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RHOBH’s Lisa Vanderpump Accuses Lisa Rinna of Lying as Teddi Mellencamp Labels Lisa V. a ‘Mean Girl’ for Comparing the Cast to ‘Pigs’

RHOBH's Lisa Vanderpump Accuses Lisa Rinna of Lying as Teddi Mellencamp Labels Lisa V. a 'Mean Girl' for Comparing the Cast to 'Pigs'

RHOBH's Lisa Vanderpump Accuses Lisa Rinna of Lying as Teddi Mellencamp Labels Lisa V. a 'Mean Girl' for Comparing the Cast to 'Pigs'

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast is not only at war on the show, but also on social media.

Lisa Rinna appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live earlier this week and said she didn’t discuss the lawsuit against Dorit Kemsley because she didn’t want to upset her in the way she had supposedly upset Lisa Vanderpump last season after bringing up a since-dismissed lawsuit against her husband, Ken Todd.

Lisa V. is however firing back, calling Lisa R. a “liar” and denying she got upset when the lawsuit was brought up on the show last year.

“What a liar!” she told a fan. “I just talked about [it] logically, I knew it was rubbish and thought it would be thrown out.”

Lisa V. then took things one step further by suggesting her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars were “pigs” in response to a tweet from her friend and former cast member Joyce Giraud about being at the ‘Pigs Bay’ during a vacation in The Bahamas.

“Your experience was better than mine in the Bahamas,” she tweeted. “[I] would’ve rather been with pigs, well I kinda..”

After seeing what Lisa V. had written, Teddi Mellencamp shared a response to the diss on her Instagram Story.

“Tell you to your face how I feel about you. You call us f****** b***hes and compare us to pigs on Twitter. But right, I’m the #meangirl. K @LisaVanderpump,” she wrote, along with a screenshot of her co-star’s tweet.

Teddi Mellencamp Claps Back at Lisa Vanderpump Implying RHOBH Cast are Pigs

Lisa V.’s diss comes just weeks after Teddi shared a link to her TMZ interview, in which Lisa V. defended Dorit regarding Puppy Gate, and said she deserved a “Razzie” award — which is typically handed out to bad actors. 

As seen on the show, despite that interview, the cast remained convinced that Lisa V. was the one who leaked the story about Dorit’s dog ending up at a shelter to the media. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

Photos Credit: Jesse Grant/Bravo


    1. They only see & hear what they want to see & hear. Never hated before, but I hate now. Lvp should demand they all be fired.

        1. I agree. Lvp should not have to demand. Unfortunately Bravo & Andy Cohen keeps the trash & since Kyle has bought Andy, in this instance, it has to be a demand.

  1. The cast remained convinced of nothing! Enough of this. We all know one of the coven of cuntees leaked the story. The fact remains that whatever Lisa says from now on is completely justified and nowhere near what this slag heap deserves. As for Tedhole, she really needs to get a grip of something besides her dick. Why is she so obsessed with Lisa’s Twitter account? Especially since she’s said and done much worse. She’s more irritating and sanctimonious than Whineleen Davidson. Go trip on a treadmill Tedhole!

    1. I still can’t get over how sanctimonious WhorenCramp was when she went to LVP’s room in the Bahama’s. Demanding before even saying hello or sitting down that LVP issue an apology. FOR FUCKING WHAT? For Teddi believing what a 23 twink texted her, for that? There’s something wrong with her.

      1. That scene got my gander & every time I remember it, I get mad all over again. FDD, was that not the same night she said she has never once lied? Fat, obsocky, vile lying gone bad ham.

        1. Yep, the same night and day. Her and Kunty trolling around the golf course, teddi saying….”do I look like someone that would lie” with Kunty telling her to tell her “story” as many times as she needed to. I found it odd that Kunty used the word story as opposed to truth. Another slip that they all knew what was going on and had converged pre-season to plot and take LVP down.

          1. Oh yes FDD, planned down to the last. I had AGAIN approached Andy Cohen a week ago, but it was immediately removed from his blog. Another who cant take the truth, just wants blind adoration. He, as well as the others should be fired if he does nothing. LVP really should demand they be fired. Being nice is no longer an option. They are dangerous women & deserves no respect!

          2. Andy has and will always be a reprehensible asshole. It’s no wonder he sides with Pyle the snake. He can deny it all he wants but he’s definitely teamKyle.

          3. Andy has and will always be a reprehensible asshole. It’s no wonder he sides with Pyle the snake. He can deny it all he wants but he’s definitely teamKyle.

          4. He sold her soul to her, that’s for sure. He is a weak, immature, silly, people pleasing fool. And to think he’s a father. Lord help that child!

      2. Turdi is cra cra!!!
        I keep reading how she is threatening people on Instagram. If true this delusional bitch needs to be leashed.

    2. I have a suggestion for this pathic group, if they get their itty bitty feelings hurt when LVP gives back what they have thrown at her, then block her on SM. Don’t follow her twitter, instagram, whatever. Block her and talk amongst yourselves if you can’t take what you dish out.

      1. They are Obsessed with her & it’s Killing them she is no longer silent. They cant & wont block her as they’re still trying to nail her to the cross in their demented minds. They have lost the battle & cant take it. Wish I could come face to face with Teddi, I’ll boil her down like bagi.

          1. Thanks CC, I really cant remember the last time anyone removed my peace like these ugly people.

    3. I agree with you about the leak. My money is on Rinna. She is the one that keeps bringing shit up and getting all the other hags in a tizzy. 2nd guess would be ” I never lie” Teddi. She sat at the table in the Bahamas and lied to all their faces

  2. Has Theodore been assigned the task of following and responding to every LVP tweet by the lying coven of cowards she aligns with? The others are standing down because they aren’t so sure this pile on isn’t their ticket to a pink slip. Theo is an empty-headed moron who just does what Kyle tells her to do. Kyle won’t care one bit if Theo gets the boot as long as she keeps her own place on the show.

  3. Dear Teddi Bore, she called Vyle a fucking bitch, not you. She, like most viewers, forgot all about you.

    1. To be fair, Teddi has firmly implanted herself up Kyle’s ass, like a parasite so she thought when Lisa called Kyle a fucking bitch that she was also talking about her. Teddi is too stupid to understand that just because she’s desperately trying to please Kyle, that she’s actually not Kyle.

      1. She’s living up to that Dina Manzo saying about Danielle, she wants to skin her and wear her like last years Versace.

  4. Pigs are much nicer and more intelligent than Kyle and the coven so I don’t blame Lisa for preferring to spend time with them than the bitches!! They’re probably much cleaner too. Did anyone else catch that scene in the last episode where Kyle was doing her talking head about Camille’s shower and then it looked like she was scratching her crotch. OMG, it is hilarious!!

