Are RHOC Stars Emily Simpson and Husband Shane Headed for Divorce? Source Claims Shane Thinks Reality TV Has Changed Emily

by Alyson Shepard Comments

Are RHOC's Emily Simpson and Husband Shane Headed for Divorce?

Is there reason to believe Real Housewives of Orange County stars Emily Simpson and Shane Simpson are at a crossroads in their marriage? According to a source close to the couple, things aren’t looking good at all.

After watching the RHOC’s first couple episodes of its 14th season, it’s very clear that Emily and her husband are at odds. During last week’s episode, viewers watched as Emily ran around planning a dinner party for her mother-in-law while Shane couldn’t be bothered to answer his wife’s FaceTime call. He then called the housewife back, saying that her attempt to try to get in touch with him while he was studying for the bar exam was a form of “harassment.”

While we’re just getting a glimpse at Emily and Shane’s marital tension this season, a source close to the couple is alleging that the reality stars’ marriage is falling apart.

“Emily feels completely neglected by Shane,” an insider told Radar Online. “She’s very emotional right now.”

Could the show be to blame for Emily and Shane’s relationship drama? According to the source, Emily’s newfound fame on reality TV has caused Shane to feel insecure in their marriage.

“[Shane] thinks that being on [Real Housewives of Orange County] has changed her,” the insider dished. “If Shane had his way Emily would be an at-home mom who is just there to take care of the kids. But she’s not.”

But with Emily having the job of mom, attorney, party planner, and now reality star on her plate, Shane’s more traditional idea of marriage isn’t really plausible at this time.

“[Emily] is successful and she works hard,” the source added. “It seems to be causing a lot of issues, because he doesn’t feel like as much of a man over it.”

Emily herself has spoken publicly about troubles in her marriage in various interviews. While she doesn’t necessarily see divorce in her immediate future, she describes her relationship with Shane as a combination of “happy, strong, and troubled.” In the same interview, the reality star added that being on reality TV is like “taking a highlighter and highlighting everything bad that happens bad in your life.”

Fans will have to wait for new episodes of the RHOC to find out if Emily and Shane’s marriage can withstand the pressures of reality television. The show airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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