Bravo Releases Statement After Lisa Vanderpump Says She’s Quitting RHOBH, Plus Lisa Addresses Reports About Moving ‘Vanderpump Rules’ to a New Network

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Bravo Releases Statement After Lisa Vanderpump Says She's Quitting RHOBH, Plus Lisa Addresses Reports About Moving 'Vanderpump Rules' to a New Network

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump sent shockwaves through ‘Real Housewives’ world yesterday when she finally set the record straight about her status on the show following months of speculation.

Lisa revealed she had no plans to return to the RHOBH and added that she would be skipping the reunion special, which is actually filming today. Moments after Lisa’s shocking announcement, the Bravo network released a statement, as a new report claims the fate of Vanderpump Rules on Bravo could be up in the air.

According to Bustle, Bravo issued a statement after they reached out to the network for a comment regarding Lisa’s planned departure. The statement however focused less on Lisa, and more on this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“There is so much great drama and fun still to come this season including the ladies’ trip to France, so before we focus on next season, let’s see where this one takes us,” Bravo’s statement reads.

It’s no secret that this season has been rough for Lisa. The season began with the news that Lisa had lost her brother Mark Vanderpump to a sudden drug overdose, something she struggled to make sense of while filming. Then came the Puppy Gate drama, where she felt betrayed by her castmates after they accused her of leaking a negative story about Dorit Kemsley to Radar Online.

After news broke about Lisa’s planned exit from the RHOBHRadar Online ran an article about the future of Vanderpump Rules

The report claimed that Lisa felt “disrespected” by her castmates and Bravo, and especially felt she was “dealt a dirty hand” by the network after they decided to cut out most of her scenes from the remainder of the season. And for this reason, a source told the outlet that Lisa was considering several offers to move Vanderpump Rules to another network.

“It should come as no surprise that Lisa is considering offers from competitor networks that treat their talent with dignity and respect,” said the source. “Lisa always wins.”

Lisa is, however, shutting down this claim this morning as she tweeted that she is not considering such a thing.

“No radar, I did not say that, so please DO NOT write it as it’s not true,” she tweeted on June 5.

It’s also unknown if Lisa would even be able to move Vanderpump Rules to a different network. More than likely, however, Lisa might have the power to do a number of things, including quitting the show, not allowing filming at her restaurant, not allowing the use of the name (if she owns the rights or trademark), or creating a new spinoff with a new cast for another network. Safe to say Lisa will have options when it comes to the future of Pump Rules.

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