  5. I wouldn’t call the RHOBH cast F***** B******. I’d call them boring, ugly has beens who are desperate for a storyline, ANY storyline. Without LVP, they won’t have an audience. I’m done with this show unless LVP comes back. I wonder how long it will take for the show to be cancelled? I’m done tuning in no matter how long it stays on the air.

    1. Really, they’re never beens. Kyle has never done much of anything. She was just Kim’s sister, and Paris’ aunt. Teddi, only has her dad’s name. Lesser Lisa’s acting career was never really hot. A few years on Days and 2 Years on Melrose (at the end of it’s run). Erika’s career is financed by her Grandhusband.

  6. I see the Mean Housewives of Beverly Hills are still trying to play the victim. LVP is saying that she, a huge animal lover, would rather swim with the famous pigs in the Bahamas, than hang out with the other women. After the way they treated her there (and all season), can you blame her? Let’s not forget that Teddi & the other women have raked LVP all over the coals for months- and now that she calls them F_ B_, they act like they’re being bullied? Puleeeeeze!

    #BoycottRHOBH #BoycottRHOBHMeanGirls #BoycottMeanGirlsRHOBH #GoodbyeKyle

    1. Rinna has been on LVPs ass ever since she joined the show. All drama roads lead to Rinna, Queen of the pot stirring

  7. The KK have been snickering, mocking and trashing Lisa before the season even started and Lisa stayed silent. She does a little snickering of own and they all clutch their security blankets, stick their thumb in their mouths and cry ‘mommy, Lisa is being mean!’

  8. OH FFS! This shit just doesn’t end! Teddi and the coven are f**king bitches AND pigs. Puh-lease grown ass women behaving like mean girls and when the recipient of their mean antics fights back, well that’s what she’s doing IS fighting back. You didn’t bury her as per Bethenny’s words so take your lumps and STFU. They started it and the viewers are still waiting for the proof. All talk no evidence. Guilty til proven innocent. I guess we will save that for your court cases.

  9. Well now. This didn’t exactly go the way you thought it would, eh, Teddi? Now you’re on the defense and squawking at every ding and dent.
    As B said, if you going to come for the V, better make sure she’s well and truly in the ground. Looks like she’s alive and kicking ass. ???

    1. Tediot was unfortunately used as a soccer ball as a child. It’s quite clearly impacted her comprehension skills

      1. Her wonderful brothers must have hit her in the head a few too many times, or maybe not enough as she is still flapping her lips and talking nonsense. Frist of all LVP didn’t say you were pigs she only said she might have enjoyed swimming with the pigs than being with the coven of hags. The Razzies go to the heap who say they are friends but act like they hate Lisa and do everything in their power to bring her down, jealous much? With friends like this who needs enemies?

          1. Maybe he thought she was a dude when he heard that voice say “Hi….I’m Teddi “

          2. She was living in LA when they met. There’s an article and photos online at Insideweddings.com

          3. Did you see her daughter and Horsha Umansky doing a modeling session on the bravo site? Slate looking like an escapee and Tedhole gushing like a stage mother

          4. I rollmy eyes when people post how great of parents mo and vyle are because their daughters are so smart and well behaved…um, the one that thought flushing was equal to cleaning a toilet…dumb as a box of rocks…how much did they have to grease the college to get those twits in I say.

          5. No I didn’t and I’m glad. I hate how Bravo promotes all of the BH hags but they leave LVP out.

          6. Yup, that’s the rumor because the timing of her filing and then “meeting” Edwin are awfully close together.

  10. After all the bullshit the coven have done and all the accusations they have hurled at LVP I honestly don’t care what Lisa says about them. Honestly, I’m glad she’s finally starting to fight back. After all the years she has tolerated Kyle and her gang of minions accusing her of things Lisa has always taken the high road. I’m guessing Teddi is desperate to look for anything to try and call Lisa out for so she can avoid talking about the polo lounge meeting. Funny how Teddi has had no problem throwing shade at Lisa and talking about her in interview after interview but is apparently stalking LVP’s twitter feed. Frankly I’m shocked Teddi climbed out of Kyle’s ass for the 5.8 seconds it took for her to respond. She’s such a pathetic bitch.

    1. I’m so glad LVP is finally hitting back. The coven has been going at LVP before the season even started but LVP is supposed to keep her mouth shut?

      1. She has endured months of their bullshit and not said anything. Of course when she finally says one little thing their precious fee fees get hurt. Ugh!!!

        1. I don’t know why they just don’t shut up. How bad do they want to look anyway. Why don’t they get they are not doing themselves any favors by them keep talking.

    2. I agree 100%. I am hoping LVP shows up and gets in their faces in the reunion. I hate when they yell and she backs down, I would like her to look over at Andy and tell him, “unless I get to speak I’m leaving, muzzle your bitches, Andy”.

    3. I think both Teddi and Kylie are together atm and instead of enjoying their “spring break” they are actually trolling LVP.

    4. I agree 100%. I am hoping LVP shows up and gets in their faces in the reunion. I hate when they yell and she backs down, I would like her to look over at Andy and tell him, “unless I get to speak I’m leaving, muzzle your bitches, Andy”.

      1. Yes!!! I’m so sick and tired of Andy always letting them do that to her. I love your last line and would freaking love it if she said that. They would lose their minds over that!!

        1. “there’s a name for you ladies, but it isn’t used in high society…outside of a kennel.”
          -joan crawford
          “the women”

        2. I think that Lisa ? has just fired a shot across their bow. I believe it’s a message saying “I’m coming for you all.” at the reunion.??

          1. And her “slow speak”. Drives me insane, spit it out girl, we don’t have all day for you to neeander around the alphabet.

    1. Position 1 LVP
      Position 2
      Position 3 Rinner?
      Position 4 Tamrat
      Position 5 Sonja
      Position 6 Who the freak? Dodd?
      Position 7 Tre
      Position 8
      Position 9
      Position 10 Luman
      Position 11 Ramoaner?
      Position 12 Dubrow?
      Position 13 Kandi
      Position 14 Moose
      Position 15 Porsha?

    2. Lisa V, Yolanda, Rinna,
      Tamra, Dorinda, Heather

      Teresa, Melissa, Sonja
      Luann, Ramona, Carole Radzi
      Kandi, Nene, Porsha.
      Those are my wild guesses?
      Have a great weekend!
      Hmm…confusing. I have to stop. I am usually pretty good at spotting adult faces from children, but I am mixed up about a few I am sure.

