulative which made Teddi smile.

    3. To be fair, I sincerely doubt that LVP has anything to say to Mellenhead, either. Besides, how much is there to discuss with a human fitness tracker?

      1. Turdie is redundant. A Fitbit is an accountability coach and doesn’t cost what this mutt charges.

    4. Like when she manipulated everyone to be nicer to you after Erica made you cry. Must have been hard for you to take. Your just Kyle’s puppet at this point. Please stop talking

    5. “So many times that WE got sick of it.” This is her second season. What did LVP do last season? Theodore is so ignorant, she doesn’t even realize she just gave Kyle’s head on a platter as the instigator and planner of the takedown.

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