RHOBH Star Teddi Mellencamp Denies Morphing Into Kyle Richards, Reveals Why She Dreaded Latest Episode and Explains ‘Moral Compass’ Comment

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RHOBH Star Teddi Mellencamp Denies Morphing Into Kyle Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp is opening up about the girls’ trip to France. She also denies the claims that she’s morphing into her co-star Kyle Richards.

 In her latest blog, Teddi Mellencamp wrote about why she dreaded watching this week’s RHOBH episode. The episode featured the ladies, who were hungover from the night before, going wine tasting. By the time dinner rolled around, they were drunk.

“This is the episode I’ve been dreading all season, mostly because I wasn’t too sure of what happened,” Teddi wrote in her Bravo blog. “And now that we’ve seen it—phew. That was something.”

When it comes to Dorit Kemsley‘s claim that she’s morphing into her BFF Kyle Richards, due to borrowing Kyle’s clothes and seemingly fighting Kyle’s battles, Teddi insists that is not the case.

“Kyle and I have a moment at dinner where we open up about how we’ve become so close. No, as Dorit says, I am not morphing into Kyle,” Teddi explained. “First, I am not flexible enough to do a full split. Second, she truly understands me and, like I say, I feel safe with her. That I can be myself without judgment. I’m not going to downplay that we’ve become such great friends, nor am I going to apologize for it.”

The dinner turned out to be rather dramatic, especially when Erika Jayne accused the group of bullying. Erika got frustrated after Teddi and Kyle repeatedly pestered her about why she wasn’t upset with the language Lisa Rinna used while dressed up as Erika for Halloween. Looking back now, Teddi admits she should have let it go.

“Kyle and I have a different kind of moment when we both again harp on about the Rinna Jayne thing. It’s tedious, and I know it watching back,” she admitted.

Once Erika left the table, Teddi broke down to Lisa, saying that she couldn’t be the moral compass for everyone. She also sets this straight in her blog. She revealed that for her, it’s all about taking accountability.

“When I say I don’t want to be the moral compass for the group, I’m meaning that as an accountability coach I feel as if any little misstep I may make will be thrown in my face,” Teddi shared. “Taking accountability doesn’t mean you’re perfect, it means accepting culpability for your actions. So, of course, my guard goes up when my business, something I’m so proud of, is used against me. I know it’s an extra pressure I put on myself and need to work on.”

The RHOBH airs Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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