      1. Almost there, couple of misses. It’s not Dorinda or Sonja, otherwise spot on!!

        I hope you have a great weekend too Sandy !!???

        1. Thanks. I will try some more…. The one in the middle is Dorit, not Dorinda and the one on the side is not Sonja, but Bethenny?
          Okay, I quit! She looks like Bethenny the more I look at her…but I could be wrong?


          1. I am okay at this but not as good as I used to be…really. I used to be a little better than okay. ?
            I stopped watching Orange County for a while too…

          2. No hints. I think I have the other one now without the hint on second glance or third… Shannon

          3. OKay, then that is why I don’t know her. I stopped watching years ago…or maybe I would get that one.

          4. Thanks FDD for the game! It was fun to analyze the faces to try to see the women. Some I could really see easily.

          5. I thought I wrote Shannon for the other one I messed up, but I don’t see it here. Anyway, I think that is it. I don’t know that NJ housewife.

            Have a great weekend!

          1. I saw the gorga bitches, I think Kandi was in there too. I think Lipshit is the last one on the top row

  11. The Razzie goes to Teddi and Dorit for pretending they heard the Goodbye Kyle story for the first time at lunch and not at the Polo Lounge. They are not only bad actors they are bad people.

    1. Wait – I’m confused. Does this again prove Teddy is a liar? ‘Cause I kind of think it does. Once again this accountability coach isn’t taking accountability for her actions in deliberately working with Kyle to take LVP down.

    2. Their lives revolve around meeting up and talking about lvp because they have absolutely nothing else going on. It must be nice to have all that time to go out to eat and focusing on someone else as well as trashing that person 24/7 and trolling their twitter. Teddi needs to get a hobby!!

      1. They do have things going on but they don’t want a spotlight on all their lawsuits. I believe that’s why they’re going so hard on Lisa V.
        Do they have fabulous things going on in their lives, no, just awful things.

      1. Too late…they seem to use a fun house mirror to reflect their continued epiphanies about everyone but themselves.

  12. This is Glorious Saturday & I dont want to spoil this day. But my oh, the lying crow is once more opening her filthy mouth. I hope she burns in hell.

  13. I feel bad for LVP even trying to be nice to Teddi. I did not like Teddi from the start & knew she couldn’t be trusted.

      1. Me too and also the fact that she was married to Sheen. Something not right with her if she thought hitching her star to him was a good decision.

  14. Last season Teddi was so boring and just borderline pathetic, I never thought I’d feel anything for her other than mild pity. Now I hate her and want her GONE from the show. What a freaking nasty bitch. Was she medicated last season and now she’s off her meds or what?

      1. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

        1. watch dan rather’s “big interview” with john mellancamp…JM is crazy AF. which is crushing because 80’s JCM was the shit.

          1. Oh baby Jesus…he looks like he is dressed for a prison interview..and sounds like talking to my son when he was on heroin…

  15. Love LVP! Keep kicking ass! Teddi STFU! LVP didn’t call you pigs, she said she would rather have been with pigs. Teddi again shows how dumb she is.

    1. Well, to be honest, the comment, “I’d rather be with the pigs.Well, I kinda…” implied that she WAS with a bunch of pigs.

      1. I actually interpreted this the same way, I thought Lisa meant to finish: “…I kind of were.” (together with pigs), and rightfully so. None of those pigs were acting human with her on that vacation!

  16. And this Teddy chick is an ACCOUNTABILITY coach? WOW! She takes accountability for nothing. I love that she holds everyone else to different standards than she holds herself, Kyle, Dorit and Rinna to. This lying liar face is seriously thirsty and has attached herself to Vyle like a leech.

          1. Hahahaha… I don’t even remember her or what she looks like.
            I think Dreet’s kids look like aliens who never see the light of day.

    1. Teddi really has attached herself to Vyle! ?
      I noticed in the upcoming episode, Dorit asks if Teddi can allow her to speak to Kyle alone for a minute. Lol.
      Kind of same story happened at the dog center first episode, when Kyle and Lisa were having a moment, and hugged it out, Teddi still stood behind LVPs shoulder trying to talk to Kyle and inject herself in their conversation.?

      1. I guess Teddi has finally found success being a reality star, famous like daddy (not quite ?) so she is trying to hold on to it no matter what. It doesn’t matter that with her lies she could destroy many people’s lives, personal and professional. Good job Teddi. Btw, Kyle will chew you up and spit you out like you are nothing.

        1. Teddi’s “success” as a reality star is questionable, but I know what you mean. It doesn’t matter that she is the most hated housewife, she is holding on to this “career” for dear life. I’m sure Kyle already talks behind Teddi’s back by now. I guess she has served her purpose after the reunion.

  17. Too bad Ted has already shown her willingness to be a mean girl for a show.
    We see you, Ted. You deserve everything you dished out.

  18. So the coven can talk trash all they want and spread lies, but LVP is suppose to just take it and not respond? If she does respond she is suppose to respond in a way that is acceptable to the coven?

    In other words, the coven can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

    1. LVP has been very quiet on SM. She finally realized, after seeing Teddi, Pyle and Dipshit huddled together at the Polo Lounge after Pyle had called her a liar in her own home, these women were obviously after her. I’m glad she’s starting to hit back.

  19. MellenCunt’s reading comprehension skills are non-existent. LVP said “she’d rather be with pigs“. How does that turn into LVP calling the hags pigs? Btw Teddislore, you are fucking bitches, the truth hurts, doesn’t it? I thought this bitch had shut her big fat piehole. She’s turned into Pyle, purposely trolling twitter, most specifically LVP’s account looking for anything to get butthurt over. FUCK OFF

        1. I still want to know why Teddi did not use Mauricio for the recent listing of their former house. Sadly, it does not appear to have caused a rift in their friendship…

    1. So you’re just going to skip the part where she said “well I kinda”, implying she already was with pigs in the Bahamas?

  20. For the love of God, please stop talking about who leaked the ROL story. It’s been beaten to death. Teddi is so boring! All she talks about is LVP.

    1. TeddiHO has nothing else to serve up. Being KyleECoyote’s lapdog has no benefits & nothing interesting to add.

  21. I think someone should highjack Mauricio’s private plane and drop him in Equiorial Guinea. Perhaps yell BYE MAURICIO as you fly off. Lol

  22. Well just a thought….is this happening because pink is going to leave RHBH next year and get another spin off…is pink in on this?….anywho..if so I think we should guess who’s marriage will fall apart for a SL.

