RHOA Recap: Kenya Vows Revenge After Tanya Exposes Her for Wearing a Wig

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RHOA Recap: Kenya Vows Revenge After Tanya Exposes Her for Wearing a Wig

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta this week, Tanya is faced with cheating rumors and Kenya gets a healthy dose of her own medicine after being exposed as a liar about her fake hair…

The ladies are all back in Atlanta after Toronto Carnival. Eva discusses with Mike what went down in Toronto. She thinks Kandisalt bae” is throwing salt all over the situation with Porsha and stirring the pot.

Eva and Mike are legally changing Marley’s name to Mike’s last name, Sterling. Marley is unaware Mike isn’t her biological father, and Eva is worried about facing Marley’s sperm donor in court. She definitely has legitimate concerns since they constantly have to move to stay away from him. It is definitely a real situation and domestic violence is no joke.

Kandi, Porsha, Tanya, Kenya, and Marlo meet up for a body scrub. They enter into these igloo-looking massage huts wearing their “orange is the new black outfits,” and they chat about what happened in Toronto and how cray-cray it was. Porsha thought Kenya was shading her while discussing cheating at first until they mentioned the side piece was beautiful. Porsha knew Dennis didn’t mess with any beauties just thirsty hos when he cheated…

Production shows a conversation between Kenya and Tanya. Kenya is encouraging Tanya to “put her single life back into her uterus” after just meeting her. She is too far up into Tanya’s business, literally. Tanya doesn’t feel Paul is cheating since she has total access to Paul’s social media. She feels their relationship is pretty transparent and real compared to Kenya’s hot mess of a relationship.

Tanya has some dirt on Kenya so things are going to start getting sketchy and super messy. She found a wig and a phone charger in Kenya’s bag. Kenya, liar, liar, wigs on fire! Production shows countless clips of Kenya claiming she has real hair and no wigs. Her wig has literally been blown off with this. Tanya pulls the actual wig out like she is a freaking magician! Marlo is going to TMZ over this revelation since she is a saint, cough, cough has been waiting to bust Kenya on her wig deception.

Eva and Mike head to court for Marley’s name change. She shares Mike is essentially passing it on since he was adopted as well. How cool is that? Eva gets emotional over Marley officially being adopted and now a Sterling. Mike is definitely a good husband! Pay attention, Dennis and Marc!

Porsha and Lauren arrive at her house with baby PJ, who is literally a mini-me (poor PJ) of Dennis. She tells her mom and sister that Dennis wants to discuss their situation. He ALLEGEDLY wants to continue his free advertisement for his hot dog shop be accountable. Lauren isn’t impressed with all of the grand gestures. She mentions “is this mandatory?” and in their contracts for this farce. She is definitely not a fan of his dirty dog.

Kandi, Kenya, and Cynthia meet up for lunch, and they laugh about Kandi wearing ironically a snakeskin suit. I’m fine with that as long as the real snake doesn’t show up. Kandi talks about Kenya hinting about Paul cheating. Kenya is being a entitled bit** snot to the waiter over the crab cake going to Kandi first. Cynthia already gave Tanya a heads up about the tea Kenya shared. Kandi pulls out the wig that Tanya gave them. Kenya acts all cool all as a cucumber about it and tries to play it off like it’s nothing. She thinks Tanya is upset over the IVF, really?

Kenya mentions the “cookie lady” situation and she claims this lady is a bad a** b***h. She is literally the shade assassin. Kenya better practice her sniper skills and watch out for Marc’s second family to materialize the bullets heading her way from Mr. Daly!

Kandi, Tanya, and Cynthia come to Marley’s “Name Change” party. Finally, a nice celebration! Kandi tells Tanya bringing up Kenya wearing a wig went over like a lead balloon. Mike Sterling arrives with baby Mikey, who is such a beautiful child. They make gorgeous children…Tanya has officially joined the “petty betty” group and will be firing the next shot at the wig-wearing hypocrite Kenya.

Porsha is dieting, trying to stay in shape. I assume to keep Dennis close to home. Dennis is having a “come to Jesus moment” with Porsha’s family and his mom as well. He really needs an exorcism for his sinful dog! This is going to be off the charts awkward with their families.

Porsha’s mom, Mama Diane, and Lauren arrive for the public shaming pow-wow. It is like in Game of Thrones with “Shame, Shame, Shame!” Lauren is like an iceberg around Dennis. Dennis’ mom, Mama Gina, then arrives. This is going to get dicey with these two strong mamas.

Dennis starts off by thanking everyone for all their help. He apologizes for his infidelity not sure Lauren is buying it at all. Lauren won’t even look at him when he is talking. I agree with Porsha. Dennis is literally the elephant in the room!

Wait! Did Dennis just say he is surprised Porsha’s family didn’t reach out to him? Mama Gina grabs PJ, sensing a disaster, and escapes the room before it gets ugly. It is not surprising that when Lauren is speaking he won’t look at her. Ms. Diane, who looks truly ticked off, doesn’t want her daughter to just be a baby mama. She doesn’t want them to be another statistic. Amen to that!

Mama Gina claims she didn’t know what her role should be when her son was being a player. Dennis couldn’t keep his hotdog in his pants and she needs to school him on keeping that zipper zipped up tight! Porsha clearly wants to fix this, which brings Dennis to tears. Let’s hope Dennis can behave himself close his dirty dog shop down for good!

Side Note: No Nene in this episode and she wasn’t even missed by them or me! Bravo, pay attention!

In future episodes, they head to Greece, and Kenya is heading to Divorce Court? Kandi and Todd are at odds, and Nene is spitting on Kenya??? This sh** is about to get real! We will need to hold on for this crazy ride!