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PHOTO: RHONY Star Luann de Lesseps Poses Nude in a Pool After Skinny-Dipping and Gets Criticized by Fans!

PHOTO: RHONY Star Luann de Lesseps Poses Nude in a Pool and Gets Criticized by Fans

PHOTO: RHONY Star Luann de Lesseps Poses Nude in a Pool and Gets Criticized by Fans

Luann de Lesseps knows what makes a great headline. The Real Housewives of New York City star wants to move on from the recent parole violation and what better way to do that than share a photo of herself naked in a pool.

Luann, 53, shared the photo after a cabaret performance on Friday night, revealing that she was swimming to unwind after her performance.

“After cabaret swim,” Luann captioned the picture, while also using the hashtag #NoNoodles.

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After cabaret swim ?‍♀️ #nonoodles

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Luann has been open about her struggles with alcohol on The Real Housewives of New York City and her recent parole violation. Because of her honesty regarding her struggles to stay sober, her followers on social media were very critical of this new photo.

“This is a level of thirst I didn’t expect from sober Luann,” wrote one fan on Instagram under Luann’s skinny-dipping post.

“Money can’t buy you claaaaaaaaas,” wrote another fan with an emoji of a finger pointing to Luann’s photo.

“Come on really,” wrote a third person.

But others pointed out that just because she’s nude in a pool after a show doesn’t mean she’s doing anything wrong.

“Why are all these comments so hurtful? People – just because she’s in the nude (and has taken a very tasteful pic ) doesn’t mean she’s drunk. Wished I looked half that good, girl! Ride that wave, Luann,” another user wrote in defense of Luann’s decision to post the photo.

While her social media followers are split on whether this photo is a good idea, her Real Housewives of New York City co-stars have expressed their frustrations with her this season. Dorinda Medley recently slammed Luann as “rude” and “entitled” after she refused to sleep in her beloved shark room in the Berkshires, walking out of a dinner in protest. 

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

Photos Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo


  1. Meh. All those women skinny dip. I, personally, hate skinny dipping and people who do it but if it’s your scene, rock on.

    That said, should she be prancing around when she is in so much trouble with her probation? Use a little judgement.

  2. If the above photo is being lambasted for “classlessness” the posters must have x-ray vision. Lu’s lady parts are obscured by the water. Nothing is revealed. Of all the reasons to chastise Luann, this picture isn’t one of them. Speaking of chastising the entitled twat, Lu has yet to be honest about her drinking. That is, she still IS drinking. She also is accepting her culpability for breaching her parole requirements. Knock it off, Countess! Follow the law or risk jail. Case closed.

    1. I just don’t care to see 50-something women taking it all off, jumping in front of a camera and then posting it on social media. Kim Kartrashian has already done that deed to death when she was half their ages. Rinna did a topless with a long strand of pearls (probably fake) last week and now this week the Cuntess has to show us her skinny dipping. If the trend keeps up, we’re going to be force-fed Erika Jayne and TerdiHo doing the same so they can keep up with the Jonsey Skanks.

      1. Although I understand your annoyance, in this case, there’s nothing to see. This picture doesn’t bother me, at all. I’m irritated more by Lu’s avoidance of the law.

          1. Feel free to vent. That’s what we’re here for 😉

            I’m sorry I don’t know what GRinna did to anger you.

          2. A previous post of mine: Remember when Rinna lost it on social media and called fans who did not like her fat, toothless, cat-hoarding women who couldn’t find their own pussies? People called into QVC to complain about her and Rinna issued some half-assed apology about the stress of being bashed on social media…….and said she was alone at the time…Apparently, she needs a keeper. ‘Batshit crazy’ is what Brandi called her in the old days…the only time I will quote her.

          3. She’s got a sock account on Twitter and several have stated that they know it is her, and some have indicated she’s been pinged to do the verify…she’s vile and always says the absolute worst things…she was in top form over the weekend, bashing LVP and all her fans. I spent too much time reading over those posts…I despise that hussy!

          4. Don’t be sowwy, you can take your vents and bring them with you wherever you like.

  3. Said it before…to avoid breaching her ‘drinking’ ban Luann bathes in vodka to absorb it via osmosis

    1. Umm, yes they do. Attention whores always flaunt themselves. Sober or drunk. It’s in their nature.They cannot help themselves.