  23. Enough already! These women need to find something else to occupy their time that doesn’t include posting on social media. Love, LVP, but she needs to ignore the other wives and let them continue with their ridiculous antics.

  24. In the past I’ve watched this program because it amuses me. This season, I am not amused. I am watching a group of self-directed women completely ‘pile on’ a supposedly cherished friend who has experienced the unexpected death of a sibling. They have given her no quarter…conversely, they have accused her of irresponsibility, deceit, and conniving…repeatedly gossiping and stirring the pot. The fact is, Teddi gleefully agreed to enter into a smear comparing about Dorit. Dorit broke a signed contract in which she agreed to return the dog to the non-profit agency, which is a NORMAL clause for this type of non-profit agency….and she has then decided to play the victim. Huh?

    Kyle, repeatedly attempted to bring the issue up, to clearly continue the storyline…even though Lisa V. repeatedly asked her to let it go.

  25. Is Lesser Lisa talking about the lawsuit that LVP talked about herself on the show and was upset that Vyle and Dorit (?) glossed over it? LVP talked about it on camera. How does that jive with the BS Lesser Lisa said? The fact that Lesser Lisa even answered that question tells you she is lying. How would she know why it wasn’t shown? Is she the producer?

    None of the lawsuits were mentioned. I am sure everyone of those with the women involved begged not to have it mentioned and said they couldn’t talk about it anyway for legal reasons, so why bring it up?

  26. I have a feeling it Teddi’s brother would have been hired on Vanderpump Rules Teddi wouldn’t be so pressed about LVP these days.

  27. Mellenhead must be dyslexic or have other reading comprehension problems. Lisa didn’t compare the bitches to pigs. She wrote that she would have preferred to be in the company of pigs. After all the wrath & insults TeddiHo has flung at LVP, she is the last one to refer to Lisa as #meangirl. How immature can TM get? P.S. Tedium should see someone about her rage issues.

    1. Teddi very well knows that. They are trying to turn the situation around and wants Lisa to look like a meangirl too. They distort everything she says. It looks like the other girls and her have only one goal, and it is to destroy Lisa’s good image. It is a planned character assassination. They are relentless.
      As I said in a comment above, I wonder if Lisa should not stop talking about the situation on social media (even if it is only a light joke), because these girls will use every little thing she says to amplify and distort it to make her look bad.
      But, as I am a foreigner and English is not my language, maybe I do not get everything as well as you do and I make too much of what I can comprehend.

      1. Yes, Tedium & The BH Heap want to ruin Lisa’s reputation & destroy her. Until very recently, Lisa has kept mum about what happened during filming. Since the BH cast continue to flog Lisa in social media, fans & viewers are watching everything in real time. Lisa can no longer remain silent. She’s probably mad as HELL and won’t take it anymore. I like her striking back, in her own way. It will be cathartic for her.

        BTW: Your English is far superior to many people; including Byle, Tedium, & Erotika.

  28. At some point Mauricio has to be embarrassed? These hyenas are vicious-they smelt blood when Lisa lost her brother and are now panicking she is still standing and starting to fight back.

    Bravo needs some better cast.

    1. Nah, I believe Mauricio is just as bad or worse than his wife.
      Truly, I don’t get all the vitriol that is being cast on Lisa V, what happened that Kyle, Teddi and Dorit are so hot and bothered by Lisa V. It certainly can’t be because of her new? shows? It’s crazy, they’ve become rabid at this point.
      I truly hope Lisa V has seen who Kyle and Dorit truly are and never associates with them again. Unfortunately I see PK worming back into their lives and Dorit humping Lisa V again.

  29. Teddi needs someone with more maturity to sit her down and tell her to grow up and stop with this. She is making a complete and utter fool of herself. She’s very lucky that a lot of viewers aren’t on SM and can’t see the kind of comments she’s making.

  30. Omg TeddiCrap needs to get a grip!! She is sounding even more pathetic than ever. After everything those nasty, evil, bullying, mean bitches have said and done to LVP, including TeddiCrap herself, and she picks out one little thing that LVP says and accuses her of being a ‘mean girl’??? Wow well she needs to have a reality check!!! She is just trying to deflect blame now, because deep down I think she knows that she and the others have been wayyyyyy outta line, OR someone has told and shown her exactly how nasty she has come across, so she is trying to tar LVP with the same brush, except the thick bitch doesn’t realise that won’t work, their damage has been done, nothing will ever change the fans opinions on the bullying coven now!! Or maybe her pathetic ‘accountability coach’ business has taken a dive, after all I certainly wouldn’t even want to be near a nasty, bullying bitch like that, let alone give her my money, so I’m sure others must feel the same!!!
    I wish they would just sack RubberLips, FakeWhoreDorit, Vyle, EvilErica and TeddiCrap and have done with it!!

    1. Deflecting, reversing the facts, turning the situation around, that’s what the meangirls are doing now each time Lisa comments about the situation. I wonder if Lisa should continue expressing herself about it on social media because each time they amplify and distort what she says. They are trying to make her look bad. They want her to look like a meangirl too by distorting everything she says. I wonder if they have PR teams working for them?

      1. Marie I think you’re right – Lisa would be better off just ignoring like she has up till now. BUT if she is going to the reunion – she needs to watch EVERY single episode and she must be fully prepared. If I were her I’d say – no – hostile work environment and you can still pay me.

        1. I wish she would watch the episodes so she gets the real meaning of what has been said about her and she can annihilate them at the reunion.
          But she won’t, she has to protect herself and not fall back into the abyss of depression.

  31. I wonder how her accountability coach busines is going after all this, it can’t be having a positive affect and if it has then there’s seriously something wrong with people who hire her!!

  32. Lisa did not call fellow cast mates “pigs”. In fact, LVP said she rather be with pigs than her cast mates. It was several seasons ago and Teddi was not even there. Feeling guilty much?

    1. Even if Lisa had called them pigs, it would be a compliment at this late stage. They deserve no respect from her.

    2. Kyle’s friend, Jana, called LVP a pig for cameras when a group of women out to dinner with Kyle were leaving a restaurant. Teddi made no declaration of that being horrible.

  33. I’m so absolutely over the BH cast, omg ?, idiots.
    Grow the fuck up, STFU & go away!
    I’ll only watch what LVP has going on. The rest are trash.

  34. Rinna said she didn’t discuss the lawsuit against Dorit because she didn’t want to upset her in the way she had supposedly upset Lisa last season after bringing up a since-dismissed lawsuit against Ken. What she really meant was she didn’t want to upset Dorit but she did want to upset Lisa and Ken last season. Plus bringing up the lawsuit again Dorit and PK didn’t fit in with the take-down of Lisa.

