Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Regains Custody of Kids Weeks After Husband David Eason Killed Dog, See Her Reaction Plus Could an Appeal Take Them Away Again?

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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans Regains Custody of Kids After Husband David Eason Killed Dog, See Her Reaction

Jenelle Evans and David Eason regained custody of their kids on Wednesday.

After Child Protective Services (CPS) removed three of their children from their care in May after David murdered their dog, the Teen Mom 2 star is rejoicing over her court victory on Twitter as a potential appeal looms.

“Crying in tears of joy,” Jenelle tweeted on July 3.

According to TMZ, Jenelle’s two youngest kids, two-year-old Ensley and five-year-old Kaiser, will soon be returned home. Her oldest child, nine-year-old Jace, will remain with her mother, Barbara Evans, who has had custody of the child since shortly after his birth.

Jenelle and David began fighting to regain custody of their children, including his daughter Maryssa, weeks ago. On Wednesday, a judge ruled that the kids should return home.

“The kids will all be back with Jenelle and David by tomorrow, most likely,” an insider told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, adding that the judge made her ruling because she “did not see evidence of neglect.”

“Despite everything [David’s daughter] Maryssa said on the stand in regard to the [alleged] abuse and [alleged] substance abuse, and some of the kids’ teachers taking the stand, and the release of 911 calls, including ones that have not been made public, the judge still dismissed the case,” the source added. “There was a particular recording played in court that was especially damning and helped Jenelle and David’s case.”

According to The Ashley, an ex-boyfriend of David’s former wife, Whitney, turned in a recording in which Whitney was heard saying that Maryssa, who is also expected to return to Jenelle and David’s home, was “a good liar.”

In addition to Jenelle’s celebratory tweet, David offered a statement on Snapchat.

“Yes the kids are coming back. Stay tuned,” he wrote.

While Jenelle and David will soon have their family back together, The Ashley hinted that the case against them may not be completely dismissed, as Jenelle claimed. In fact, the outlet said that all of the lawyers involved with the case, including those working for CPS, are planning to appeal the case.

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