  4. Thristy ! How old are we again? Her swimming nude is her business, but to Tweet it out is thristy. Hasn’t she embarassed her children enough?

  5. It isn’t that she is nude in a pool. Skinny dipping is fine under the right circumstances. It is posting it on SM that is the problem. It shows how desperate she is that she feels it is important to put this out in the univers. Lu always comes first in her world.

  6. Luann is a supreme asshole but when she fell in the bushes drunk in Mexico or wherever they were – that was some good tv right there. Sorry, I gotta cop to laughing hysterically at that.

  7. When she isn’t drinking, she’s a dry drunk. But an unusual one. A lot of people, like Ramona and Dorinda get mean when they drink. Luann gets nicer.

  8. If that’s a pool at a private residence, I don’t care that she posted a nude photo. Hell, Carole’s lingerie photos seemed more risque than this photo. If she’s nude in public, then it seems to be an(other) situation of LuAnn disregarding the impact on others for her own selfish wants.

    What I am interested in……will Ramona ever associate again with LuAnn? Given how she (over)reacted to Alex McCord’s nude photos all those years ago. She stomped off the reunion set and refused to participate when they began to discuss the photos.

    1. ITA re the pool – she was doing cabaret in the midwest that week so I’m guessing that’s her hotel pool.

      All those years ago, Avery’s prestigious catholic school threatened her expulsion due to Alex’s nude photos – not the kind of show they wanted one of the families to be associated with. Mario, at the time, was adamant that Avery have a catholic education. Ramona couldn’t control the storyline, but she left the reunion couch while that topic was discussed. She put Avery above the show. Good for her.

      1. That may be the case – I wonder whether that explanation came from Ramona or an independent reporter who spoke directly with the school. Ramona has been known to often twist the truth to put herself in a better light – much of which seems to have been caught by filming this year. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy Ramona for her entertainment value, but I wouldn’t trust a word that came from her mouth.

        As far as the Catholic school – I attended Catholic schools for my entire education. While I don’t know that specific school’s guidelines or parental code of conduct, never in my experience were the “sins” of the parents cast upon the children. Certainly not the “sins” of a coworker committed before they were even a coworker of the parent. It’s not as if the housewives were doing a nude photo shot – at least not that season. 😉

        1. This was from the 1st (?) season & was confirmed by the press. Mario, not Ramona, was the one who went ballistic onscreen w/Alex & Simon re this topic. Avery herself has said that Mario was the firm catholic hand in the family.

          NYC private schools are more competitive than most colleges. Absent gobs of $$$ or prestige, all families, especially middle class types like the Singers, are at risk for being asked to leave to make room for anyone on the lengthy waiting list. Nude photos on a TV show in which Ramona was a cast member was sufficient for the school to question the suitability of the Singer family’s affiliation.

          I have a soft spot for Ramona & still believe her question re any school backlash against Bryn for the resurfacing of Bethenny’s old topless movie a few seasons back was motivated by what happened w/Avery over Alex. It was the basis of a season-long feud. Bryn went to public school at the time. Private schools are hyper-sensitive to parental behavior. Jason accused Bethenny & her PR-seeking ways to be the reason Bryn’s application to a private school was rejected.

          At this point, I wonder whether ANY of the cast wants to be around any of the others. Lots of hostility. 🙂

  9. Boo-effn’-hoo. Posters are being mean. WaaaaWaaaa I really have no sympathy for ANYONE who posts every bit of their life (and then some) and gets negative reaction. They do it specifically to garner attention then when it’s negative, they cry victim.

    LuAnn may be dry in the weeks leading up to her May 24 court date, but I would bet the farm she’s counting the ours until the alcohol starts flowing again. LuAnn’s not sober.

  10. Well I believe she’s trying to be sober but I’m sure it must be difficult. If you or I had the pressure of the RHONY show, the Cabaret Shows, going to treatment, going to Court, & so much more I’d want to drink too. But if all those things are causing her stress, panic, & being depressed she needs to slow down & give herself a break as I think she has to much on her plate. I like Luann, she’s very talented, funny and I think is a good girl friend unless you are the one to put her in the shark room! Luann, Dorinda is soooo sweet to put together this (supposidly fun wkend) for all you girls every year and MAKES IT NICE, none of you bi:”-h’s appreciate all the work she puts into it! Luann get off your high horse & quit being a Countess, because remember, you lost that title so now your equal to the rest of your friend bi’:h’s!!!

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