  35. The thing is LVP is making a factual statement. The other women have acted like pigs AND fucking bitches. I’m pleased LVP has taken her gloves off.

      1. Yes, she only said it about Kyle, and she did not compare them to pigs but said she would have prefered to be with pigs.
        That’s a huge difference… but we all know that Teddi NEVER lies, don’t we. ?

    1. I agree. About time Lvp stood up to these monsters & stop accepting quietly their using her as their punching bag. She’s too much of a lady, but comes a time, a lady has to be a tramp. Actually pigs are too wonderful & they should be happy if she called them by that name, which she did not.

  36. LOL at Teddi “Tell you to your face…” when she is posting it in a f*cking IG story!! Not even on her actual page but in a story that will disappear. These women have been posting sh*t for months.

    1. LOl as well Bev. That’s what a true coward & bully does. Time Lvp socked it to her & the rest of them. Anyway, who is Teddi? she is a nobody.

      1. ITA Starr, Teddi is a real coward and absolutely useless on this show. How on earth did she get a second season when people like Joyce or Kathryn didn’t?

        1. Kathryn quit and I believe Joyce recently revealed she had her mind made up not to return. The story that she was fired may be wildly exaggerated

        2. Bev, all I can say on that is this–it’s who Kyle knows. Remember, she bought Andy & as she plans to rule, she’ll make demands. Oh trust me, Teddi will go down by Kyle’s hands. Kyle is a snake & it suits her right now to have Teddi as a Birkin bag, soon her colors will show face to miss lump of lard Teddi. We will watch that take down with joy.

    2. HAH!!! Yeah, how brave of Tedium to call out Lisa over social media!!!! If not for her little outbursts on sm, Tedster would be completely overlooked, as she should be.

      1. Right? So brave in her IG stories that disappear in 24 hrs and no one can comment on.
        Teddi barely spoke in last week’s episode. Aligning herself to Kyle was a very calculated move on her part.

    3. Well, Teddi was kind of in LVPs face both in Bahamas and at Camille’s birthday, acting as if she had been close to LVP for yeeeeeears, and like Lisa had deceived her personally, multiple times, so I really don’t know what to expect from her. ?
      She seems to have no boundaries. She clearly can’t grasp the difference from reality, and what Kyle is telling Teddy to think about LVP according to KYLE’S personally history (lies) with Lisa.

      I’m no psychologist, but is Teddi morphing into Kyle? Do they share the same brain by now? She doesn’t seem to understand that she is fighting someone else battle here.( Aka the character assassination of LVP). She doesn’t even know Lisa well enough to hate her like that! She was barley an acquaintance, yet she stands in her face claiming she has done this for years!

          1. We watch and learn too Starr, she isn’t the only one who does their research.

        1. In my opinion that is like watching Kyle’s criminal record of backstabbing and friend abuse. She is sneaky as F. ! How this can work in her favor is beyond me.
          Teddi is not bright, but she must have been drunk, with Faye sitting next to her, when they did a replay of old seasons.

          1. I think she just steals old phrases that the other bitches have used in the past. Everyone calls LVP manipulative because that’s what Vyle called LVP in season 2

          2. Right. LVP snubbed Mauricio for a spin-off, and Kyle launched the Bobbi Fischer comparison.
            Even Andy recently admitted the term “manipulative” in this context were overplayed by now.

      1. True, True, True. Again I say, cover of book & she can tell the whole story. I’m thinking though that she has spent time with Kyle who has given her Kyle’s version of lying events of her history with Lvp. Many lunches & dinners as devious Kyle has much to say.

        1. This totally reflects bad on Kyle. I’m just so amused by LVPs “your’e not important enough to hate”- attitude towards Teddi! She just cut off her bullshit instantly, and basically called it a day, and showed that it didn’t matter what Teddi thought about her. (You should be so lucky, bitch!).

          I’m sure Teddi felt snubbed, as she had probably practiced her lines standing in front of the mirror.?
          Teddi is just so thrown out of her natural playground. How could anyone ever think she was a good fit for RHOBH!!??

          1. Teddi is fighting to be important, but she is such a nasty liar & so low classed all around that yes, why is she even a consideration for RHOBH? Cant stand that cowardly bully.

          2. The struggle is real! Can absolutely not stand that boring, entitled nobody, neither. The only skill she has is to be Kyle’s minion on the show.

          3. She is a sad excuse for a human. Cant stand her low down stupid lying character. Kyle is just using her & she cant see that.

          1. Her eyebrows are considerably darker in contrast to her hair. That’s a clue to her real hair colour

  37. Teddie is like a zombie. Just when you thought she was done-there she pops up again -back from the dead. Please, please get rid of her-there cannot be someone this dumb.

    To think she is a multimillionaire-daddy money.

  38. Teddi and Kyle are spending Easter together. I think Teddi may actually be the most calculated and screwed HW on the show. Her friendship with Kyle will be what keeps her on even though she is as dull as dishwater.

    1. Whaaat? I’m actually surprised Kyle hasn’t left that sinking ship by now. I guess Kyle is preparing for the reunion.

          1. ?Coming out of this season without looking like backstabbing liars are no longer an option.?

  39. Teddi, since you are such a simple minded girl, I will make this as simple as possible for you to understand. LVP did not, I repeat didn’t compare you to pigs. She said, pigs are better than you, pigs are better company to be around than you are, that pigs have better and more social graces than you, she and most everyone would rather spend their times with the pigs. Hope that clears it up for you.

  40. how can a production company let a few women take over a whole season of a program? the patients are running the asylum. this show is broadcast to millions of people.

    1. I agree. Bravo let these hags ruin this show. But in the end it may cost them the show/money, because the viewers make the final call.

    1. Ditto to all! Happy, happy Easter! I have to work at 1 🙁 But I’ll be home in time to watch GoT with the family!

        1. Thank you Starr?! I have been offline for a bit, but I enjoyed the holidays, had great food and wine, and I was so happy with my easter decoration this year, it’s kind of sad to put it back in the boxes?.
          I hope you enjoyed easter week, as well!?

          1. Easter was just beautiful, thank so much.
            Yes, isnt it sad –the pack away? I feel especially so after Christmas, I actually get depressed. I never pack away Jesus though, he’s my other “husband”.

          2. I actually keep a picture I got from visiting the famous Spanish celebration of the Holy week processions all year round, because it’s so beautiful! I also have a hard time packing away a specific item that I feel brings me good luck, so I decided it can stay until may, but then it has to go, otherwise I fear the “magic” will pass.???

          3. Oh that “magic” will never pass, it is from the Holy Spirit . Dont deprive yourself, or just keep it out,close by so you can view anytime you want.
            I feel that way too & I like the love & goodness I feel just looking at it, it’s not center front out, but so reachable.

          4. All things come to an end:) The silver lining is to pack up the beauty again next holiday:) Have a nice weekend!

          5. All things come to an end:) The silver lining is to pack up the beauty again next holiday:) Have a nice weekend!

  41. Hey Teddi, remember when Kyle’s friend, Jana Levy called lvp “a lying pig.” Tell is your thoughts on that?? Are you going to hold Jana accountable for that??? She was also there that night Kyle pulled the whole goodbye Kyle stunt in front of SUR and Kyle has posted pics of the two of you together so Teddi definitely knows who Jana is. Somehow I’m guessing Teddi had no problem with what Jana said but will continue desperately looking for something to be offended over regarding lvp. Teddi is definitely trying to please her master, Kyle.

    1. I’m thinking Theodore only serves Theodore, she could easily turn on Vyle if and when the time was right.

  42. Happy Easter and Passover to all!

    I am thankful to spend the day with my husband, sister and neighbor among a yard full of flowers. On the menu is ham, old fashion raisin sauce, scalloped potatoes and cheesecake. Washed down with champagne.
    A peaceful and thankful day. Blessings to all. ??????

    1. Happy Easter Maisey! ? ? Sounds delish! We’re going non-traditional with the fam: shrimp and grits, roasted cauliflower, raspberry belinis, tiramisu. Nom.

  43. Teddi really fooled me. I thought she was this cool, rocker chick who hated the trappings of the over the top BH lifestyle and a person who had a mind of her own. I thought she was going to be a refreshing breath of air to this show, and be a neutral party in these petty fights.

    She is a follower, a backstabber and one of those desperate people who never got out of that high school mentality of trying to hang with the cool people. The dumb bitch has aligned herself to all the women who despised her last season and made her miserable, all to hide behind them for the sake of access to better parties, some (crappy) fashion tips, and a safety in numbers type of protection. Why did she decide to alienate the one person who defended her? It’s just like that asshole, Brandi. Everyone shunned these women, Vanderpump took them under her wing and then they turned on her like snakes. I would rather be with Vanderpump than a bunch of Z List, fake celebrities.

    1. True WC – but at the end of the day I actually feel a little sorry for her – her life is probably very sad as she’s trying to give this impression that she’s perfect and never makes mistakes. We all do – she needs to realise that.

      1. She’s not sad at all. That’s the way the entire Mellenhead clan rolls. They’re rotten to the core and proud of it.

      2. I also feel sorry for the fact she is so easily led by other people, unable to actually think for herself.

          1. She enjoys being part of a large group aligned against one person. Vanderpump supporting her wasn’t good enough. She is a sad sack who needs a team environment.

        1. I feel sorry for the people who will interact with her self-righteous self and be hurt by her lack of any true self-awareness and empathy.

    2. Hey Wicked Cupcake, there’s an easy way to spot someone like Mellenhead as a phoney. When you hear or see the words Breath of fresh air, they’re usually stinkers underneath the surface

    3. ITA Wicked. I didn’t like how Teddi came in last season so quick to take Kyle’s side without even knowing what happened she was telling Lisa to apologise. I think she is ruthlessly ambitious and very very calculated. She had a game plan coming on to the show to anchor herself to an OG and Kyle loves having someone 100% on her side no matter what so it was a. match made in heaven. Lisa was only of use to Teddi to defend her against Erika and Dorit last season, because spineless Kyle wouldn’t, and to try and get her brother on V Rules.

  44. Happy Easter everybody!!

    Ok now my criminal mind is obsessing on this new info #9 just posted below. John Sessa says there is no “lovely woman” whose name Dorit cannot recall who took Lucy then dropped her at the shelter- it was Dorit herself. I’d bet that shelters have cameras and there is footage of Dorit dropping the dog. Now, we all know that outfits like Radar and TMZ can be bribed to sit on stories but Dorit and PK are broke. The only housewife who is generous enough and might have been willing to save Dorit the embarrassment would be LVP but Dodo burned that bridge by conspiring against her loyal friend. Does a tape exist?

    1. I saw that article but I honestly don’t think a shelter can give out this private information. Maybe Dorit did drop off the dog and the facility have told VPD – but that puts them in a shaky position if they release that – unless – because she hasn’t paid the fine then hey ho they can do what they want?

      Why did Dorit post that piccies of Lucy with the lady though? Surely she wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that if it weren’t true?

      1. Oh, did Dorit post pics of the alleged lady? I did not see that. Are they somewhere I can find?

        I agree the shelters probably would not volunteer that info but there are ways things leak….

          1. If the photo was blurred… then it is just as if there is no photo. It is worth nothing, worth zero! If she really thinks it makes a proof that the story of “lovely lady” is true then she is even more stupidthan I thought.

          2. Is Sadie one of Dorit’s helpers? MissScarletwithaRevolver – I saw it ages ago – it was on Dorit’s instagram but I don’t know how to go back and look sorry.

          3. I found the piccie of the ‘honest woman’ that was posted on twitter on 28th March (approximately) it was actually on Dorit’s instagramm.

          4. So this woman comes to Dorit’s house to pick up LLAJ, but Dorit does not know her name? Dorit is so full of it!

          5. So did Dorit change the owner information on the microchip when she rehomed Lucy? When you surrender a dog at a shelter, you usually have to pay a surrender fee and give your name. If the name at the shelter of the person who surrendered the dog is not the same as on the microchip, then they usually contact the previous owner first before they contact the rescue to ensure that the dog wasn’t lost or stolen and someone was dumping. I would be curious to see the registration on that microchip (as well as whoever paid the surrender fee if there is one unless they lied and said it was found as a stray).

      2. I don’t think Dipshit personally took Lucy to the shelter. I believe it was that assistant Sadie

        1. Did you follow the link to the story #9 posted below? I don’t know the source so not sure the info is reliable but it’s about Senna saying Dorit herself dropped the dog. There was no other lady.

          1. Found it: I’ve highlighted the bit about Dorit. “He also says that Dorit is the one who is sneaky and underhanded and knew she was giving the dog away to a kill shelter. There was no intermediary person that adopted the dog. All of this is just a way for the women to make Lisa look bad and he’s not having any of it because his name is associated with the center just as hers is. He’s calling Dorit’s weak attempt at finding Lucy a home a “flop” and says there’s so much more behind this story that will still come out. He’s tired of keeping his mouth closed but at this point he wants everyone to know Dorit is a liar and the other Beverly Hills Housewives backing her are a pack of hungry wolves, ready to do anything besides tell the truth.“.

            But that doesn’t say who dropped Lucy off just that there was no intermediary person – it doesn’t say that Dorit dropped off the dog herself???

          2. Oh-got it. I misunderstood. So it implies that the home Dorit said she found for Lucy did not exist but Dorit herself still might not have been the person who took Lucy to the kill shelter. It could have been her assistant.

          3. Oh-got it. I misunderstood. So it implies that the home Dorit said she found for Lucy did not exist but Dorit herself still might not have been the person who took Lucy to the kill shelter. It could have been her assistant.

          4. Oh-got it. I misunderstood. So it implies that the home Dorit said she found for Lucy did not exist but Dorit herself still might not have been the person who took Lucy to the kill shelter. It could have been her assistant.

          5. I’ve always always wanted the timeframe from when Dorit told Lisa that she had given away Lucy and the time it took for Lucy to be found at the shelter. That’s never been discovered.

          6. Thank you so much for this Nellie Bly – I hadn’t actually heard this before – so – Wednesday they get permission for filming. Sunday – Lucy is dropped off – there is NO time for Lucy to go to another home. He also says something about Stacy there. It’s too late now. The nasty women have managed to push Lisa off the show.

          7. I don’t think it’s necessarily a reliable source. In fact it sounds like a repeat of the podcast Sessa did with a few added bits to make it sound like a new story. Sessa would have mentioned it on his Twitter account

        2. CC – IF that’s the case – could this be another ‘Chef Bernie’ leak – could the assistant have leaked because they were pissed off with Dorit?

          1. I don’t think so. She still works for them. The leak came from the coven. Most likely Rinner or Theodore

      3. It would be a big privacy violation to release a tape and, even worse, it would deter people from bringing their pets to a shelter and they would dump them outside. While many shelters may have video cameras, they rarely release images unless the person is a serious abuser

        1. Sadly animals are considered property and they do (at least in my state) give out the names of the person dropping off the property. The dog being chipped belonged to VPDs

        1. She put up a pic of a blonde woman with her face blurred but it could easily have been PK’s assistant Sadie. It was on her IG stories very briefly and then she deleted it.

    2. I hope there is a tape of Dorit dropping off the puppy.
      I fear even if there is proof it doesn’t matter, never did. KK never cared about the puppy, it was a tool.
      This whole first part of the season was to destroy a grieving, depressed successful woman by innuendo, falsehoods and mocking.
      What they are doing is classic mean girl bullying. All of them, including EJG, who may be the worse of the bunch. There is no way Lisa V can ever be friends with these shrews again.

      1. Fuck no..she needs to blow these bitches off completely. She lives her best life without them, she’ll be just fine. The rest of those idiots will pick on someone else while their lives are falling apart.
        They are all nothing but jokes.

      2. The video proof will serve to destroy many of PK’s London circle of friendships. Wealthy people need to be able to trust the people around them, and liars who have tried to destroy another friend aren’t welcome.

        1. It’s partly the reason he fled the U.K. To go some place nobody was familiar with his track record. But new travels fast.

    3. I imagine the only reason the other shelter is protecting the identity is because they don’t want to scare people off from bringing dogs in and just leaving them in the streets.

      1. I’ve been thinking that shelter, which has already faced some backlash for the Lucy Lucy affair, is just waiting for the moment that they can make one official statement about this and put it all to rest, We all know that the reality world wants to offer up the truth one small morsel at the time and in a greatly distorted fashion.

  45. I really tried to give Camille a chance to start over. Didn’t take long to prove she hasn’t changed AT ALL; still the “Jesus complex” narcissistic twit.

    1. The thing about Camel Grammer is that she wants all the benefits of a full Housewife but none of the consequences that go with it. She wants to duck in and out as she pleases, stir the same shit up she always has and then hide when the arrows fly back in her direction.

  46. When Camille first introduced herself waaayyyyy back in S1, she said there was a pecking order and SHE was at the top of it because of being married to Kelsey. Teddi reminds me of Camille, believing she deserves to be treated like royalty because of who Daddy is.

    1. Camille’s entire first season was nothing but a big fat lie. She knew Kelsey was divorcing her when he left, she was one lie after another. She wanted fame, their marriage was miserable, and Kelsey exposed a lot of interesting dirt on her in his interview with Oprah. It’s on YouTube.

  47. Did Lisa infer the Koven were pigs? Maybe they should consider doing something interesting rather than acting like swine and rolling around in mud. Unfortunately, they have decided to use Lisa as their SL.
    Rinna’s SL is her kids are starving models, her mother was almost murdered half a century ago, her husband’s chronic escape to Canada and LVP being guilty of whatever everyone is accusing her of doing.
    DimWatt’s SL is she has been wrongfully accused of being at fault for dumping a dog and Lisa’s shelter found out and accused her of doing what she did.
    TurdiBore’s SL is Lisa groomed her to do her bidding then betrayed her by not admitting it when TB was caught in a conspiracy to out DimWatt carrying out her SL. TB is maintains she didn’t go through with it after she went through with it.
    Kyle’s SL is her kid is going to college, Kyle buys expensive stuff and Kyle has anxiety over trying to be Lisa’s friend when everyone agrees Lisa did something wrong after TB and DimWatt did something wrong. Kyle is hurt that Lisa is offended that Kyle called her a liar.
    Kunty’s SL is she supports TB’s and DimWatt’s SL and gives them her blessing while she takes her Kunty show on the road.
    Camille’s SL is getting married while engaging in mean girl behavior to try to fit in the group.
    Denise’s SL is getting married and enjoying her hubby’s big peen.

        1. When Lois was telling her story, I could see no emotion in Lipshit Hamlin’s eyes. It was chilling to say the least.

          1. Rinna is very much the autobot who waits on Kyle to wind her up and point her in the direction of Kyle’s latest target…Kim in Season 5, Yolanda in Season 6 and LVP in Seasons 6 & 9…Kyle sits back and pretends to be shocked, and oh so innocent, all the while laughing as she watches Rinna do her bidding,

  48. Well, they are pigs:
    Piglet=Kyle: Squeaky voiced little runt, riddles with anxiety and is afraid of her own shadow but can screw up the courage to confront her big, bad enemy, Lisa.
    Porky the Pig=Kunty: Fat little pantless pig with nothing to say. Th-th-that’s all, folks!
    Wilber the Pig=TeddiBore: Raised to be slaughtered and saved by a spider, TB manages to escape LVP’s clutches with the help of her friend, Kyle.
    Arnold the Pig=DimWatt: She acts like a human, lives like a human and her friend treat her like a human but all this can’t hide the fact that she is really just a pig.

  49. Teddi is saying Lisa called them all “bitches” (which she rightly should have) when she only called Kyle a bitch. She is saying Lisa called them pigs when she said she would have preferred to be with pigs than with these girls. She reacts with lies to every little things Lisa is saying about them. (I thought you said you never lied, Teddi…)
    But I have not heard any of these girls making comments on the fact that Lisa saw them together just after Kyle left Lisa’s house.
    Or did they comment about it? If yes, please let me know what they said as I am very curious to know what they could come with to come clear of that.
    If they did not make any comment about it and thus tried to hush this information as much as possible… then it speaks a lot.

    1. Good point! It’s called the art of deflection. Also, very telling that no one is commenting on the fact that they met up immediately after Kyle came from Villa Rosa. Instead they are highlighting irrelevant details. (Oh, LVP made a joke! I’m insulted to tears..”)

      We want be getting a blog from Kyle this week at all, that’s a safe bet. ?

      1. Uh oh! You’ve done it now! Teddi will be furious that you’ve compared her to Adolph Hitler!

    2. I don’t think the Polo Lounge trio wants to give it life and credence…they were caught lying. Silence serves them better.

      1. Thank you. That’s what I thought: either lies, either deafening silence when they are caught in their manipulations to take down Lisa
        I really hope people will shame them all about that on their social media – although shame is not the right word as they have no shame whatsoever.

  50. i think they could use the rest of the season to see how kyle would do on teddi’s weight loss program also erika

  51. Question – when did LVP call the women F***k*** Bi***es? I cannot recall reading anything about it. Also saw Renna on WWHL and she did deflect and BS about the law suite question. I saw both episodes last year where she first brought it up to the other women and also when LVP discussed that it been thrown out. Renna was also asked why all of the women did not get of Dorit’s case about the dog and Renna said that they did give here flack. Why was that not show in the episodes this season? There are just so many inconsistences with the stories coming from the coven. Maybe they should have another meeting?

    1. She called them effing bitches at her house after Vyle Richards launched that nasty attack on her. But it was under extreme circumstances and completely justified.

  52. Teddi the fool. She seems to be an overgrown brat who always relied on daddy to bail her out. Probably the first time in her life daddy can’t save her while she throws a temper tantrum like a toddler. She even got daddy to joint tweet with her-didn’t work out so well.

    Teddi the boring useless fool who thinks she is all that because she is John mellencamp’s daughter.

    1. I doubt her dad did much in bailing her out. He lived several states away, had other kids, was touring, etc. She’s using his name because she has nothing to offer on her own.

  53. Now, there is some BS story up on Hollywood Life, with the headline that the coven is open to ‘forgiving’ Lisa if she comes clean and apologizes at the reunion. WTH?! If you’re dead, it’s time to lie down. Looking at you, the Filthy Five! Happy Easter, everyone!

    1. I laughed at the ‘They have collectively discussed it…’ especially Dorit re: forgiveness. Sounds like a Dorit leak to me. I so want the lying Dorit to admit her role in the puppy being brought to a shelter. Not that I will forgive her.

        1. Whatever the number – they remain with a deficit of understanding of any kind. I suspect the next strategy is to attack Lisa once again for not showing up for work and ‘hiding’ from their ‘truth’. I do believe they are starting to realize Lisa needs to return for the benefit of the show – or Bravo/Evolution has. They did include the Vegas footage in the mid-season trailer for a reason.

          1. Vyle had the finale party at the Agency, what a pity if she gets pushed into an earlier episode to make room for LVP ???

    2. OMG just when you thought it couldn’t get more ludicrous! These women need a 5150 lock down because they are all delusional! Call the men in the white coats!!!

    1. And she’s a mean bully too. I bet if someone went straight up to her face, she would back-track like the coward she is. A bully IS a coward.

  54. Hollywood Life has a story out that says the coven is to open to forgiving LVP, if she comes to the reunion and apologizes, plain and simple. They have all discussed it and all feel that they can move forward from it (puppygate), especially Dodo, if LVP comes to the reunion, first and foremost to face them and says that she is sorry and admits her involvement in puppygate. They all really do want her to return and be friends again. They have even opened up Kyle to this, despite Kyle saying she was done with LVP’s friendship for good.
    WTF???? Me thinks the coven is realizing that without LVP there is no show, and they are toast!
    But, they are the one who need to apologize!

        1. Sometimes this thread gets confusing and news is missed. Reality Blurb are very quick on picking up new items and I won’t be surprised if there is another thread soon for us to discuss this in more detail

          1. Yes, I’m with you. RB is quick to blog on new items. That is why I love this site and of course the posters here!

        2. Happy Easter! They are backed into a lying, backstabbing corner, for sure! And, they did it all by themselves. Such idiots ?

      1. They are definitely insane! And ,as if Kyle has the say on the rekindling of the now dead friendship.

  55. Looks like doridiot, rapey rinna et al are backtracking to stay relevant and keep riding the lvp wave! But lvp is now prepared to watch them drown along with the rest of America! ? girls! Can’t wait for the new cast next season.

  56. What luv affair does the general public have with this British bimbo? I cud give a rat’s ass what she thinks. She is a snake & fights dirty. She luvs to play victim, she’s no victim but a narcissistic sociopath! ?

    1. Why does it matter to you if she has a fan base?

      Bimbo implies she is airheaded and stupid, things she most definitely is not.

      You might also want to look up the definition of sociopath.

  57. Teddy needs an accountability coach. She shouldn’t be one herself. She has lied on TV. She has insulted Lisa. She has bullied her when she was going thru a terrible time in her life. After she was on Pump Rules asking for favors. (As in jobs for family members). She laughed along as other people attacked her. She smiled and she took enjoyment and very much played an active role in the takedown of LVP. She, Kyle and Rinna are the worst of the bunch. She tried to place all of the blame for her own actions on Lisa. I’m a little confused as to why she is confused someone would insult her? Humans don’t behave as those 3 women did. They have a conscience. Animals do. The end. What do you think Lisa will do? Pat you on the back after how you behaved towards her? Teddy is the first one to cry if someone even tells her to mind her own business. Yet, look at what she had no problem doing to someone else. She can’t take it. She can dish it out.

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